Advocates For Fair Senate Impeachment Trial Press Collins, Others | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Advocates For Fair Senate Impeachment Trial Press Collins, Others | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


Senator Susan Collins is among several senators targeted by a new ad campaign paid for by Republicans who want to see a real impeachment trial with witnesses and evidence in the Senate, and hope to convince a few senators to resist Mitch McConnell's plan to coordinate with the Trump White House. Aired on 12/27/19.
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Advocates For Fair Senate Impeachment Trial Press Collins, Others | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

57 Comments on "Advocates For Fair Senate Impeachment Trial Press Collins, Others | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC"

  1. Of course they should testify. If there’s nothing to hide, come out and testify. If they don’t want anyone to testify in a trial, that isn’t a trial.

    • @Bud Fudlacker ~ why do you *ULTRA DUMBFU¢KS* keep talking about evidence when Donald Jack@$$ Trumpet, right on the WH lawn in front of multiple cameras and the world, said he wanted a massive investigation into the Bidens to happen after the phone call, which was exactly when he gave the order to stop the aid to the Ukrainians, after the phone call. *ALL YOU TROLLS ARE PATHETIC AND CONSTANTLY REPEATING PATHETIC TALKING POINTS.* Everyone is not stupid enough *NOT* to believe what their eyes are seeing like MAGAts, fool.

    • Wow, ppl actually think the Senate is ruled by Pelosi and Schiff?

      51 votes and they’ll subpoena the Biden’s as well as anyone else they vote on, they’ll go to court if they need to.
      Many legal analysts have said there’s nothing that says the Senate must wait for the physical impeachment docs to be dropped on their desk either. The law states once a President is impeached the Senate conducts a trial.

      The founding fathers never comprehended a Pelosi withholding docs so none of that is mentioned, thus they can start without her.

    • they already had a trial in the congress= the senate now debates that evidence= they are the jury

    • @mike swiental
      The trial is in the Senate. The Impeachment process is not a trial.

  2. The giant orange manbaby should get the trial he deserves.

    • m_train Gaming | December 28, 2019 at 8:03 AM | Reply

      As fair as the partisan House.

    • The Salem witch trials? Good idea!

    • Trump wants the trial but the senate does not do a trial in an impeachment= they ONLY debate the articles of impeachment they are sent. the witnesses can only be called in the congress for the real trial=the senate is like a jury in a criminal case but only after all the evidence is presented in the “court room”= congress.

    • That’s funny Joe Biden sad that when he gets subpoena he’s not going what is Joe Biden got to hide

  3. If u r innocent of a crime , Should ppl who can Back up your Claims of Innocence testify?
    ….or should u prevent them of Testifying.
    It’s the same as the Real Civilian world. IMPEACH THIS SOB for Treason and Emoluments clause Violations btw……Spaced apart, Not in the same Inquiry

    • @al jbug
      Actually you’re stupid. BTW….that is the way it should be stated. Trump is scared of testimony because all of his BS will be exposed.
      The House is asking for Republican witnesses, not Democratic witnesses. So what is Trump scared of?

    • Randy Cleveland | December 28, 2019 at 10:21 AM | Reply

      Umm…..its up to the prosecution to prove guilt. Not the defendant to prove innocence.

    • Here’s the long list of Trump crimes discovered by the House:

    • @Randy Cleveland
      Well, if the White is blocking Republican witnesses from testifying, how can you have a trial? If there is nothing to hide, let them testify.

    • Trump announced he would quit co=operating with witnesses after they had been called 3 times and the dems demanded a fourth time- that is when trump went to court to stop the harrassment

  4. Trump and Stephen Miller needs to be charged with Crimes Against Humanity for the over 60,000 Hispanic children that was and is being separated from their parents for no reason but for their race, country of origin and political situation. And just like Hitler’s henchmen the world needs to convict and hang them publicly. Racism has no place in this world.

  5. How to make GOP-juice:
    1. Take the blood-oranges (the GOP members siding with Trump)
    2. SQUEEZE.
    3. Done.

    Time to save the country from Trump and his administration.
    He’s in on his last year now.
    He’s going down.

  6. No need to hunt for witches when their broomsticks and pointed hats/hoods are visible for all to see. Now that we found them bring them in to defend themselves before they can cast more spells on the community at large.

  7. SENATE 2020 – Democrat Strategy
    Attack weak (R) seats: Cory Gardner (CO), Susan Collins (ME), Joni Ernst (IA), Thom Tillis (NC), and Jon Kyl* (AZ)
    Defend weak (D) seats: Jeanne Shaheen (NH), Mark Warner (VA), Gary Peters (MI), Tina Smith (MN)
    Punish those that do NOT vote for Trump impeachment in the Senate.

