Addressing Key Prosecutor, Beyoncé Calls Out The ‘Two Tragedies’ When Police Kill Black People


  1. Hillary Clinton rigged the 2016 election using the same msnbc serpent brainwashing disinformants posing as human right now

    1. @Randy Welsh
      How many people has Hillary Clinton destroyed with her Gmo genocide plan to this point,?
      Think its over 50 million yet ?

  2. Vegas set the odds of fox news telling Beyonce to shut up and sing at “You gotta be injecting bleach if you think we’re gonna take THAT bet!” 💉😫 😛😝

    1. @Bud Fudlacker I also like the part where t’rump forgot that people can come into the US from Europe too. D’oh! Stable Genius must be a flat earth guy. 🤔😄

    2. @Jim Skarw “It’s hard not to be happy with the job we’re doing, that I can tell you.” – t’rump when the number of deaths was around 1,000.

    3. Ro G Every news anchor, every politician, and every “expert “, changed their stories , every two or three days. You decided to pick Trump. What of all the experts that are feeding him information? What of all the news anchors that were spinning his words, and in the process, contradicting their selves? You had democratic leaders saying go out and celebrate the Chinese New Year. You STILL have them saying “ go out and protest “, but you cannot go to church. ( yet, you can buy liquor, and play the numbers).

  3. You helped cause a sudden rise in the virus all over this country, you have blood on your hands. Washington state is at a 5% death rate, so how many kids did you encourage, and now will increase the chances of their families and friends to die from the coronavirus. Will you be righteous enough to apologize to their families. You being an influential media organization has let America down. you caused more to die, and you blame the police. How many will die because you steered them will be black?. You did this for self-gain and greed. You have no soul?
    Anyone disagree. MSNBC is longer needed, We have the Internet.

    1. randykerr that’s a stupid statement. And the assumption you’re making has no credibility. And make no mistake, I’m not a fan of any media organization. Protests were going to happen no matter what the media said.

    2. @gobigorange Can you tell me one thing the democrats have ever done for the minorities. If you have to resort to name -calling, or silence must mean no. Even when googled, and they lean more on the democrats side and still nothing.I myself was a Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie supporter. Can’t follow Biden. Not one democratic presidential candidate would stick up for her when Hillary called her a Russian bot when she was unable to defend herself because she was serving her country in the national guard. She was cast out of her own party for being anti-war. So what makes you believe they would stick up for you. Wake up people you’re being used.

    3. Now we know why “separate but equal” came about. Now it’s time to revisit the wisdom of that policy.

    4. @Angel Jefferson Filming and encouraging peaceful protest was bad in the middle of a pandemic. But not calling out rioting just lost the message of the initial cause.

  4. Beyonce calls out cops from her ivory towerbuilt from the blood of children! Everyday is #PunchBeyonceintheT1ts DAY

  5. Two black men were just hung from a tree by white supremacists in California but msnbc isnt covering it? WOW!!!!!

  6. The first amendment state you should have freedom of speech, but now if you speak out against BLM people are being sacked from jobs ,victimized as racist etc BLM which was a noble cause now it has become an evil political agenda fueled by corrupt media and I wish i did not have to say the democrat politicians also.’ to remove freedom of speech ,I was liberal a few weeks ago but now I am scared my freedom will be lost .I have an open mind to both sides of any argument and respect them unlike the BLM political party .

    1. Sorry … You are not a Liberal… You are clearly a racist … You seemed conflicted… Just trying to help … I’m just sayin … Authored by a 62 year old “authentic” white Liberal

    2. And by the way the 1st Amendment includes “5” guaranteed rights… Speech… Press… Religion… Assembly… and Petition… Education challenged??

  7. Convenient for Democrats to care about blacks during an election year…. look at Chicago. I will never vote Democrat again. BLEXIT!

  8. When there are no police left because seriously who would be a cop now that BLM and Democrats have crucified them ,people like Beyonce and all the wealthy in our country can pay for security ,not me ,oh and if the army steps in it will be army brutality ,defund or remove the army also and have a private army ,in steps China and Russia ,thank you BLM and MSNBC ,CNN,ABC ,NEW YORK TIMES ,WASHINGTON POST ,for helping to destroy the first amendment ,thank you for reading this fellow comrades

  9. Everyone has to join in on this conversation. #NewAmerica 🇺🇸❤️✊🏿✊🏻✊✊🏾✊🏼✊✊🏽✊🏻✊✊🏿✊🏼✊✊🏾✊🏼✊✊🏽✊🏿

  10. Oh…….So that’s why cheap Kim Kardashian started with prison reform, to copy Queen Beyonce. We need a meme or hashtag for that.

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