AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka Has Died At 72 1

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka Has Died At 72


Longtime AFL-CIO Union President Richard Trumka has died at the age of 72. He was a close friend of President Biden and advocate for the labor movement in politics.
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    1. Get use to it… They all took an experimental shot not even FDA approved.☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

    2. Blue: I understand completely. Soon to be 70. My mother died at 57 and my father at 72. One does begin to wonder about oneself, doesn’t one? Get regular checkups and take care of yourself. You never know. You could make it to 95.

    3. @Lee So are you, Lee. People do die in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, etc. Don’t count your chickens…

    1. @rick zepeda
      So you’re a strikebreaking scab? Yup typical GQP member. Only out for yourself and screw everybody else right?

    2. @rick zepeda let me tell you in all respect, you know nothing about the American ways. America was once a nation that others wanted to be like. In the 1940s and 50s working people made a living wage, they were able to afford a little house, they had company healthcare and vacation time with family each year. Don’t you dare put down my Democratic party because Americans had these things thanks to labour unions backed by the Democratic party. republiQans destroyed much of workers benefits as they are now trying to demonise the Democratic party. You do nothing to keep America the great nation it is by putting down Democrats.

    3. @Powerage Scott democraps are destroying this country. Your the one that doesn’t know anything about this great country. You can sit there and write all you want about how that disgusting party is good but I open my eyes and see how truly vile and disgusting they really are.

    4. @oltedders Cesar Chavez was a devout Republican and Veteran.

  1. I remember him telling Obama that if he didn’t give his union a exemption from Obama care he would tell his union to vote republican. That’s how much influence unions have in politics. Corruption at it’s finest.

    1. Well, we’re all going to die one day or the other.
      Thus, meaning no one is any better than the other in the end.

    1. Well,if that’s true,WTF happened when the bums in charge actually permitted the Mango Mussolini to throw his hair in the ring….?????…….to me; THERE R NO ACTUAL PARTIES ANY LONGER! 🤯

  2. The union and the workers will continue the fight against the wealthy bandits and their purchased votes in the house and Senate.

    1. @Lost Fan HORSEFLOP! Tell that line to Eddie York’s widow. That story was told to me by a friend of Dad’s years after he had passed away. Unions are trouble. I made well above union wages for years WITHOUT union harassment. I was more than able to negotiate my own benefits package. You are entitled to your opinion, but it’s just an opinion. My views on unions come from dealing with the dark side of unions.

    2. No, sweetie, the Unions are the ones buying votes… to hear which presidential candidate they contributed to?

    3. @Lost Fan I was also in a union, AFTA. Opted out after seeing how corrupt it is and how corrupt the politicians they pay for,are. Wanna know the real reason “working class” families can’t have school choice? Ask your local AFTA member and the DNC. There’s no lofty ideal….it’s all self-preservation and donating to the political candidate who will vote the way you tell them. Not an anecdote, it’s entirely true and I know you know your union is about political grift, too.

    1. Sometimes it’s better for you to remain quiet and be thought a fool than it is to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Now go get vaccinated, and then stand in the corner while the adults talk amongst themselves.
      OK Boomer?!

    2. @Stefan Schleps if you’re lucky or tough enough to live long enough hope you don’t believe in karma. They’ll be slapping you around in the rest home. LoL

  3. Why does YouTube take down comments directed at those UNION BUSTERS? I feel we have a right to answer their attacks against those that fight for fair treatment of workers.

  4. Unions can be great for the workers … but they have to cut out all the corruption at the top. Have yet to see the bosses at the top go starving and unable to pay their mortgage or rent or car payments especially during a strike. Plus the money lost during a strike is never paid back to the workers. But the unions sure like to collect their monthly dues.

  5. I wonder how much money he stole from the union when they went to Vegas conventions. The gambling, women. I’m sure he used our union dues to pay for all that. Much like the leadership of BOTH parties.

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