Afghan Army Lacked Food, Supplies During Struggle Against Taliban 1

Afghan Army Lacked Food, Supplies During Struggle Against Taliban


Vice News international correspondent Ben Solomon recounts the fall of Kandahar, Afghanistan. 

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    1. @Sean Schisler I’m a vet and I am glad we aren’t sending soldiers to fight a pointless war anymore. Tell me what was so important there? Yea.. that’s right.. NOTHING!

    2. Radical Islam hasn’t ended it’s war on us.The withdrawal didn’t solve any problems it opened a Deadly New Chapter.They consider the attack on 9/11 the floor not the ceiling.Biden made Afghanistan a Terrorist Wonderland for the Barbaric Butchers a sanctuary to spread their murderous tentacles across the world.

    1. @Darwinsom so is Trump the president today or Biden ?
      If Biden isn’t making the decisions for the country today and Trump is then Biden needs to stop pretending he’s the president

  1. So 20 years of support, and Billions of dollars later…I’m sure the american contractors got rich, while they starved for supplies and food.

    1. The Biden administration cut the payments to contractors and couldn’t guarantee their safety. This is all on Slow Joe and Woke, TV Generals.

    2. @maria schultz

      It’s not for america to be police-man of Afghanistan. Perhaps when Biden cut off their contractor pay, it should of marked the end of America propping up their government. Biden campaign on getting us out of Afghanistan….it should not be a surprise….call it promise fulfilled.

      Billions and 20 years. Time to stop the financial blood loss.

  2. So many stories over recent years about some Afghan soldiers not being paid, not being fed for weeks. $300M a day cost to USA. The upper echelon and political leaders made out just fume then fled. Soldiers never really taken care of. Disgusting!

  3. Me too! I hope that Kandahar is not crazy right now. Heartbreaking story! Well done. The UN needs to watch over Afghanistan since that was our job. So, the Taliban just walked in …and …sat right down. Yup! Well done …tonight! From southern Colorado. Thank you for this reporting job!

  4. Just like South Vietnam. Once the support went away, so did they. Somehow all that money and support never made it to the front lines.

  5. Watching the taliban training reminded me of running pt with a bunch of obligated and reluctant teenagers doing their best to comply while making a mockery of the whole thing

  6. I wanna see something on the masked gorilla RACIST throwing eggs at, L.E..

    That’s definitely a “HATE CRIME”

  7. All that taxpayer money we coughed up just went to pad the pockets of the leaders. If you had any balls in journalism whatsoever you would follow the money and report it.

  8. “An army marches on its stomach.”

    Afghan government:
    Nah bro, we’re good.
    We need that money for our vain desires.

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