Adam Schiff Slams Impeachment Rules: ‘This Is The Process For A Rigged Trial’ | MSNBC

Adam Schiff Slams Impeachment Rules: 'This Is The Process For A Rigged Trial' | MSNBC 1


    1. McCoward will go down. I can’t wait until he is removed from office. He and his cocaine smuggling wife need to be locked up

    1. Gino Jones You people are SO ridiculously gullible. If you only knew how you sounded to normal people.

    2. All you trump loyalists believe he didn’t break any law well it depends on who you’re talking to like maybe someone that’s not a law abiding citizen therefore you think

    1. @Mac Mcleod So that leaves you basically Democrats, Socialists, Progressives and Communists, all who are ready and willing to rip up the Constitution.

    2. @Dave Goodwin Yes, the Electoral College which makes voting fair. We vote by state whereby we are the United States of America, not America. America began as states that United under one Constitution. We KNOW that Democrats and Progressives are doing everything they can to destroy the GOP and the Constitution. The U.S. is hanging on by a thread. Pay attention and you’ll see that. What’s in the Constitution? The Second Amendment! The Amendment they hate first so Democrats can go on to remove the other rights, one by one. Pay attention!

    3. @Linda Cloud Observer first off you’re probably confusing the difference between social welfare where the citizens who are still doing well off help citizens who are not doing well off and Socialism where the government owns the means of production.

      There are basically zero Communists and Socialists in the United States. We have more Libertarians then either of those two.

      Secondly the only people who been shredding the Constitution lately have been Republicans. And only people who are engaging in massive disenfranchisement of citizens who are eligible to vote are Republicans. And the only Senators who’s been passing bills that massively benefit Russia and the Russian oligarchs are Republicans, especially Moscow Mitch.

      And the only Senators who said they would not defend the Constitution and Faithfully execute their oath of office were Republicans.

      It’s gotten bad enough that now active military duty soldiers are questioning Republicans in the Halls about their failure to defend the Constitution and the Republicans are refusing to answer their questions.

      The Republican party is down to 6% of the Hispanics, 4% of the Asians, and 2% of the black voters. They’re not doing so well with women these days either. the Republican Party voters are literally dying 50,000 voters a month faster than the Democratic party voters.

      Does the party of the 2% at the expense of the rest of the country
      And they have become the party of old white racist and white nationalist who have blocked bills to prevent the Russians from manipulating our next election as well. they even put in a pro-communist, pro-russian plank and their party for the first time in 2016

      they’re compromised. They’ve been compromised by the Russians and they are tearing our country apart.

    1. I’m wondering if the Dems can refuse to go along with this — like just don’t sign off on the phony ‘rules’ and drag it out until witnesses ARE allowed?

    2. Thor, get job and you can be a real American. Then you wouldn’t have to live in fear of President Trump taking your subsidies ? I’m sure your norsemen would be as proud of you as republicans !

    1. You people are nuts just like your MSLDS network hosts. This is why I think we need to reopen state hospitals.


    1. @chosen ones I keep telling people…Mitch is an android created in secret Russian labs. He’s just following his programming. He is trying to finish this thing quick because he is already degrading due to poor Russian science. Look at his face.

    1. @J. Noble Republicans politicians dont want less government they just want more power and money. they are corrupt and do anything for money they worship money not the United states of America. they want less regulations for corporations but not less government, corporations pay them. they could careless about you, that’s why red states have the highest cancer rates and lowest wages. you’re just a slave to make them richer.

    2. American main stream media always had a better propaganda machine than the Soviet Union. Just look at Brian ” George Costanza” Stelter. How he squeezes those fat cheeks under a desk is beyond me

    3. @William Westbrook Jeff is wrong. Socialist Dems want Venezuela, not the Soviet Union. The problem is that things look great until the momentum is too great to stop the collapse. Then those with the power the will and the ruthlessness are in control and you’re feeding Fido to your kids.

  2. I would like to see a fair trial and this President should get out of the office and leave it to a real person to take charge of the United States and not a con artist

    1. What I do like about this impeachment is Trumps number are going up for 2020 his fundraising has skyrocketed. His approval rate for the independent voters are up. Ppl are seeing through the dems the left media more and more.

  3. Gee I remember the good old days when the Republicans used to pretend they were patriots who believed in the the rule of law before their coming out party of shysters, grifters and con artists willing to sell out the country to Vladimir Putin through his puppet donald trump, so long as they can keep power through any possible means

    1. @Sweet Willy too old and fat to last 4 more years..moron thinks exercise is bad for you. He’s in bad shape…orange color is probably uranium poisoning from Putin for failing Mother Russia.

    1. Also, anyone in the working class who tells you that they’re doing better than they were in 2016 is flat out lying… and that’s even putting farmers and recently unemployed industrial workers who suffered directly from the trade wars.

    1. I think they are sleeping awake. We shouldn’t be here today, this is wrong, adam schiff and nadler is correct, but only a pure heart knows it.

    1. @TrumpTrain2020 You don’t need to work for them for their propaganda to work on you. Like you’re doing now.


  4. Mitch: “Let’s do it in the wee hours of the morning when nobody can watch, give it 24 hours over 2 days and I can stop it at any time. Oh…and NO witnesses!”

    1. Sounds like the Obamacare vote. Yet another program designed by the cloward piven government destruction theory

  5. When Mitch McConnell is voted out of office, we need a deep audit of his financial dealings.

    It’s clear he’s been compromised.

    1. @Danielsan B even the devil needs a good lawyer for those “irreversible” tight contracts that acquires someone’s soul right? 🤣

    2. @Andrew Huff if we audit Pelosi, she shouldn’t be first. She sould be third. Trump should be first, followed by Pence. McConnell should be fourth

    1. Sumumma Bish Trump should be impeached or else, “Survived the strongest and factual Articles of Impeachment”, will add to his qualifications as the Best US President.

    1. Mr.D Simpson you’re good at denying. You even denied that Trump is your President for the past three years and for the next five years. Remove the hate and wake up healthy everyday.

    2. @Peter Castaneda looks like you are in denial trumps been lying to you for 4 years. You will soon see the screwing your getting from trump. Oh yeah enjoy the 26 trillion national debt and the 40 billion trade debt. I bet you denied Obama was your president? You haven’t seen screwing yet but will soon, you must love corruption from trump.

    3. Mr.D Simpson you were never worried about that trillion debt during the past administration. Suddenly, you became aware of it. Stop the hate and live happy.

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