1. If the current commissioner doesn’t understand the issues then she should be replaced by somebody who does.

  2. This is a complex problem and we have the money to fix this . We give billions away outside of Canada but to fix problems at home no money . Trudeau must start to run this country instead of doing a toned down display of his India trip . The playboy days have ended Mr Trudeau it’s time to fix Canada not the whole world . Help Canadians first !🌚🌚

    1. Well said. Totally agree. Example Donation: to rebuild Notre-Dame in Paris. France and the Catholic church can’t afford it?

  3. Manter a polícia forte e leal aos princípios de ordem, disciplina e respeito às leis não discrimina ninguém! Admiro o Canadá justamente pelas suas instituições. No meu país (Brasil) há tantas falhas no sistema legal e corrupção na polícia que está praticamente impossível viver aqui. Temos problemas com a chamada “discriminação racial”, mas também temos os dados estatísticos que mostram certos grupos, que alegam serem perseguições pelo sistema, majoritariamente envolvidos com a criminalidade.

  4. The chief was yelling and swearing at the police for simply pulling up behind his vehicle in the parking lot. He went to far as to challenge them by taunting them saying, “you and I are going to have a problem, right now”. He was being aggressive and was threatening, there was absolutely nothing racist about it except for maybe the chief.

  5. Police in Canada should tell Justin and his minions to go to hell and go on strike all across Canada. Let Justin deal with the fallout. Justin is vilifying the police to prop up his image.

  6. Hey Bellegarde…did you watch the FULL VIDEO of your drunken chief acting aggressively towards the RCMP? Where the PHUQ has the HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS gone that have been given to Indigenous Services?

  7. Racism doesn’t only happen here in Canada, it happens around the world. Same as Police Brutality. Both are unacceptable.

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