Adam Schiff On Impeachment Of Trump: ‘The Big Club Has Been Brought Out’ | All In | MSNBC

Adam Schiff On Impeachment Of Trump: 'The Big Club Has Been Brought Out' | All In | MSNBC 1


Congressman Adam Schiff tells Chris Hayes ultimately the public is going to know about the President's misconduct. Aired on 09/24/19.
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Adam Schiff On Impeachment Of Trump: 'The Big Club Has Been Brought Out' | All In | MSNBC

94 Comments on "Adam Schiff On Impeachment Of Trump: ‘The Big Club Has Been Brought Out’ | All In | MSNBC"

  1. It’s time to cut the snakes head let’s not forget about the puppeteer Mike pence

    • @Yo-yos Tenbucks Lay that crack pipe down, orange crack produces TDS sufferers like yourself.
      But it isn’t your fault, TDS is pandemic among trumpanzees.
      TDS stands for Trumpturd Derangement Syndrome.

    • The entire cabinet, the trump family, McConnell and Elaine Chou are the most obvious persons of extreme corruption and connected to foreign powers. Let’s trace all the extorted money stolen from our treasury as well. Impeachment is THE TIP of the ICEBURG.

    • @Yo-yos Tenbucks I’m here because I’m a 4th generation Dem and proud of it. But why are you here?

  2. There’s going to be an awful lotta crying coming from Treason trump if this whistle-blower comes forward and tells the truth about everything.

    • @Troubled Sole , lol a whistleblower that heard the alleged crime from somebody else? LMAAOOOO.

    • Rashid the Great | September 25, 2019 at 12:15 AM | Reply

      Every Republikkkan must be voted out or impeached out of every public tax payer held office. This happened before in 2016 and they all helped Vladimir Trump.

    • Robin Riser-James | September 25, 2019 at 12:22 AM | Reply

      You mean the “whistleblower” that didn’t even hear the call? Heresay isn’t admissable in court of law but you idiots run impeachment on it.

    • Yawn, be no tears from the conservative side. You all are probably out of tears by now with the string of whippings and losses you’ve been dealing with since the election.

    • Space Alien clearly the same place you appear to be getting your information 🤬

  3. The complaint from the whistleblower must be release but only the audio as we all know that a transcript will be a total lie that will be composed to protect Trump. Every Republican who votes against impeachment is voting in favor of obstruction of justice, profiting from the presidency, continuously lying to the American people, abuse of power, misappropriation of funds, etc. TRAITORS.

    • Querube Kelso You are a sad person, glad I don’t know you

    • There is no audio

    • This white house doesn’t comply with supeopeas

    • @Stone Men
      Truth means nothing to those that lost their soul to the demon. The rest of them are LUCIFERS kids who are designed to be unlimited chaos which kills everything until there’s nothing.
      MSNBC serpent nest of demonspawn posing as human, designed to look human to gut humanity from the inside. They are the wicked in scripture…THEY LIVE
      Rosemary’s baby meets Hellraiser 3 meets critters meets Bozos sandbox.
      Look at how many there are…now u know why the Creator had them put to the sword back in ancient times…serpent kunt Clinton gutted the entire planet with child trafficking sustanence farms across the globe the whole time, that serpentbkunt has Destroyed millions of people…that’s just one of them. Look how blood thirsty they are.
      Trumpence….trumpets… symbolizing the seven trumpets of Revelation, their extinction

  4. Flush the Orange Turd Already!

  5. Arrest them and fine the uncooperating witnesses ..

    • The GOP have pretty much set precidence you don’t have to show up to congress or the senate.

    • Pinion325 TREASON😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Yes! Arrest those treasonous Demoncrap Socialis,t that trying to overthrow the our government with their subversive left wing plots.

    • @David Judd I wouldnt’ be calling for the arrest of any politicians. The DEMS are stratight up amatuers compared to the CORP elite GOP.

    • @JohntechFL OK, you don’t have to call for their arrest. I will do it for you. Trump has them all running scared. Do you realize how much he has upset all of their under the table foreign money laundering apple carts? Demoncrap and Repugnantcans alike, are running scared over Trumps America first policy. They have invested so much in the selling of us and America down the river. Drain the swamp! Trump 2020!

  6. We also have to impeach Barr. He’s a big part of the problem, and has to go.

    • Youdontneedto Seemyidentification | September 25, 2019 at 8:50 AM | Reply

      @Diego31337 – I’d BET that whiny Trumpski troll is paid in Rubles ha ha!

    • Youdontneedto Seemyidentification | September 25, 2019 at 8:52 AM | Reply

      @Marilyn Reallon – Actually it’s rancid orange KKKool-aid the brainwashed Trumpanzee’s keep on guzzling ha ha.

    • @The Handsome Supreme Lord Emperor Donald J Trump WOW!!!!!! Even your user name here shows how pathetic you are.

