Afghan Women Face Increasing Fears Of A Taliban Return | MSNBC

As U.S. involvement in Afghanistan comes to an end, Sky News looks at the impact troop withdrawal is having on Afghan women and young people.

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Afghan Women Face Increasing Fears Of A Taliban Return | MSNBC


  1. Afghan people have been trained to combat the Taliban. If they can’t, this isn’t our issue.

    1. @Joe Bidenshitforbrains abandoned?… didnt teach them self sufficiency while you were at it?

    2. The People of Afghanistan have had literally 20 YEARS of American “help”. How much more do they need?!
      I agree, this isn’t our issue anymore. Bring the troops home now.

    1. @JohnnyD 67 who invaded afghan? And for what reason?

      Did you just try and pin iraq on OBAMA YOU HAVE A AGENDA KID AND IT REEKS

    2. New Study Finds Lockdowns Didn’t Save Any Lives And May Have Killed More People Than Doing Nothing
      JUNE 24, 2021 By Spencer Lindquist
      A new study from the Rand Corporation and the University of Southern California titled “The Impact Of The Covid-19 Pandemic And Policy Responses On Excess Mortality,” found that the lockdowns that were mandated in response to the Wuhan virus outbreak didn’t save lives, and even worse, they may have actually resulted in more deaths than would have occurred if shelter-in-place policies had not been mandated.

    3. @J M M <-- 10 year account. Listen to what this man says. He gets people banned and then points out the age of new accounts as 'proof' they're russians. Let's see if Karma is a real thing and get this guy banned! Yay free speech! Yay for J M M!

  2. Afghanistan has had 20 years to get their own government and military on track and able to handle their own domestic and regional issues.

    1. this violence has been going on for CENTURIES. Twenty years of American help wasn’t going to change anything.

    2. @Joe Bidenshitforbrains So American kids should die more and more? GTFO…
      Go cry to a European country. Let them have a go…

    1. @Jared Why is that? Are you prejudice? Do you have a problem with people who differ from yourself? Haha pathetic 🤣

    1. Thank you George Bush, in America`s name. Then we wonder why people around the world, feel they way they do about the US, politically. On another level, not being funny, the aliens say;
      “look at these humans, look at how they treat each other. In their ignorance they think themselves separate from one another, they have sophisticated technology yet, zero understanding spiritually, therefore they harm each other and degrade each other without hesitation. Humanity has a lot to learn”.

    2. @Stephanie Drake both of which were a loss via political intrigue and control getting in the way. We never learn. We won WW2 because we killed the enemy, if we had the political morons in charge then that we have now or we’d be speaking German and listening to the man in the high castle.

    3. Not really this war has been going on for 2000 years its only sad when you think you need to involve yourself in it let it play out and deal with the after math

  3. To the tune of Janet jacksons “what have you done for me lately”
    ” You get no sympathy from me”😏

  4. Usa makes messes we don’t clean them up and lave them better then we found them 😂😂😂

  5. Afghanistan has always been a money pit for what ever Country that has occupied it. The U.S. is just coming to the conclusion that the British and Soviets came to, that maintaining a troop presents in Afghanistan is more trouble and costly, than what it’s worth. Let me know when China invades Afghanistan.

  6. The people of Afghanistan need to arm up, especially the women. They already know what life under Taliban will be like.

    1. @Luis Estrada The “best army in the world” was not willing to make an open-ended commitment to the people of Afghanistan now were they? How badly do Afghans want their freedom? If they are not willing to stand up to the Taliban they’ll be right back to where they were 20 years ago.

    2. @srobg1956 No we will not be back . I hope 1000s of women and kids will be allowed to go to non muslim countries

  7. It has been the same old saga for decades and decades, after the foreign assistance has left, the country falls back into normal conflict. Was the cost of human life and money wasted worth it. I think NOT!!!! What did all this achieve, Huge COST, No BENEFIT

  8. Joe Biden won’t let that happen!!
    He is already like the second greatest president of all time!!!
    Shame on MSNBC for this negative story!!!!

  9. We have to move up the schedule for them, since Biden moved up the schedule, tell them to lay low, we’re coming for you.

  10. Welcome to the old Islam, same as the new Islam, Watch as our left cover for the copper age justice system and hide behind news cameras.

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