Afghan Pop Star Aryana Sayeed Speaks Out After Fleeing Country

Afghan singer-songwriter and television personality Aryana Sayeed joins Ayman to speak about her experiences fleeing Afghanistan and the current conditions in her home country.
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    1. No they’ve been left behind , the American government don’t know who has come the USA from Afghanistan or who had been left behind . So yeah good job 👍

    2. @L. A. Diaz Even the Americans who they say are “stuck” in Afghanistan were told to leave months ago and said they’d rather stay. Now they’re complaining that they can’t leave. Trump made a very bad deal with the Taliban and, whether people blame him or Biden for the chaos, people got plenty of notice.

  1. Just happy we’re finally out of that republican mess….Now we can focus on the traitors here in 45 and the GOP…

    1. Biden will take care of you and your family. Don’t worry!!!
      As long as your at the boarder or out of Afghanistan. Anywhere else your on your own.

    1. Trump derangement syndrome is a treatable mental disorder

      With pro psychological counciling and strong anti psychotic drugs even you can act sane 1 day

    2. … from the flight she took…
      Shouldn’t have to say anything about people left behind.
      Do you expect the entire population that’s not Taliban to be airlifted out? Do you expect we fly out people against their wills? That’s unrealistic.
      There aren’t nearly as many people left behind as it may seem. In fact, there are some still being evacuated. There are statistics about this.
      Instead of being 😔 when you hear the words “left behind,” you may want to check out the facts and be optimistic because there was amazing skill and coordination demonstrated by our troops in an extremely chaotic situation.

    3. @Long and Short Sentences you obviously only watch fake news because videos are all over of kids and people trapped Americans left behind in Taliban control thanks to joe Talibiden

  2. im sorry but this was always going to happen. it happened to brits, the russians and now to the usa. she needs to accept the new reality.

  3. This woman should have written songs that motivated the Afghan people to fight for their country. Instead she became filthy rich from the corruption there. Which was spurred on by unguided pallets of money from the US. In 20 years the Afghan people never collected themselves. They lived in a fantasy under US protection but nothing last forever. America has much more important matters to attend to.

    1. Rich by whose standards? And where are you watching all the interviews of the so-called “rich” Afghans?

  4. Shame on each and every western country of the World that they left the innocent people of Afghanistan alone for the wild beasts ( Taliban )

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