Afghanistan Veteran: 'The Taliban Taking Over Was Absolutely Inevitable' 1

Afghanistan Veteran: ‘The Taliban Taking Over Was Absolutely Inevitable’


Lucas Kunce, an Afghanistan Marine veteran running for Senate in Missouri, joined Stephanie Ruhle to share how he feels about the latest in Afghanistan as the U.S. troop withdrawal deadline nears and evacuations continue. He slams officials calling for an extension of the Tuesday deadline. "The same people right now who are saying one more day, one more month, one more dollar are the same people who said that for 20 years … what that means is one more Marine," he says.

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Afghanistan Veteran: 'The Taliban Taking Over Was Absolutely Inevitable'


    1. @john smith you missed the point, we, have, half a million troops, in, Korea….. It’s a duty location. 2500 troops were in Afghanistan. Now we have a night mare….

    2. But…but, spending that money on the people instead of Corporations and the wealthy would be socialism. /s

  1. Well done; I very much appreciate Lucas Kunce for calling this mishagas out for what the you know what it is.

    1. He needs to speak that truth out to the ones who want us to stay there for another 20 years. We’re never going to get anywhere with the Afghans. They’re going to have their beliefs and not one bullet, jdam, rockets, artillery shell, hellfire missile, or unmanned drone is going to change that.

    2. @David Atkinson Finally, after reading comments on Afghanistan for years, people are getting it. Thank you so much for your comment, it hits the nail on the head.👍

    1. 1961 Dwight D. Eisenhower farewell address to the Nation. “Beware Of The Military Industrial

    2. Plus he’s hundred percent right the United States need built or rebuild our country and stop spending money in another country’$ and stop all the corruption. God bless our troops

  2. Trying to blame Biden is such a joke. Although he was part of the system that did this. Republicans were in charge when we went, but, Obama was in charge though 8 year of this, with Biden in tow. Then four years of Trump. Come on. America needs to stop invading countries, and killing innocent people.

    1. @Chris Gilliam Man Stuff In a polyanna world, maybe. But there occasions, and individuals that would reallly contradict that stance. I think the American troops for the most part are what you say, but, the people in charge, might have some ulterior motives.

  3. “US funded jobs program . . . grab and go [corruption].” Agreed – the marine veteran speaks the truth and he lived it – that’s what my view has been for years as an American civilian, so recent events are no surprise to me . . . and upgrade at MO Senate would work for the civilized mainstream!

  4. The ideology behind having a country is being able to defend it without others running to your rescue while you take a backseat.

    1. @Abraham Dozer Agreed. But the bulk US viewers & média only care about Americans, so that’s the conversation here..
      Example: Thursday’s attack made more than 170 Afghan victims + 13 US military victims.. but the US media & viewer barely mentionned the 170 Afghan death…

    2. @Laurent Saint-Laurent No, they are just the background to the story for them. Don’t expect to see a broader view, either. One way to sell military interventions around the World to a public mostly educated by Hollywood is to ignore the effect on the “others”. That requires too complex of an explanation when you want to convince the public to go after generic “bad guys” somewhere else on the globe.

    3. @Abraham Dozer for profit news outlets focusing on publishing incessantly and spending so little time in explaining the issue hasn’t helped either.. But yes, too many Americans are totally indiferent to the rest of the world..

    4. @Laurent Saint-Laurent That is a very old story in American history. The Spanish-American War was started by William Randolph Hearst and his newspaper chain to project his own personal opinions. Fox and the Murdoch family are the direct modern descendants of that kind of political activism. In both cases it sold their newspapers and viewership. The Hearst newspapers started a rumor that an explosion in an American warship tied up in a Spanish port was an act of war against America. (A century later it was proven beyond a doubt that the explosion was an accidental coal dust explosion in a fuel bunker and not anyone’s bomb.)

  5. The last video a fallen Maine in Afghanistan made stirred my emotions like a rollercoaster. He was standing his post at the airport talking to a little Afghan girl saying “We are friends, right friends” right before a suicide bomber killed him.

    1. I saw a photo of a female soldier, cradling an Afghan baby in her arms, as a mother would hold her own infant. She posted that pic, captioned with “I love my job!”
      Then she was killed. I was actually in a waiting room and saw that on tge TV. I openly wept!

  6. He’s a vetran with personal experience with the Taliban he knows that the propped up Afghan government had nothing once the US left and would cave immediately.

    1. i dont think u can generalize his personal experience with other veterans’ experiences, every experience is personal and individual.

    2. @L L Generally speaking I’d agree with you. Not in this case. This Marine had direct contact that not all of us had but I strongly suspect you’d have a hard time finding a veteran of that war who hadn’t come to the same conclusion by the end of their first week in country. I did. All of my buddies did.

    3. @J The Body a couple bases there and 3,000 men to keep the taliban and terrorists beaten down is cheaper and less suffering than what we got now, a big F’ing mess, not cheap either. fyi, we have bases all over world, scores of em

    4. @Ranger9700 100% agree. Point is we were there for 20 – can’t turn back the clock so let’s try make it work. No US forces had died there since 2018 the way things were. Now watch China and Russia roll in and reap the rewards.

  7. FINALLY a veteran gets on here and tells the unadulterated truth. It’s always been about corruption and money

    1. @Derrick Brossard you’re wrong again. The intelligence community determined it had only “low to moderate confidence” in the authenticity of the claims. So I’m not certain, as I only rely on facts. That said, whether or not I believe in the claims or how much Intelligence was able to authenticate is irrelevant to your orig comment. You’re just deflecting b/c you misquoted & misrepresented Biden.

    2. @Blue Calla So, you trust the intelligence community. Did you miss the lies about Iraq and Afghanistan by the intelligence community. Are you going to believe for the next war.

    3. @Derrick Brossard again, you’re deflecting… even further from your orig errors. And again, you’re wrong. I never said I trusted them; I said I couldn’t formulate an opinion as I only rely on facts. Try it sometime; you won’t have to rely on deflections.

    4. @David Eby I’m curious as to who do you blame for the (2 ) thousand plus servicemen that lost their lives before this?!

    5. @Derrick Brossard now back to your initial errors… Let’s see your proof that Biden called Trump “Putin’s Puppet” re: Trump claiming he wants to withdraw from Afghanistan; and proof showing Biden was against Trump’s claims to want to withdraw from Afghanistan.

  8. It’s so happy to see how much love and care people show to our Americans stuck, stranded in Afghanistan, after watching hostile, angry protests and riots recently in our country.

  9. Wow. We need to hear this story again and again. This has to be repeated on the Sunday talk shows and political blogs. We need a 60 Minutes style report. Eventually, we need a full documentary. The military-industrial complex is simply too entrenched and completely out of control. What country will be the next Afghanistan?

    1. Except, that any money that goes to the people instead of Corporations and the wealthy, will be loudly labeled “communism” and scraped.

  10. Good report, clear and precise. Harsh truth and suffering for Afghans, but this is the beginning of the end for the US to act as police. Pullout now was necessary.

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