Adam Schiff Ends Day With Powerful Argument For Trump’s Removal | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Adam Schiff Ends Day With Powerful Argument For Trump's Removal | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


  1. Forget this trial. GOP are so corrupt that they won’t do anything: their only instruction received from Trump is to exonerate their boss.
    Vote Nov 2020 and kick Trump out of the WH and finish off all the GOP in the Senate.

    1. @Joe Basom Your a brainwashed, pathetic joke. Dont respond, just tell me if I’m wrong after November. We have nothing to discuss until then.

    1. @Rory Cannon FISA was ILLEGAL, I just PROVED IT TO YOU!!!

      What does that mean?

      Are you kidding me?

      That means that the WARRANTS that started the spying were ILLEGAL!!!

      Therefore, you’re supporting people who have broken the law in order to enforce some other law.

      Understand now?

      As far as Biden is concerned, I watched a video that was made a out an event that took place BEFORE Trump was even elected, and it showed the world EXTORTION on the part of, Biden. How do you rationalize to yourself that it wasn’t?

      YOU WERE DUPED, and that’s all there is to it!

      You’re also going to see IN WRITING when CROWDSTRIKE was paid by the DNC — you do realize that the DNC claims that what I just said isn’t true, don’t you? Well, not only were they paid, but it was an extreme amount, and, the day after the MURDER of, Seth Rich.

      Does that mean ANYTHING to you?

      Shall I also school you on who Seth Rich was?

      IMPOSSIBLE to be a HACK due to the download speed of that so-called “hack”.

      Got it???

      Rich, was murdered, and he was the one who downloaded the info on a thumb drive of how the DNC was robbing Sanders for the Nomination in 2016. This has all been PROVEN, but I’m being lied to?



    2. @Rory Cannon U.S. Senators aren’t the President.

      Tell me something. Have you ever stopped to think of the charges they’ve not only levied against the Preaident, but also how they did it.


      Was the President allowed to defend himself?

      We both know that the basement in the Capital was used, behind s LOCKED DOOR!!! If you deny it, this conversation is DONE. I won’t debate with a LIAR, understand?

      How can you support people who’ve Impeached a President without DUE PROCESS?

      MOF, the Dems actually laid it all out to make it look like the President was guilty, and had to prove his innocence, and when he tried to not only wasn’t it allowed, but they then said that because he was trying to defend himself – that showed he must be guilty.

      YES, THIS HAS HAPPENED, and when you stop to THINK about it on your own, it’s right in front of your face!!!

      How would you like to have to prove your innocents? We don’t do it that way in this country, do we?

      How come you go along with it?

      Do you understand ANYTHING I’ve said to you?

      See what MIND CONTROL can do? They didn’t dub it a tv “PROGRAM” for nothing.


    1. Barry Sutton liars and cheaters flock together.. The Democrats are going to crush Nazi Republicans.. Just like we did in world war II and the 2018 election..

  2. Trump supporters wouldn’t be so adamant to support Trump if they weren’t lied to by Trump, Marsha Blackburn, Fox news, Jim Jordan oohh forget it, Trump supporters aren’t capable of thinking for themselves and would allow a fox in their hen house everyday

    1. @Richard Christianson the people you speak of are not patriotic. Anyone who supports tRumf is a Russian collaborator.

  3. What’s REALLY scary is that the republican senators must believe that most of them will still win re-election. (except the ones that will go on to multi-million dollar jobs in the private sector.) That means they are expecting massive Russian interference, and massive election tampering. – And they may literally know what’s about to happen.

    1. @Iron Sights “What is scary is how we allowed the Democrat party to survive” . theres a thing called TIME. and over time, THINGS CHANGE.

  4. I have so much respect for the intelligence, organization, and cohesive skill of the Democratic House Managers. Chairman Adam Schiff did an excellent job and will go down in history as a true Statesman, Patriot and Protector of the Republic, Democracy and the United States Constitution. The entire dream team was well equipped and appointed by Speaker Pelosi. Well Done! You made Americans PROUD with JUST THE FACTS! Now GOP bring on the secret server, documents and WITNESSES. What are you hiding. What are you covering up? Because “if you don’t know, now you know.”