    • Impeach everyone! We need Hillary in the Oval Office!

    • Youdontneedto Seemyidentification | September 25, 2019 at 11:58 AM | Reply

      @Yes Man – Actually there’s some truth in that. Sen Clinton did easily won the popular vote by 3 MILLION. The tangerine toddler LOST and that was w all his dirty cheating tactics, AND Putin’s troll brigade spreading misinformation. Repugs haven’t been able to win a national contest w/o cheating schemes since Raygun in 1984. Since election 1988 Repugs have resorted to a lot of crooked activity. They knew they can’t win being honest about their useless tax cuts for the 1%, anti-choice extremism, and reckless gun nuttery.

  7. So what was the promise? There were 8 requests for dirt from Trump but the key is “the promise” which is an oath and an overt act by somebody and VOILA speaks to some kind of a Quid Pro Quo that Trump now denies. Mulvaney stalls the 250M aid. Once the money started flowing the number went to $391M with a $140M in funds the Ukraine’s were not expecting. A bonus? a sweetener? what was the 140M for and when did it get added to the pot….and for what reason? Trump is not going to escape this and sliming Biden wont be enough of a side show to distract from “Stupidgate”. The WHOLE world is watching….The WHOLE WORLD is watching!! Truth Will Over Come Some Day!

  8. The Executive Branch is a den of vipers.

  9. I wonder if there will be any sharpie additions to the transcript.

  10. Theresa Phillips | September 24, 2019 at 10:48 PM | Reply

    Since when do we need Trump’s permission to talk to witnesses to his crimes.. How much sewage are we finally going to open the Pandora’s box. What do we still have to do to prosecute him for obstructing justice?

  11. Make sure the whistle blower does not end up like Epstein.
    By the same token, don’t let the AG. Bar next to him.

  12. Vacation Impossible | September 24, 2019 at 10:50 PM | Reply

    President uses military to “win” an election, I hardly recognize you anymore, America

    • @Deb Kellar dictators would have just killed opposition has that happened either you are young or stupid or both

    • @Kevin Willis assume you mean congress adm majority? what house has a majority duh

    • Vacation Impossible | September 25, 2019 at 10:04 AM | Reply

      @Bryan Broome he held back military aid authized by Congress to extort an ally into doing a political hit job. Did you watch the video you’re commenting on? Seriously

    • Vacation Impossible | September 25, 2019 at 10:07 AM | Reply

      @Ned Moore the US military is dictating foreign economic policy? See this is why I don’t recognize America anymore. Y’all used to have a democracy with civilian control of the military

  13. This traitor told u he’d except foreign help “again” after the mueller investigation ended

  14. I hope someone went around and confiscated all Sharpies of all colors. We don’t need them altering the documents before Congress gets a look at em. Oh, or is AG Below D Barr going to be submitting his “summary” of the call and complaint?

  15. I guarantee you the world will explode in jubilee if and when pompous empty headed Dumb Chump is booted out

  16. It’s quite clear that AG Below the Barr’s job, is to keep Trump above the law, and can not be trusted. They both deserve impeachment!

    • Suzy Q… who knew we would meet again on such a wonderful day. Trump’s gig is up and Boris Johnson got reprimanded for lying to the Queen and trying to disrupt democracy.

      Maybe Boris and Don could share a cell and talk about the good old says when Bullying was the way to go.

    • @macforme Hey buddy! Oh happy day! 😁 Who knows where it might go, but I’m just glad they’ve finally make the decision to move this forward, and come together as a party! It’s about time they stand up TO Trump, and stand up FOR us!
      As for our friends across the pond, looks like they’ve got themselves a trumpish PM; Bojo and Bozo, both clowns! 😉

    • Taliban Trump and BoJo for Azkaban in 2020!!!

    • @macforme
      It is amazing that these 2 seem to want to one up themselves for bad days every bloody day of the week. I must admit in all my years I never quite thought I’d see this, it’s somewhat disturbing.

    • Nope. Step away from the Maddow and your sanity will be restored.

  17. No need for another “witch hunt”.
    The “witch” confessed.

  18. Rose Marie Homeyer Bente | September 24, 2019 at 11:20 PM | Reply

    Everyone involved in the obstruction of the law should be removed. We are still awaiting the details of the Muller Report, witnesses and testimony. Both Barr and Trump need to retire without their pensions just like they have done to others.

    • Serendipity Shop | September 25, 2019 at 3:00 AM | Reply

      And to help offset their expenses in retirement after they lose their pensions, I think we should treat Trump and Barr to several decades of free room and board at federal expense, plus all the orange jumpsuits they may need. 🙂

    • It’s already out.

  19. Save the world prove all his lies also put AG Barr in jail

  20. Trump saying he’ll let the whistle-blower speak has zero credibility. He said the same of his taxes… And what?

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