Additional 1.88 Million People File For Unemployment, Matching Expectations | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Additional 1.88 Million People File For Unemployment, Matching Expectations | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


1.88 million more Americans filed initial unemployment claims last week due to the coronavirus pandemic, which was in line with expectations showing a downward trend in jobless claims. Aired on 06/04/2020.
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Additional 1.88 Million People File For Unemployment, Matching Expectations | Morning Joe | MSNBC

96 Comments on "Additional 1.88 Million People File For Unemployment, Matching Expectations | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Espen Pettersen | June 4, 2020 at 10:03 AM | Reply

    Tired of winning???

  2. Darrell Williams | June 4, 2020 at 10:05 AM | Reply

    What happens when we all qualify to file Bankrupt applications

  3. Peter Solar channel | June 4, 2020 at 10:09 AM | Reply

    Unemployment has become the new pandemic.

  4. Robert Michelin | June 4, 2020 at 10:10 AM | Reply

    What difference does it matter if you file, I filed 3/26/20, haven’t seen a dime yet.

    • @Andrew Orahoske did u see the check bc they say they aren’t giving back pay..

    • @N J only thing we’ve gotten is an award letter..2 months ago..ive emailed them several times and nothing..

    • @CherBear I’m so sorry I went through that too. Took several weeks after my award letter came before I finally started getting it. It’s impossible to contact anyone.

    • @CherBear Just like the death count. They’re going to hide that number as to “not make us look bad”…..

    • Rosie Brooks | June 4, 2020 at 9:57 PM | Reply

      @Andrew Orahoske ikr i got 6,870

  5. Famous old question: Are we better off now? Seems like every time there is a Republican President, the Democrats have to come in and mop up the mess. Here we go again.

    • @T N Its all about $, you have a POP of around 400m, just how many survive on a proper daily diet, !!! I do not know the answer. The US is in a mess. I wish I had an answer, The $ rules the US. Funny thing, over here we have the UK treasury, all taxes etc are paid into it, it is a large part of the UK Government. You have a private bank, owned by the Rothschilds, doing the same thing, and I seem to remember some time ago quite a scandal on just how much money they had ‘LOST’ that went a bit quiet ??? wonder why.

    • jacq danieles | June 4, 2020 at 12:35 PM | Reply

      @Larry Garland –

      Trump: “only I can fix it.”

      but, but, but Democrats …


      That’s what you get when you get suckered by a snake-oil salesman.

    • @jacq danieles I am Scots Irish by birth, I have looked well into US history, Ok I am not a chicken, but have some comments to make, First, get Obama back into the White house, the best President you have had, and get that fool out, he makes the US look stupid in the rest of the world. I don’t know how u do it, but for the sake of the US try!!!!!!!!.

    • You Democrat/Socialist are the ones MURDERING, BURNING, and LOOTING!

    • @Mournstar And you murder in the name of law, looting has a few meanings, starve and empty the pockets of the poor, that seems to paint a picture of the Republicans to the outside world. Your Police murder and get off scot free, there is no justice in the US unless you are a REBUBLICAN, then you can get away with anything.

  6. Yet the president is running around doing photo ops with a Bible instead of taking care of the people 🤔🧐

    • @Somewhere Nearyou we are in america, you are nowhere near here. go bother the Ukraine comrade.

    • @Thanh Mai..and he doesn’t care about either one..

    • @Michigan Wolverine all of you republicans returned tjose stimulus checks? No republ8cans on unemployment? really are a twatwaffle aren’t you now? 🤣🤣🤣

    • Michigan Wolverine | June 4, 2020 at 1:47 PM | Reply

      @CherBear No i went and bought 1200.00 dollars worth of ammo . I knew the ANTIFA liberal terrorist were just waiting for a reason to riot . Think about it in the last 60 days over 3.5 million guns have been sold a new record . We in Northern Michigan know ANTIFA liberals won’t come up here .

    • What was Nancy Pelosi doing?

  7. Mark Paintner | June 4, 2020 at 10:15 AM | Reply

    And the Stock Market is near record highs, this real, WTF!
    Trump Dump Hole Show Continues….

    • Michael Marceau | June 4, 2020 at 10:23 AM | Reply

      Congress will make sure the corporations keep their stock high. It’s such a fake market right now.