  5. The GOP have chained themselves to the railings on the Trumptanic and thrown the keys into the deep Atlantic ocean.

    1. The problem is that they also stole the room keys before most people could escape, so we all go down with them. They did that by cutting wages, giving tax breaks to the super rich, and generally destroying the social and financial mobility of the people, making it that much harder to leave any bad situation

  6. People should be asking how these twenty years politicians in Washingto became millionaires dealing in overseas corruption.


  7. The contrast in headlines on Fox News is why the GOP is able to keep their horse blinders on and go to sleep at night without an ounce of guilt.

    1. Rory Cannon Trumpers don’t do well with facts? You could give the Trumpers hundreds of fact filled links. They won’t acknowledge it because then they would have to face the reality that they got duped by a CON-MAN!!

    2. @The Gaming Hedgie so there aren’t any facts that the Dems presented for the impeachment. It was all hearsay and hurt feelings.
      She me on thing that was against the law.

    3. Nile Wilkie well there is that one fact, the president blocked all witnesses and documents. Not the actions of the innocent!

    4. @The Gaming Hedgie is that like the Dems in the house not letting the Republicans have witnesses or ask certain questions? I remember seeing a republican ask a question and Schiff told the witness not to answer.
      You can’t have it both ways.

    1. @Alan Jay there were several people they wanted to call, and documents to review. The WH stopped the Dems from getting that information. It was enough to impeach, but unlikely enough to have him removed. They were hoping the Senate would call for docs and witnesses. They were counting on the integrity of people under oath.

    2. @Karen Gummer The process of calling witnesses and collecting documents does not change whether they are called in the House or the Senate. Everybody knows that impeaching the President was a political calculation for the 2020 election because there was always a zero chance that the President would be removed from office

  8. Lawrence is right… that wrap up from Schiff was emotionally powerful, and it’s the emotion that will finally move people, if they will be moved at all. It may not move them, but if anything will, it’s the emotion of the story.

    1. Michael Smith And you describe the problem perfectly. (Most) liberals operate on feelings and emotions and (most) conservatives operate on facts and logic.
      Schiff has not presented one fact in this sham.

    2. @Rod Allen
      You are mistaken. He has presented numerous facts and significant evidence. You have been misinformed as to what a fact is, and also as to what constitutes evidence in a case. This is likely a result of your choosing to get the majority of your information from an extremely filtered and biased news source.

      To be clear, a fact is simply a thing that is known or proven to be true. And, evidence is simply a group of facts that indicate either guilt or innocence in a case.

      There are an overwhelming number of facts that have been presented as solid evidence in this trial so far. You are simply not aware of the information as being factual, because you have been fed disinformation about the nature of evidence and facts in a case.

      Someone has told you that hearsay is generally not admissible into a case; that is true. But, they have also told you that hearsay and circumstantial evidence are the same; they are not. There is an abundance of circumstantial and factual evidence that indicate the president’s guilt in this case. I can enumerate that evidence if you like, but the House Managers have done an excellent job of that already.

      What is missing in the case is firsthand testimony speaking directly to the president’s motives. This is necessary, since the president’s defenders won’t accept the simple logic of 2 + 2 = 4, that the evidence available already clearly shows the president’s consciousness of guilt. It’s important to know that the evidence we have so far is more than enough to warrant the seeking of further evidence by subpoenas for new documents and depositions.

      And, it is no excuse that the House did not already subpoena for that evidence. Some of the facts that we have did not come to the light until after the articles were decided and the case went to the Senate for trial. This knowledge alone should compel the Senate to seek the full truth of these matters.

      You simply are incorrect in your initial statement regarding the absence of facts in this case. And, your thinking has been negatively influenced by sources who simply don’t want you to seek the truth in this matter.

  9. Trial bring on the witnesses. The Americans want to see and hear from them all of them. Trial without them is a total f joke

    1. Diane Mcdonnell Why? The President was impeached because House Democrats said the evidence was overwhelming.
      Were they lying to the American people?

    2. @Rod Allen
      Shhhhh … Democrats don’t want to hear the truth. They believe everything MSNBC tells them. When Trump wins again, MSNBC will make up another bunch of Lies

    3. So, congress wants to have the senate try to do what they failed at. Impeaching a President simply because you hate him is setting a dangerous precedent. You can’t convict someone for no crime.

    4. I dont think we need to spend another dime of tax payers money on this,
      Its just a big circus and a embarrassment. This sham is ridiculous!

