Afghanistan President Ghani Flees The Country Amid Kabul Collapse to Taliban 1

Afghanistan President Ghani Flees The Country Amid Kabul Collapse to Taliban


NBC News has confirmed that the president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, has fled the country amid Kabul’s collapse to the Taliban. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Afghanistan President Ghani Flees The Country Amid Kabul Collapse to Taliban


    1. @i dont have time 2 reply sorry loser this mess was created by Republicans and you do know that Trump is making millions off the Chinese Government renting three floors of office space in Trump Towers to the Commercial and Industrial Bank of China not to mention the Trademarks his daughter got for her businesses.

    2. @I don’t have time, we had a President golfing for 4 years and freeing 5,000 Taliban prisoners. Sit down.

    3. majority of the afghan govt were part of the taliban and it has nothing do with the usa underestimating the taliban. You cant change people who dont what to change. 20 yrs of training and assistance. Afghan president runs away and usa is still to blame?

    1. @samuel rodriguez your man trump wanted this from last year. Don’t point fingers without the whole story.

    2. @samuel rodriguez FYI it was #43 George Bush and the Republicans who created this mess. Can’t blame anyone else for this one

    3. @Bryan Smithone would think they’d have plenty of incentive to fight for their own lives and freedom. Instead, they abandoned their uniforms and weapons, leaving their women and children to the enslavement of the Taliban. If the report that they were sent to fight without food and capable weaponry is true, the question begs to be asked: how did this happen after all the supposed training and equipping of the forces over the years by us? Where did the money go? We obviously propped up a facade government with no substance to it for 20 years, and educated their women enough to leave them to be killed and tortured because of that education. The exit itself is understandable: who wants to prop up forever that which is not real? The way we effected this withdrawal was shamefully ill-prepared and deserves the criticism it is receiving… and I am no fan of Trump. He sold out the Kurds to Erdogan for who knows what, but just calling it like I see it. This exit by the Biden administration is a disgrace. Didn’t the military have 20 years to prepare for this eventuality? The buck stops with Biden, though.

    1. Remember January 6th🙏🏻.Trump must be held accountable🤨👍🏻. I’d like to thank the subscribers😇😊🙏🏻. Soon we will be able to have live streams. There is strength in numbers🇺🇸😇🙏🏻👍🏻💪🏼

  1. What a joke! We should never have been there in the first place. My heart goes out to all the men’s and women’s who had been blindly leaded into thinking is for country and God.

    1. We had business being there after the 9/11 attacks. After that, it was under-resourced due to Iraq. Once we got Osama, we should have left. We stayed way too long.

    1. @Kevin Brown it doesn’t take much to radicalize any human. It’s been done for thousands of years. And it always involves religion.

  2. For 20 years, American trained Afghan army could not withstand the Taliban even for a day! Really?

    1. @The Homeless Travel Network Airways save it. The blame for this mess is on George Bush and the Republicans remember that’s who sent the troops over there in the first place

    1. Houses and family in Australia I heard. All driving Mercedes lol Don’t know for sure though. Sounds plausible. (Edit: He’s on his way to Doha, Qatar now.)

  3. Afghan President: The USA gave me enough to time to fill up my bank account while they thought they were helping the country be better… Now, I don’t need the country, I can live like a king wherever I want. Lesson: Don’t spend money on selfish idiots.

    1. Well said! Every time we invade a country and try to force American democracy on them, they fight it and resist. What most people are failing to realize is that the Taliban was fully in control of over 70% of Afghanistan, the whole time.

    2. @Russell Fine Arts
      Yeah I would fight against having American democracy imposed on my country. Because there is nothing democratic about it.

  4. If it was never clear to Americans that the vast majority of the actual citizens of the Country didn’t want us there…this is your wakeup call.

    1. Exactly, well said! While most Americans think it’s a travesty that the Taliban is coming back to power, the Afghan people love it and are welcoming them with open arms. We saw pretty much no resistance from the Afghan army, in fact, most of them immediately joined the Taliban and pledged allegiance to them. We need to stay out of other countries.

    2. It was the neocons. They had stars in their eyes. All most Americans wanted was Bin Laden’s death. Once we got that, mission was over as far as I was concerned.

  5. On one hand, you’re supposed to go down with the ship. On the other hand, this ship sank a long time ago.

  6. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink.
    Please, no more attempts at democratizing/liberalizing 3rd world countries.

    1. You are naive and clueless in believing great American lie. It is not to liberating another “third world country”. It’s about control and oil. But everything American meddles failed miserably. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghan … there is no real political will to help a nation

    1. I had my groups withdraw investments last week paper sucks price of food and travel Kabul is now 500 % in less than 2 days!! Biden might of knows so he decide to wait interesting he probably makings deals and profits human wrong president

  7. Rep. Speier,” The Army is no more” period. In fact it never was. A trillion dollars, American blood and body parts all very much appreciated by the Afghani government officials who have gone to be with their money.

    1. You all HATE one another here in America. The Left hates the right. The right hates the left. The whites hate the black. The white hates the Latinos. The whites hates anyone not white. The whites hate vaccines. Basically if you’re a white American, you live and die with hate in your heart. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    2. @B19 I’m a white American and that is not how I live my life or view the world. And I’m fully vaccinated. But keep generalizing.

    3. @lawrence chapman
      Oh, you mean the “gawd” who couldn’t defeat a bunch of hillbillies because they had chariots of iron? We talking about that “gawd”?
      Judges 1:19

  8. He fled like a coward instead of fighting for his country.Twenty year wasn’t longer enough for him,but for U.S us was.

    1. The Afghanis learned nothing from the US or Canada. We were both being used as nothing more than a crutch. That crutch is now gone.

  9. Probably wasn’t doing nothing but fating his pockets since the u.s was there. 20 years and he didn’t go after these people now look. US get out of there

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