Adams: Democrats ‘Have Room Under That Tent’ To Unite With Progressives

Eric Adams, NYC Democratic mayoral nominee, says he will unite Democrats and progressives in the party.

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Adams: Democrats ‘Have Room Under That Tent’ To Unite With Progressives


  1. The Democratic tent is big enough for former Republicans who still support the Constitution and oppose fascism.

    1. @John Clarke , I got suspended for calling Andrew Chomo a MURDERER. I turned out to be right.

    2. @Equality For All I do believe that the democrats are turning into marxists. Using race instead of the struggle between the rich and the poor. They are demonizing whites for being white and using it to force their marxist ideas down everyone’s throats. They’ve got the media, the fbi, doj, and the irs. The dems have realized what Stalin did, control the ballot box and you control everything. As Stalin said, “It’s not who votes that counts, It’s who counts the votes.”

    3. @maria schultz There’s so many people who got their accounts suspended by saying things that turned out to be true. And then there’s all these ahole liberal types who will point out the age of your account as ‘proof’ that you’re a russian. The left is insane. But so is the right.

  2. Democrats need to stand up and STOP being weak on just about everything because Retrumplicans are counting on your weakness to win themselves.

    1. @Pha Q lol. So you’re saying liberals are not always on the right side of history? I wish for just a moment liberals could see themselves the way I and maybe you see them. For just a moment as they’re virtue signaling, if they could just understand how they really appear to others. All their efforts are directed outward at criticizing others that they never look inwardly. If they were capable of self examination, I wonder what they would see

    2. @Pha Q You’re right. Many in the democratic party are exactly what Orwell described in 1984. They stand for nothing, but they do so fanatically. An interesting thing about a cultist is that they think everyone else is in a cult. Paranoia of russia, bots, klansmen, proud boys, q, etc. etc. has become the driving force of many of these people. You can’t argue with a person who calls you a russian. There’s no reaching a person who is in a cult. What’s so funny is that on many of these posts someone is ranting about how horrible the other side is and I have honestly no idea if they’re ranting about democrats or republicans. This is really a bizarre time

    3. @LG Roots Since you’ve had no response yet, I wanna try!
      #1. Trump made fun of a reporter for being handicapped!!
      #2. Trump called nyatzees good people!
      #3. Trump said all Mexicans are wrappists and redrumers.
      #4. Trump said he can grab’m by the “kitty” !

      Since this’ll get deleted anyway, let me play the “devil’s” advocate…

      #1. Trump made fun of a handicapped reporter for his reaction to being caught publishing lies, not for being handicapped.
      #2. A debunked narrative since it’s inception. Trump condemned the huwhyte supremes nyatzees nearly within the same breathe just 10 seconds earlier. Saying and I quote: “The nyatzees and the rioters should both be condemned equally, there were good people there on both sides, peacefully protesting the destruction of our history and monuments.”
      #3. Trump was specifically referring to gangs like MS-13. Not the people willing to abide by the law of the land to become citizens.
      #4. Pointing out the truth behind humanities oldest profession, while uncomfortable and unpleasant to look at is not a valid reason to grow the dark seed of hatred in your heart.
      #5 Meanwhile, media only cares about what flavor Joe got today….

    1. @Lily Jade Why has everyone else prospered? Sounds like you made your own bad luck.

    2. @Jeff Libby I don’t care either way about the trump kids. They don’t affect my life in any way. So…what’s your malfunction with Hunter Biden?

    1. LOL….Slow Joe meet with Putin behind closed doors and gave him a pipeline to Europe that Trump cancelled. Democrats were NEVER tough on Russia.

  3. well talking experience, it just stands to reason that if his assault and it’s experience qualifies him for leadership. doesn’t that really mean women should be in charge everywhere in the country for like the next 5 centuries, thanks!!

  4. The Democrat cowards that fled Texas and got on a jet plane without wearing masks got covid. Karma 😂

    1. @james mcgreevey luckily you don’t get the covid if you got the shot 😂. I’m glad you got all the information before anybody else did on their recovery

  5. I’m a Democrat that has zero issues with uniting with progressives.
    I also support the former Republicans who voted for their country instead of party because they support the Constitution.

  6. “Opinion hosts” on ALL networks need to be ousted. Let’s get back to REAL NEWS. Not this confirmation bias network channel crap.

  7. Adams never met a corporation that he didn’t love. Talk progressive during the election, then do a hard right after you win, it’s the corporate Democrat way.

  8. You won’t unite with progressives until you STOP making decisions based upon what your Big Money donors tell you to do.

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