  10. Join, STAND UP America

    Don’t just continue to sit there.

    Silence IS complicity!!!
    (YouTube is NOT speaking out)

    1. Just Me: Sounds like you are possibly are anti-establishment from both parties too? I am, which is one big reason Trump was my choice in 2016 and have zero regrets so far. I was a Bernie Bro until the DNC stole the primaries from Bernie. That opened my eyes to what the democrats actually stand for. Was a Bernie fan because of the person I thought he was … until he quit after making the promises to take it until the end. I have to say that Trump has kept his promises and I am a capitialist and believe in meritocracy. Stealing my one vote is why the DNC will never get my vote again. My point of view. I have one vote and so does everyone else. Make it count.

    2. Just Me: Not 1% but have taken care of my family financially. Maybe top 5% or 10% – I earned every penny of it by working hard and working smart. I have zero intentions of giving it away to freeloaders. I have always known that Social Security / Medicare may not be there. I made financial contingencies for that event and do not depend or intend to depend on any of those.

    3. @Daniel Roig I am also a capitalist but what I support is a socially responsible capitalism like the one that existed shortly after the end of WW II. One where corporations do not just scalp Americans and make millionaires out of their CEO’s. That sort of vicious “winner take all” capitalism evolved during the 1980’s onward .I’m certain that no one on Earth would agree with every opinion that I have and I would never expect that, but there is enough that honest Americans CAN agree upon that would positively impact this nation and lead to a better future for all Americans. I say reject the 2010 Citizens United decision and accomplish campaign finance reform while we still can.

    4. Just Me: Yes I agree with you in the sense that both corporations and government has gotten very corrupt. They don’t even try to hide it any more. Weed out this corruption and people will be doing better. The problem is corruption matters to people when the other side is doing it. Hillary should have gone to jail for the server while she was secretary of state. This should not be tolerated by anybody. People have to put party lines aside and realize that the entire establishment of both parties is corrupt. The supreme court, congress, media, FBI, DOJ, CIA, the election process, have all been corrupted. On the corporate side you have these companies lobbying to put laws in to trap people. In California the electric companies have put in laws to keep people connected to the grid. Too many examples to name. I will look at the Citizens united and campaign reform again. Thanks.

  11. I would rather Trump supporters say they will support Trump “no matter” what crime he commits than to say Trump is 100% innocent of everything he has ever been accused of. It’s starting to sound disingenuous of their defense of him

    1. @Nile Wilkie you are delusional with your analogy of socialism. You still haven’t told me the definition of socialism. Never mind obviously you don’t know it. So what will the Replublican elderly going to do when they cut off social security?

    2. @Wrangler 4×4
      a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

      Translation – a few rich people telling everyone else how to live to help keep them rich.
      I didn’t say I would want them to take social security away.

      Your turn, tell me when socialism has ever worked?

  12. I listened to a piece on npr today about Bill Barr he is working to block the SDNY from getting trump’s tax returns.

  13. It’s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.噓o禱l Coward, Blithe Spirit

    1. @XWriter100 At first reading, I thought you’d had a moment of lucidity and were commenting about Mr. Trump.

    2. Brian Smith nailed it. The Democrats and Pencil Neck has lied so much and has no credibility so the MSM mission has been to build up this creepy slim ball in an effort to give him credibility. Its not working!

  14. If any member of Congress chooses to put their reelection or party over their sworn constitutional duty and the service of their constituents, then they’re no different than 45.

    1. Can you believe Fox told its viewers not to watch the hearings because THEY would just summarize it for them, ie. dumbing it down.

    2. @J Westfall Davis Yes I can definitely believe that. And I’m sure many of their faithful viewers just complied.

    1. I don’t agree with term limits because my State has been fortunate enough to have a family committed to public service. I do object to the way the Senate has allowed a single person (the majority leader) to be a bottleneck on the entire legislative process. Perhaps we can get that changed after we throw the Republicans out.

    2. @Thea Baker – The trouble is that there is an enormous amount to learn before they can become effective. Like any other job, ask yourself if we are sinply letting our fully trained people go because of something that we can fix in another manner.

  15. Adam Schiff said EXACTLY what we needed to hear. He’s restored my hope that we have highly intelligent, righteous politicians who will try to protect our democracy.

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