    • latieraqueen87 Pacheco | June 4, 2020 at 10:28 AM | Reply

      That’s because they gave business loans. He just signed another for them to get loans again yesterday.

    • Not ALL Americans are hurting.
      ‘American billionaires got $434 billion richer during the pandemic’

      Emperor Bunker-baby McBoneSpurs and Moscow Mitch has done everything to help their billionaire buddies.

    • The stock market is more than 3,000 points fron record highs.

    • It’s called Corporate Stock Buybacks. When a company buys it’s own stock to limit the supply of it, then it also raises the price of the stock, but it also creates a bubble. They helped create most of our worst market crashes. FDR banned the practice after they helped cause the Great Depression, and Reagan deregulated them leading to increasingly larger and more common crashes. They need to be banned, but the republicans just lit the fuse on the economic bomb that is another bubble…

  8. Putin: All is going exactly as planned

    Donald Trump: All of the issues that are happening is the fault of the do nothing democrats and fake news.

    • @Noreb So, you’re gonna follow the thinking of the person you hate? I’m old enough and smart enough not to blame one man for our govts constant failures.

    • @T Tullock 1. I dont hate him, i genuinely pity him. 2. These “constant failures” weirdly skyrocketted around the time the least competent president and administration in American history took office.. But im sure its a coincidence….

    • @Bryant Patterson How pathetic typical Chump supporters cant defend the orange clown without bringing up Obama…who isn’t even holding office anymore 🤣

    • Putin can’t believe the lack of shame and honor on the part of his chubby American buffoon.

    • jacq danieles | June 4, 2020 at 12:47 PM | Reply

      @Bryant Patterson –
      Trump: “only I can fix it.”

  9. if u have anime profile pic u're trash | June 4, 2020 at 10:21 AM | Reply

    i’m unemployed

    hi 🙋🏻‍♂️

    • with that profile name no wonder you are unemployed🤣😂

    • Some Person | June 4, 2020 at 3:10 PM | Reply

      @David Hale you mean when there are numerous videos of people locking arms and pushing away looters across the country as well? Go watch actual videos and not whatever garbage you consume…

    • Thank China and WHO for that and their virus.

    • Some Person | June 4, 2020 at 5:48 PM | Reply

      @Mournstar but not Trump who didn’t test a single one of the 100,000 people who came back from infected countries after his “travel ban”? Come on we’ve known for a long time a pandemic was coming at some point, so why did Trump fire a ton of pandemic experts and cut funding to prevent pandemics? Stop scapegoating because you’re just making more people vote against Trump when you ignore obvious failures…

    • David Hale 😂😂😂

  10. latieraqueen87 Pacheco | June 4, 2020 at 10:22 AM | Reply

    Should go out and report how many are homeless now. Thanks to the government officials. That unemployment number way off. Poor people smdh.

    • Vendicar Kahn then go save them. Bet you 8/10 don’t want to get off the streets.
      I was homeless once. Not because of anything else but because I wanted to get high.
      It wasn’t tell I didn’t want to get high anymore did I do something bout it.
      Not Gods chooses path for them their own. It’s a fact. Go find for yourself.

    • Wicker Baskets | June 4, 2020 at 12:42 PM | Reply

      @David Hale most of us assume your still high Dave. All you ever post is hate filled delusions. Now we also know your a hypocrite. Thanks

    • Wicker Baskets and see there’s your problem use refuse to see the facts just to assume your right. But whatever.
      Awe wicker doesn’t like his bubble being invaded with opposing views. How sad. He doesn’t like it when someone says anything different then what he wants to hear. Awe.

    • Wicker Baskets | June 4, 2020 at 1:06 PM | Reply

      @David Hale if thats your comeback then keep puffin or snortin Dave. I dont mind different opinions. I just cant stand people who rise above their sqallor just to look back at the others they shared it with like they deserve it. Its disdainful, dishonorable and hypocritical.

    • Wicker Baskets and if you noticed I said I put myself there by my decision. And I got myself out of it.
      Me my decisions. Nobody came and got me out or put me there.
      But you idiots wanna blame everyone. Blame everything.
      That’s the problem nobody ever wants take responsibility for their own actions. Unbelievable

  11. It’s okay though the stock market is fine.

    • Doug Lowe. Excellent job isn’t 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Misused that’s a good thing my retirement keeps rising.

