Aerial views show the devastation in Lake Charles, Louisiana after Hurricane Laura 1

Aerial views show the devastation in Lake Charles, Louisiana after Hurricane Laura


A massive chemical fire continues to burn in Lake Charles after a petrochemical plant was heavily damaged by Hurricane Laura.

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    1. lil bud racism and natural disasters didn’t start in 2020. The racism is just finally being addressed and the natural disasters happen every year. But yeah the corona one threw me off guard not gonna lie

  1. I was watching a storm chasers live feed when the fire started, it was well after the storm passed, not sure what sparked the fire.

    1. I could be wrong, but I think it started because no one was at the plant to run things because everyone evacuated for the hurricane

  2. I am hopeing and praying that we have a house to return to ,we are going bake to our house rite now, we do not have enugh money to buy another house and I dont now what well do if our house is gone

  3. I’m pretty sure everyone’s feeling numb now. No surprise, it’s like “yes, bring the pain on”

  4. Yes it is horrible, catastrophic, devastating, heartbreaking but I’ll bet that the Louisiana spirit of helping your neighbours will flourish here.

  5. Please pray for the citizens of my great city! We will not have electricity for about a month and most of our houses have major damage. But most importantly, my family suffered a loss that you can’t even imagine!So please pray for my family! Thank you! Lord please have mercy!!

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