Advice for voters on the eve of Election Day: A Q&A with Elections Canada spokeperson Diane Benson 1

Advice for voters on the eve of Election Day: A Q&A with Elections Canada spokeperson Diane Benson


CTV News Channel’s Lois Lee interviewed Diane Benson, spokesperson at Elections Canada, about tomorrow’s federal election.

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    1. @Clownadian News …. check my posts on other youtube stories. i mention policy changes that are different between otoole and trudeau. it’s mostly economic… including quantitibe easing relating to inflation and the agreement between the BOC and Ottawa that justin wants to scrap. boosting incentives for business et al. debt is another. Erin might not be successful at balancing things …. however it’s at least on his radar. debit is not anywhere on justin’s radar. there are significant differences.

    2. Conservatives already said they are backing the liberals – which they & ndp, did instead of ousting Trudeau out when they had the chance. Time for someone new.

    3. @Hilda Morrison that is incorrect. only the liberal caucus can get rid of their leader in a non confidence motion… and vote. which almost did happen. but didn’t.

  1. Trudeau couldn’t even plant some trees over 6 years. He claimed to be a feminist and climate change champion, completely failed on those. Billions spent during pandemic, and not a single nurse or extra bedspace. Vote ABL.

  2. My advice, please vote anyone at this point, if you still undecided – just don’t vote for Trudeau! Don’t let your vote go to waste, find time – and make your voice heard!

  3. Dumb Liberal idea to call an election during a pandemic. Increases chance of exposure with large crowds. Please don’t reward the Liberals for calling a needless election! Vote another party.

  4. All Canadians should remember what happened in our last election and what happening in the USA during their election. These leaders aren’t elected they are installed.

  5. Remember the doctors and nurses folks.If you care for Canadian style healthcare keep Cons out of our Canadian government. Or you’ll be paying a premium for treatment.

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