Adam Schiff: Democrats Want FBI Briefing On ‘Foreign Interference Campaign’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Adam Schiff: Democrats Want FBI Briefing On ‘Foreign Interference Campaign’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., spoke about why Democratic lawmakers want an FBI briefing on the "foreign interference campaign" targeting Congress in the 2020 election. Aired on 07/21/2020.
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Adam Schiff: Democrats Want FBI Briefing On ‘Foreign Interference Campaign’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

81 Comments on "Adam Schiff: Democrats Want FBI Briefing On ‘Foreign Interference Campaign’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. debbie duccini-day | July 21, 2020 at 10:37 AM | Reply

    Keep digging at them. Stop it now before we get a Trump decision again!

    • Antonio saxon | July 21, 2020 at 11:11 AM | Reply





      Ron Johnson- Wisconsin
      Mitch McConnell- Kentucky
      Lindsey Graham- South Carolina
      Thom Tillis- North Carolina
      Cory Gardner- Colorado
      Joni Ernst- Iowa
      Susan Collins- Maine
      John Cornyn- Texas
      Martha McSally- Arizona
      Ted Cruz- Texas
      John Kennedy- Louisiana
      Marco Rubio- Florida
      Rick Scott- Florida

    • AwesomeBlackDude | July 21, 2020 at 11:15 AM | Reply

      @Antonio saxon you completely forgotten Trump wealth sit in Deutsche Bank. 😩😷

    • AwesomeBlackDude if there is any wealth

  2. MrPurpleHoops - Logan | July 21, 2020 at 10:43 AM | Reply

    Another day, still effing disappointed with America and Trump’s unyielding political corruption. Anyone else?

  3. American irrespective of party affiliation should not tolerate any country’s undue influence on our internal affairs. We must be vigilant. Any dirty interference must be considered as an attack on US sovereignty.

  4. Ajile Branch | July 21, 2020 at 10:44 AM | Reply

    It doesn’t whether or not they’re aware of Russian involvement in the election. They welcome it. Vlad knows it. trump knows it. The republicultists know it. Their aim is to win, and by whatever means.

  5. Goya Solidar | July 21, 2020 at 10:44 AM | Reply

    That this even needs to be debated is ridiculous.

  6. I believe that it was Gen Patton who said that we should keep going East after the defeat of Nazi Germany. The Russian army at the time was ‘rag tag’ and starving. SPAM saved the Russian Military from starving. Yes, SPAM! WAKE UP AMERICA, WAKE UP!

  7. The way he uses his militia to opress and intimidate the people
    Meduro text book

  8. Who remembers when a group of those Republican Senators took a trip to Russia without the press a year or 2 ago???

  9. Eastern Woods | July 21, 2020 at 10:55 AM | Reply

    “First they came for the Jews
    and I did not speak out
    because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for the Communists
    and I did not speak out
    because I was not a Communist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists
    and I did not speak out
    because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left
    to speak out for me.”
    Martin Niemöller

  10. “the country needs to be informed” … YES … keep swinging House Dems … reasonable, responsible American people are grateful

  11. Our sovereignty is literally at stake. Never, ever trust the GOP again. NEVER. #GOPTraitors

    • The Geek Is Strong | July 21, 2020 at 11:10 AM | Reply

      Your sovereignty was damaged when Trump was elected. Brexit was a trial run for the US election

  12. Barbara Bretti | July 21, 2020 at 11:00 AM | Reply

    The late Robert Kennedy R.I.P is rolling in his grave to see his Beloved country with so many traitors working for Russia betraying their country!# Shame

  13. binjaygen muller | July 21, 2020 at 11:06 AM | Reply

    If Putin has got what he wants he will kick away Donny like a rotten tomatoe.
    Any question?

    P.s.: If Donny is no longer President, too.

    • nana Johnson | July 21, 2020 at 12:00 PM | Reply

      He’s such international available tool another authoritarian has picked him to finish the job.

    • Donny is done

    • Håkan Bråkan Kråkan | July 21, 2020 at 12:26 PM | Reply

      No to sure though… “kicking him a way as a rotten tomato” would make it harder for Putin to in the future convince other politicians around the world to follow Russias requests and ambitions. It would also discourage politicians in other nations he probably also have under his control. And to continue to support Trump—even if Putin can’t any longer use him—could keep the division in the US alive. Revealing Trumps corruption or “discard” him would probably turn too many of todays ever-trumpers against Trump and Putin.

    • Win win for Putin no matter who is the American president. Putin will be President of Russia for the next three American elections at least.

    • Putin intends to hand the trump family over to Iran 🇮🇷
      (& they deserve everything the Iranians subject them to)

      check your eligibility to vote


      UPDATE, register, RE-REGISTER

      Deadlines are approaching

      Thanks Congress

      many Vets and other Defenders of US CONSTITUTION are headed to Portland. We will join the CITIZENS and AUTHORITIES or PORTLAND and Demonstrate the Righteous. Power of the US CONSTITUTION 2nd Amendment .

      FASCIST TYRRANY will be crushed in Portland, and ANYPLACE these cowards attempt to F-k with our rights and FREEDOM

  14. vincent james | July 21, 2020 at 11:06 AM | Reply

    Any American who cannot figure out what is going on despite the influences and misinformation that is out there. Doesn’t deserve to be here.
    Vote to protect our country!

  15. Heine Dietiker | July 21, 2020 at 11:12 AM | Reply

    There have been two attempts to slander Biden. The first about Ukraine led to impeachment, the second about a woman who invented allegations, for which she now has to answer in court. More attempts will be started, we know that, and therefore all attempts to attach something to Biden will fail.

    • Republicans have nothing to go after Joe Biden with and everything they try to, it always sharply backfires.

  16. Lolita Cooks | July 21, 2020 at 11:33 AM | Reply

    Vote on Nov 3,2020! If you want this to END Vote them Out! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊! Let your vote be heard.

  17. When do “we” take charge of this people? Enough already!

  18. Tamara Bailey | July 21, 2020 at 12:03 PM | Reply

    Are you really expecting this to be a clean election? The whole Republican Party is in Putin’s pockets! They all owe money to Russia!

  19. Craig Crawford | July 21, 2020 at 12:07 PM | Reply

    Guaranteed Russia is so doing and bet Johnson isn’t the only greedy, lying, corrupt republican. .

  20. Regina Santos | July 21, 2020 at 12:25 PM | Reply

    These administration has to held responsible for all the American’s that have died…

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