1. @Don’t Be A Mitch Only a thief thinks like that! Stop been mischievous! Take them in today and set your nation on fire tomorrow!

    1. They are still fighting don’t believe everything cnn tells u they are just propaganda for the left…Biden is a proven liar

    2. @Brian Jones If Biden is a coward because he is following the agreement that Trump signed with the Taliban, then Trump and his republicans are the biggest maggots on the planet!!

  1. Prayers for your safety. How do we get out Afghan family of an Afghan interpreter? He still has not received his Visa and it’s been applied for months ago. He has sponsors in Texas ready to receive the family. Any good resources that you are aware of? Plz help.

  2. It’s obvious we should have been training the Afghan women to do the fighting for the last 20 years

    1. What kind of training is effective against $80 billion worth of top notch American military equipment?
      Joe Biden ordered that turned over to the Taliban on July 4th 2021.

    2. @Ferengi profiteer Trump government signed the surrender agreement with the taliban. Democrats and Republicans alike are to blame. Giving out astronomical sums of money without any sense and oversight, while failing to curtail the islamic radicalization not just in Afghanistan but especially in “allied” islamic states with radical islamist movements, like Saudi Arabia for example. Islamists have near infinite manpower across the Arabic world, brainwashed in faith schools from early age.

  3. This is a new era. Just wait and see how the Taliban is approaching their rule. Residing on the past only makes life more miserable.

  4. 20 years or not, we should not have left that abruptly. There will be a lot of blood on Biden’s hands at the end of this. Also, as the Taliban strengthens and moves to strike on America, Biden will own that too

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