Afghan Women Journalists Stalwart In Face Of Taliban Takeover 1

Afghan Women Journalists Stalwart In Face Of Taliban Takeover


Lotfullah Najafizada, head of Tolo News in Afghanistan, talks with Rachel Maddow about the strength and courage of Afghan women journalists and how Western media and supporters of press freedoms can support Afghan journalism during this precarious transition to Taliban rule.
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    1. @Gus P. From what I understand, corruption is extremely rife in Afghanistan. I’ve heard that a lot of the money that was supposed to pay the soliders was actually pocketed by higher ups. We tried to teach them American democracy and only succeeded in teaching them American greed and bureaucracy.

  1. There is a whole generation alive today that never knew the oppressive backwardness of the Taliban, thanks to the American occupation.

    1. @B.M. Whindle wtf does that have to do with what I was saying? You were just praying for somewhere to insert this comment, weren’t you? Couldn’t find any place that made sense, and so stuck it here. Thanks. If you’re trying to imply that the US is the whole reason that the Taliban existed, then you’re even stupider than the Trumpist commenting above you.

    2. @LyingDogFace PonySoldier Do you not know about Trumps meeting with the leader of the Taliban (Abdul Ghani Baradar) or Pompeo’s? The Taliban moved so fast because Trump gave them assurances and paved the way. He destroyed any confidence the Afghani’s had in their government by that meeting with Abdul Ghani Baradar.

    3. True, but there’s also a generation being born with conditions caused by exposure to allied munitions & thousands of Afghans died in the crossfire. I agree about how this affects women & girls. Still- 9/11 mission was find Bin Laden & break up Al Qaeda. We succeeded, years ago. Sadly, our presence is a recruiting tool for the Taliban & mission creep made it a cash cow for defense contractors. Militaries aren’t designed for nation building. Something should be done, but not by a foreign military.

    4. @Pottering around. I know very little about afghanistan at a competent level. I assume you know a little more than me. Please explain youre points. I hear something like what you are putting forth but cnn will never really explain anything. They purveyors of opinions, paid to present a point.

    5. @Pottering around. Cmment sections with robust debate will free the world of the gatekeepers at fox and cnn. I understand that many players felt left out of a peace agreement.

    1. @LyingDogFace PonySoldier lol so exactly what DID Tramp mean when he said it was HIM that started the withdrawal and that biden couldn’t stop it although he wanted to ?????
      Waiting with baited breath.

    2. this is what most Muslim countries like, u got something wrong with 2 billion people around the world?

    3. Lol what are you going to do about it? Stay in afghanistan for another 20 years? Maybe then the Taliban will sieze Kabul in a week rather than a couple days.

  2. No woman will have a life under these religious maniacs.
    Like in a medieval witch trial, there is no way you can argue with people who believe in magical beings and places and who don’t accept reality.

  3. Look! He’s even trying to grow out his beard as fast as he can! Poor people. Imagine the fear and terror…

  4. Direct your anger at Pakistan and Russia young women they are one that guaranteed this would be the outcome. I know this is not solace but direct your anger and frustration at them

  5. Why are there 60000 us troops in Japan which is very rich and successful county and they had to take out 2000 troops from Afghanistan to cut back expenses. I don’t get any of this. Shouldn’t they pull out troops from Japan first which has no security threat to cut back cost.

  6. Taliban will be talking to the Murdoch’s about Fox News running this channel for them. The Taliban are no doubt impressed how they have been able to keep an entire sector of the American public brainwashed with endless lies.

  7. Taliban should not mandate hijabs
    Taliban should let women get educated
    Taliban should not force marry young girls

    1. So why is France mandating NOT hijabs? I bet you hadn’t heard that hijab ban since American media hardly reported.

  8. if the taliban doesn’t take revenge a lot of republicans are going to very disappointed and will lose a big talking point against biden

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