Afghan War Veteran: "I Will Never Forgive My Country For This' 1

Afghan War Veteran: “I Will Never Forgive My Country For This’


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    1. That is not even a fair comparison. Vietnam was far worse for those veterans than for those in Afghanistan and Iraq. They lost more men in one month than we did the entire 20 years in Afghanistan.

    2. We did it again.
      My heart is broken,
      My heart breaks for our vets and the Afghan people.
      This is precisely what I mistakenly thought Biden would NOT do!
      I am so angry.
      This is EVIL!

    1. This was really heartbreaking, this man is desperate. He’s got a huge heart, I hope they figure something out…FAST.

    1. Criminal trump handed the keys to Taliban after he released their leader from prison along with other Taliban terrorists

    2. @Truth91 The responsibility for the evacuation falls with Biden. He’s been president long enough, this one’s on him.

    3. @Truth91 The deal was for US to SLOWLY pull out in May save for 2.500 to support the Afghan government, while Taliban was to stay out of provincial capitals.
      Biden violated the agreement by delaying the pullout by 3 months.
      Releasing Taliban leaders doesn’t mean much considering that the Obama-Biden administration did the same.

    4. @Truth91 The fact that you can’t see past Blue on this is sad. Shame on anyone who can’t place blame where it belongs on this horrible decision.

  1. Wow. That was powerful and some. 100% sold. Get those people out, they earned it. They don’t deserve to die.

    1. @Rach You guys are failing to remember Trump made an agreement with the Taliban behind the backs of the Afghan government…and let’s not forget Trump invited the Taliban to the WH❗

    2. @Patricia McKeon no not true. Read up on what you preach first. Yes, he invited them to the WH. Why not? I would. How to you get to talk to someone and work things out? What was he supposed to do? Just blow them all up?
      Keep your friends close but enemies closer.
      Biden was pleaded by intelligence NOT to pull out and he didn’t listen. He left them defenseless, they were even doing Zoom calls to the US on how to fix things. Now Taliban have billions of US fighting property.

      Quit listening to lies.

  2. May that man have a peaceful life after all the hardships fought in the warzone. I understand that pain he had been through

    1. These wars were about making war-profiteers rich, nothing more. Everyone else is cannon fodder to them. They profit off of human misery and suffering.

  3. Henry Kissinger: “To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal.” November 1968.

    1. @Grenadier 22 The fact that Henry Kissinger is still alive and lived as long as he has is a strong argument against the concept of the divine justice against, and the divine punishment of, the wicked.

    2. @America America Change America to democrats. Thats more accurate.
      Where have you been in the last seven months?

    3. @Grenadier 22 I have always wondered about the quote. Thanks for doing the research and confirming it. I too have been skeptical. HK was some animal. He played the game himself.

  4. When you listen to his man, having in mind the picture of fleeing Afghans falling off from planes, it’s devastating for the image of the US in the world.

    1. All you have to do is research the US governments history of warcrimes and then the American Illusion is shattered right then and there. This country is and has been run by absolute sht bags for decades if not a century or more.

    1. @Benji M These people never cared when civilians got blown up in air strikes and killed in collateral damage, but now their utmost concern is the afghan civilians? They just all love war over there in DC and on MSM.

    2. he apparently did a really crappy job of training the Afghan forces to defend themselves. So he sucked at his job. No sympathy at all.

  5. Very well said from Mr Zeller. Enormous respect to him. A man of true conviction and humanity. The situation is utterly heartbreaking. Biden has been an utter disgrace on this.

  6. It’s rare to see someone on television who actually believes in what he says and does, most are just careerists covering their own butt.

  7. “From 10,000 to AS MANY AS 40,000 Americans Are Trapped Inside Afghanistan” – Taliban Is Blocking Access to Airport

    1. They need to help themselves too. We can’t continue to babysit them forever and ever. At a certain point their army needs to rise up instead of running the f away.

    2. @A K Yes, but those who are not military are not able to get out or really fight for themselves. I am appalled and ashamed by Biden.

  8. I agreed with the outrage of this man. How could we turn our backs on the people who helped us? I’m embarrassed and appalled.

    1. Nevin: What do you think happened with previous pull outs, this isn’t the first time this has happened nor with the first president.

  9. Speaker: “No one is ever going to trust us again.”
    Kurds: “Really?”
    Iraqis: “Really?”
    Vietnamese: “Really?”

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