1. @Insignificant360 Oh give it up you concern troll. You don’t care about what the Afghanis are going through

    2. @Lily Jade the White House said that over 70% of the country is vaccinated so I don’t think that there is a lot of people who aren’t vaccinated I just think they don’t want to be told that you have to be vaccinated. A lot of the people that are against the vaccine are actually vaccinated they just want to be heard on their rights. The Mask thing there’s no science behind it it’s flip floppy and the people who make the rules don’t even follow them stem cells. They cry wear masks and then they’re constantly seen in public without one

    3. @Bay 17 Were the native Americans also traitors when they accepted the English who were escaping persecution? Should they have said natives 1st, and then scalped him and tossed him into the ocean? If they had, they wouldn’t have been slaughtered.

    1. So Americans have to pay for the disaster that the Biden/Harris administration caused?

      Thanks Joe, glad we know what to expect for the next 3.5 years…

    2. Trumps Taliban
      MAGA ISIS 🐷

      The GOP members should be opening their doors… They paid for this.

    3. @Bay 17 Trumps Taliban
      MAGA ISIS 🐷

      The GOP members should be opening their doors… They paid for this.

  1. Not to sound insensitive but are they vaccinated….
    If they’re not Im sure we can arrange for them to get vaccinated…..ASAP!

    1. @Adam Taylor Are you high? “NOBODY enters the country…” Ha Ha Ha… all this talk about Afghan refugees has made people forget about the “CRISIS” at the southern border. Every month a new record is being set for the number of illegals being CAUGHT at the border… what’s the ratio of those caught to those that actually make it? 1 in 5? 1 in 10? who knows. We’re seeing a flood of unknown/unvaccinated/COVID positive individuals pouring into the country… and you have the audacity to say “nobody” SHEESH!

    2. @Gary P Why would we care? It’s fine for refugees from the southern borders come in without being vaccinated.

    3. @digidanshow Exactly! I have send Democrats/liberals coldly say that Afghans should stay and fight for their country, so I expect when all this is over their southern border stragety will have changed and they will be eager for those entering illegally to go fight for their country.

    1. I just watched a video of a woman in Afghanistan get her fingers chopped off for the crime of wearing nail polish…good job Biden!!

    2. ya, because releasing 5000 taliban and abandoning the Kurds was soooo much better …. while biden has droped the ball, its better than T poisoning the well ……

    1. @Hanoi Jio

      That being said, the filthy commie Dems are…ironically….ushering in fascism…and not the good kind.

    2. @malakai Rodriguez never Jesus is not a god he is a deity that you humans worship and think is a God

  2. “The Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely” – Sleazy Joe Biden, just weeks ago
    “The chaos in Afghanistan was unavoidable” – also Sleazy Joe Biden

    1. You think this would’ve been any better under Donald “Lets invite the Taliban to Camp David” Trump? It would’ve been 1000x worse with guys like Stephen Miller calling the shots and the people Biden is actually trying to get out, would have been gleefully thrown under the bus. Trump and Miller spent the last 4 years hamstringing the the immigration process to create the situation we’re seeing right now.

  3. Well to answer my question I guess since when is today. Sickening, other world leaders must be sickened and disgusted too with American leadership but never our troops, they are the very best of America.

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