Afghanistan Is Going 'Badly Faster Than I Thought,' Says Expert 1

Afghanistan Is Going ‘Badly Faster Than I Thought,’ Says Expert


As the U.S. military withdraws the last of its troops from Afghanistan, concern is growing in the region as the Taliban takes over portions of the country. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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    1. The Iraq invasion is just an excuse to save face in Afghanistan! Afghanistan is where empires go to die!

    1. @Tesla Drew How can he? He’s not president anymore. He had the date set and Biden pushed it back 4 months. You’d make sense if he was still president.

    1. @mike soroYou’re right – people are combining temporary price increases and real inflation like they’re the same thing. You cant add 30%+ to the currency base and expect nothing to happen. Commodities will go back down because of supply/demand, but we’ll never see 2019 prices again.

  1. wow the graveyard of empires is going badly, get our troops out it’s not worth any more blood and treasure

    1. @DivineDart lol…dollars are treasure dumb-bell.
      USA was their because “Persia” gave harbor to the world’s #1 Terror….
      Not for follars.

  2. Let Afghanistan go where they may. After Bin Alden was sent to his rewards, our job was done. If a problem comes up later, we come back a week or a month and leave. Let’s not wast more resource on nation building anymore. I’ve been to Vietnam, when will we learn?

    1. @Sunlight through a window No. 9/11 happened because wealthy Saudi Wahabbi fundamentalists were enraged that Western troops were on their holy land.

    2. It is creeps like you that prevent the US from making US protectorates out of countries like Afghanistan and Viet Nam.

    3. @Sunlight through a window Ironic how you say that considering the U.S. funded and propped up the Mujaheddin to fight the Soviets in the 80s. After they left that same group broke up into smaller factions which included Al Qaeda and Taliban. There was a news letter that called Bin Laden a “freedom fighter” no joke look it up. So if anything the U.S. is to blame for 9/11 happening. Yet the U.S. is still there, the Taliban still controls basically the same amount of land since they invaded and essentially no progress has been made in over 20 years for “peace.” It’s hard to “win the peace” when you’re invading someone else’s land. If 20 years isn’t enough then how much longer?

    4. You people actually believe America committed to Afghan because of bin Laden who was no more responsible for 9/11 than any of you were? Jeez.

    1. @Anthony Fabel nah, hunter just gets hundreds of thousands of dollars for softball interviews where he contradicts himself incessantly and sells “paintings” made by blowing powder through straws………so he can get more money for putting an entirely different kind of powder in straws and reverse the process.

    2. They are so heartless, that wouldn’t bother them one little bit. Send the politicians instead!

    3. Anyone else remember 15 years ago when George W. Bush was evil incarnate, and MSNBC kept reporting a daily body count of all the troops we lost there? And then they would play that clip from Cindy Sheehan, who lost her son to the “War on Terra” begging Bush to withdraw? And then the “reporters” would ask the audience how many more of our sons and daughters needed to die in Bush’s illegal war before he was happy? Because I remember all that.
      Now they’re all super pro-war. Yay consistency!

  3. I mean we have to leave at some point , I really don’t understand why ppl want us to stay there . Look, we did everything we could but if the ppl of Afghanistan want to just sit on their bottoms ( no offense to Afghans) and somehow just want the Europeans and Americans to come and do their fighting and protect them, they have another thing coming

  4. Afghanistan never wanted the United States to force our culture upon them. If you expected them to just drop everything they have been doing for millennia for McDonald’s, strip malls, and women’s rights all of you are delusional.

    1. @Prancer 180 History says Alexander the Great was squashed in that region therefor it was his final undoing

    2. For your arrogant ignorance, it was fine before 1979. That’s when Soveits invaded first and then NATO was there for 20 years

    3. @Sid Sid “arrogant ignorance”? That region has been waring for centuries, as much as you people want to erase world history you can’t hide all of it

  5. They just need another 20 years and $8 trillion: Afghanistan will be a flourishing democracy, they promise! Meanwhile, we can’t afford healthcare for you.

    1. @Deckie Deckie what’s Trump got to do with this? He isn’t a career politician. He did start a war with anyone and proposed we let our troops come home. He did offer to help South American countries, which would keep people from having to flee those countries.
      BTW, why isn’t the USA going into those countries getting rid of cartels and political parties that are dictatorships? Because our dictators (and that’s what they are because they won’t agree to term limits) get money, presents, drugs, etc from them.

    2. @Bobbie Robinson Screw South America. If people in those countries want to let cartels/dictators reign supreme, that’s their problem, not ours. We’ve done our fair share of fighting, time for them to do theirs.

  6. If we were there for 20 years and Afghanistan was still that unstable, there’s no way it would ever get any better.

    1. “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” Sippy Cup

    2. @mike mann they also love selling American made weaponry to these terrorist organizations that they then send our troops to fight.

    3. @Drew right because American funded only a quarter of the Taliban in the 80s defiantly carries over to now

    1. @Kaeben bro there’s a reason why they wanna chaos chaos in Afghanistan lol that place isn’t conquerable empires try but fail and still are check the history of that area you’ll be surprised what You find

    2. @Cheese that doesn’t belong to you If they weren’t inbred they could be civilized. Too bad they love their cousins so much.

    3. @Cheese that doesn’t belong to you it was used as a training simulator ground nothing more really for the last 15 years of the 20 years

    4. @STEEL SCRAP Kingdom more than 20 years even before Russia since Persian empire times

    5. @Kaeben I don’t think anyone with at least one functioning brain cell would ever consider Afghanistan part of our empire.

  7. Afghanistan defeated the British Empire and Soviet Union. As long as Taliban have safe haven in Pakistan, the US could never win. Now, Afghanistan which is on Russia’s border and shipped weapons to anti-Russian muslim separatists (terrorists). So now its Russia’s problem again.

  8. I lost too many friends there, unnecessarily so. No more stupid dirty wars.
    Anyone that makes these decisions should have skin and blood in ‘the game’.

  9. The “expert” can go to Afghanistan and fight the taliban on his own behalf. Leave our young men and women out of this.

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