Afghan Girls Return To School After Taliban Bombing Kills 60 | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Afghan Girls Return To School After Taliban Bombing Kills 60 | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1


    1. Yes, Mike Peterson, these young women are potential heroes, that may end up dead in the next bombing, the Taliban, doesn’t want the women to have any rights. No education will render them fearful of what the future will have in store for them once the Taliban takes over the most corrupt government in history. After 20 years of Americans fighting their wars, they are not more ready to fight for their country. A people who concern more in making extra money by corruption which is prevalent among the highest government officials, the current President, and his family included will make for a weak government destined to fail, after 20 years of training, the Afghani Army is no more ready than they were 20 years ago to defend their institutions, much less their people.

    2. How about attacks against Palestinians, including women and children, as we write? Mainstream American media are very much mum about that.

    1. Has it been proven that the Taliban initiated this attack? I highly doubt it. They would not need to car bomb a school. They could simply just shut it down. Think about it

  1. Happy to be there with notebooks & pencils , I don’t see any computers or any technology..just happy to be in school ! β€πŸ™πŸ»

    1. @BA MU if you read my comment again, it supports your statement. They have become more sophisticated in their knowledge of how things look to the world outside of their region. They do not want outside forces in their region. Bombing a school would not help get outside forces to leave.
      Sorry I was long winded and went off on a slight tangent, I have so many thoughts, ideas and questions…I tend to ramble, even with judicious use of my backspace key.

    2. @BA MU I don’t know who brainwashed you but I fear for you and the other young women who want to move ahead. The Taliban or other faction does not want you to learn and be educated.

    3. @BA MU You are taking the word of terrorists. Do think that is smart? If not the Taliban, then who? Is there another terrorist group? By the way, the US does not want to be the peacemakers of the world. We have enough to do in our own country. But we will help countries who need our resources. We are NOT the bad guys.

    4. @Ellen Scarcelle what are you talking about? I have a master’s degree πŸ˜‚. Do you think there are no female doctors in Afghanistan? You are the brainwashed one! Meanwhile, solve the very real problems you have with mass murder, gun violence, and racial hatred in your own country

  2. Risking your life to be educated. Most of these girls are just as brave as the soldiers. I hope they keep fighting.

    1. They are braver. They don’t have weapons; they don’t have body armour they only have raw courage and a deep passion for education and knowledge.

    2. These young girls were far braver and far more like courageous adult men than the cowardly skulking cretins who murdered them from a safe distance.

      I’m an older guy, but I’m ready to get on a plane and fly there right now to fight these inhuman cowardly scum…..

  3. Thanks for reporting on this. Can you now please do a full report on the Israeli Police brutal assault on Palestinians while they were at prayer and why most media are disguising it as a ‘clash’ between opponents.

  4. I cannot even come close to the level of courage these young ladies have. I cannot even fathom the cowardice of their attackers.

  5. Afghans have been fighting for so long that there is no one left to tell them what life was like before war.

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