  8. These 1998 nuggets we have on Collins, #MoscowMitch #LubyankaLindsey and others must be played in endless loops on TV

    • and all the dems calling for impeachment BEFORE the Ukraine matter who then voted for impeachment must recuse themselves and resign for voting to impeach

  9. Trump time to go ! Putin wants cuddle you he did good job you you make America 3 World country!

    • You say President Trump made America a third world country let’s Analyze This. Unemployment 3.5% does that sound like a third world country. Stock market a new record high security wall down by Mexican border built. A fair trade deal with China complete it which the Democrats approved. He build up our military when Obama dismantle the military. Low taxes. No I don’t think we’re a third world country we’re doing good the economy is great

    • Hi

  10. Sanctum Sanctorum | December 28, 2019 at 3:29 AM | Reply

    The republicans can either listen to the people in favor or they will hear from the people who demand!

  11. Ok Collins’ !! You gonna be honest on this one ?? You know the truth about what is going on.. I’m am pretty sure of it !

  12. LEGIT.

  13. After Kavanaugh, Collins only had one more year left in the Senate, she might as well go out on as high a ground as she can get to in the little time she has left. It would be a shame for her 24 year tenure in the Senate be completely spoiled by her last four years of kowtowing to Tyrant Trump.

  14. Absque Religione | December 28, 2019 at 6:15 AM | Reply

    So 22% doesn’t give a f*ck about the constitution.

    • To be fair, poll people if the sky is blue, 20% will say no.

    • Why does that shock you?

    • That would be 96% of the House. The other 4% defectors

    • surely you joke, mein failüre | December 28, 2019 at 3:52 PM | Reply

      They’re the same 22% who spent 8+ long years screeching about Michelle Obama’s yoga shoulders, Obama’s tan suit, Obama putting his feet up on the desk, Obama using Dijon mustard. It was obvious back then that their only relationship to reality was that of acrimonious divorce years ago. Sad.

    • all the democrat senators running for president must recuse themselves from voting since they have a vested interest in impeachment= personal political gain.

  15. Blink Once on Sunday! | December 28, 2019 at 6:50 AM | Reply

    Oh, well played. I really hope more activists will step up. Someone needs to try to fix the damage Trump and his cohorts have done to our democracy. Maybe they can rebuild the GOP while they’re at it.

    • Blink Once on Sunday! Why didn’t they play Schumer from back then saying they didn’t need more witnesses? Do you ever tire of getting this one-sided propaganda?

    • They can rebuild the GOP, and I’m going to turn the Atlantic ocean into Crown Royal.

  16. House Majority | December 28, 2019 at 7:20 AM | Reply

    It’s simple send them the article’s but have 2 more articles coming over. Impeach him twice if the senate fails in their duty.

    Hit him with everything he has done.

    • Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming! | December 28, 2019 at 6:13 PM | Reply

      @Rod Allen You Russian asset Traitor Trump Trolls are the imbeciles.

    • @Rod Allen ~ it’s against the law and the supercu¢k for president did it with a friggin black sharpie! Peter Griffin of the Family Guy could be a better President!

    • Any single one of the entire cast of Sealab 2020 could be a better President! Anybody on RENO911 could be a better President! Homer Simpson could be a better President! *PATHETIC!!!*

    • Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming! | December 28, 2019 at 9:13 PM | Reply

      @Rod Allen Hey nobody looks worse than the Traitor Trump whining about his 7 seconds of telling the child ‘star’ of the movie that his “the bathroom is other there” line was cut by the CBC to make way for more important content like a commercial! 🤣🤣🤣 You guys follow such a LOSER!!! BTW, Melania called and wants Trudeau to cut her monthly wifely-duty of 7 seconds with Traitor Trump too 🤣🤣🤣

    • Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming! | December 28, 2019 at 9:18 PM | Reply

      @James Mines Did you see Traitor Trump whining about his 7 seconds of telling the ‘star’ of the movie that his “the bathroom is other there” line was cut by the CBC to make way for more important content like a commercial! 🤣🤣🤣 Not only Treasonous and Corrupt, but a Loser too!

  17. When an Oligarchy pretends to be a Democracy you end up with the current Clusterfrack

    • The Oligarchy has its own cable network, the Farcical American Sychophantic Clustrefrack Initiative or F.A.S.C.I. but it sounds too Latin so Fraudulent Opinionated Xenophobia or F.O.X. was deemed more appropriate for those that live in the sticks, (although they prefered F.A.S.C.I.)

    • surely you joke, mein failüre | December 28, 2019 at 2:58 PM | Reply

      Their little Cirque Du So Lame has gone on 3 years too long already.

  18. Search for the truth | December 28, 2019 at 11:19 AM | Reply

    Expect what we always get from liars and find another way.

  19. John McLame up the river STYX without a “Ohr”, only a Dossier sail full of holes….

  20. Give the minority the hearing they were supposed to get in the House, then maybe we can talk.

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