    • David Hale Nobody cares

    • Wicker Baskets | June 4, 2020 at 12:37 PM | Reply

      @N D their optimistic “sentiment” is about to collide with stark reality

    • @Wicker Baskets Which is? I do think the markets are a little over optimistic right now, but I think that there is no stark reality. The markets should rebound faster than you think – maybe not in the burnt out shells of the city due to the riots; but overall There is no reason to be scared. Heres why; Consumer spending is the main factor of GDP growth in the USA, and we have seen a steady increase in consumer confidence returning to their normal levels. Our main issue is unemployment – but what has happened has yet to turn into a fin crisis where the worlds largest companies go belly up. We are also seeing that Comapnies are starting to losen their grip on cash allowing got more investment and spending – which are good signs. I would not put it past the market to see unemployment at or below 10% come late fall.

  12. Jon Macapugay | June 4, 2020 at 10:27 AM | Reply

    I bet America is so tired of winning now…

  13. 42,500,000 Americans who’ve lost their health insurance in addition to the 29,000,000 Americans who were already uninsured. Failing empire

    • Tessmage Tessera | June 4, 2020 at 12:59 PM | Reply

      @Michigan Wolverine We don’t want either. We want universal health care… Medicare For All. So stop playing the “Obama versus Trump” game. It’s childish.

    • Everyone with preexisting condition is loosing insurance with the new Trump Cares Program.

    • Jonas Stubbe Teglbjærg | June 4, 2020 at 2:10 PM | Reply

      Michigan Wolverine It would help your failing nation if you guys kicked out the propaganda and actually started thinking. The rest of the world pity you, when they’re not busy laughing.

    • Michigan Wolverine | June 4, 2020 at 2:31 PM | Reply

      @Rick Roth Don’t lie it’s OMAMACARE snot nose democrats won’t let Trump change the OMAMACARE scam ask Nancy PIGlosi .

    • @Michigan Wolverine I’m not even American and I know that it’s not called Obamacare, its called the Affordable Care Act. I presume that you also realise that the USA is the only developed nation without a form of Universal Health care covering all citizens.

  14. Scott Peterson | June 4, 2020 at 10:32 AM | Reply

    I am a war vet and former law enforcement, I’m white and am ashamed of this President.

    • @JACK Oh I think you CNN and the rest of the Media still have Hillary up by 98%🤣🤣🤣👌 How did that work out for you?

    • @Mournstar Goes to show what you think you know about someone, I didnt vote for Hilary but now i wished that i did Trump is finished So get over it

    • My vote will be for Joe Biden hahaha Get over it

    • @JACK Your Vote will be for a RACIST BIGOT who SEXUALLY ASSAULTED a woman, deal with it. #metoo

    • Some Person | June 4, 2020 at 5:52 PM | Reply

      @Mournstar dude what is up with the granny panty fetish you MAGAts seem to have? Why are you so obsessed with a grandma in New York?😂😂😂

  15. While our government funded Stock Market soars.

  16. cattigereyes1 | June 4, 2020 at 11:00 AM | Reply

    More incompetence from this criminal president and his corrupt officials

    • @frictionRx9 why are u still alive when u are braindead cult?

    • red is for freedom blue is for losers | June 4, 2020 at 2:20 PM | Reply

      @Cartoonishly Inept I agree with you 1000%

    • red is for freedom blue is for losers | June 4, 2020 at 2:24 PM | Reply

      @frictionRx9 they want free money instead they hate the word work.they think they will be getting a free for the next 6 months.

    • Doug Binyne | June 4, 2020 at 2:38 PM | Reply

      Remind you who’s on trial for spying on a u.s. citizen running a criminal Enterprise out of the White House obamagate treason is the reason

    • How many 100’s of MILLIONS has Hunter Biden made from China and the Ukraine?

  17. Demand Trump to resign to protect our jobs and lives!
    Demand Trump’s resignation to protect our Constitution!

  18. Did Nobel Prize-winning author Sinclair Lewis say that when fascism comes to America it will be ‘wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross

  19. Angela Pfeil | June 4, 2020 at 12:46 PM | Reply

    AND “Twitler” runs to his bunker.

  20. Johnny Wadd | June 4, 2020 at 1:07 PM | Reply

    There are 3 people who should be unemployed right now but are still in office …Trump, McConnell, and Barr all belong in prison.

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