Afghanistan: Expert breaks down what's next as the Taliban enter Kabul 1

Afghanistan: Expert breaks down what’s next as the Taliban enter Kabul


Kamran Bokhari from the Newlines Institute for Strategy and Policy discusses the factors leading to the Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan.

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  1. So this same expert was predicting the Taliban would take over in 90 days, while it happened in less than 90 hours – do we just throw the title “expert” around while he’s been so incorrect? Why should we trust the opinions of these so called experts?

    1. It would have been 90 days if there was any actual fighting, the Afghan government just handed over each city

  2. Let me tell you what you have produced. Absolutely squat!
    And so this is how it looks when you say clutching at straws

  3. We couldn’t stay there forever.. they waited patiently and honestly it looks way more peaceful than I was expecting.. America has its on issues to worry about

  4. Unless the west keeps an army there then this was going to happen. Just look at the afghanistan army, when it was their time they ran away

    1. Just like Iraq with ISIL.
      Well equipped force & they stripped off their uniforms, abandoned their arms and ran for the hills.
      If they’re not willing to protect their country, let them deal with the consequences.

  5. Biden: Why our embassy staffs have still not evacuated from Kabul yet?
    CIA: Maybe they are watching the movie ‘Enemy at the gate’!

  6. I knew it would happen very rapidly, just like it has happened. Obvious to me 10 years ago when I saw vids of Afghan Army training.
    Paper army. I can take office workers and train them, would have more willpower to fight.

    1. Better to Love ! Unfortunately we need psychological alternatives to frustrated children…..Love with Action like Dancing, Massaging, Hygiene with Soap n Water…For Purpose and Pleasure if not….it is just Bla Bla Bla !

  7. The uncivilized want to remain uncivilized. The Afghan army was full of taliban what do you expect. Everybody wins except for the women they aren’t on board

    1. The west is extremely civilised. Look at your history for the last 150 years. 2 world wars (european tribal conflicts), invasion of vn, iraq and afghanistan which resulted in the death of millions.

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