AFN's national chief highlights infrastructure gap in meeting with prime minister 1

AFN’s national chief highlights infrastructure gap in meeting with prime minister


National Chief of Assembly of First Nations' Perry Bellegarde says he wants Ottawa to accelerate closing the infrastructure gap.

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  1. Demagogue.
    Why don’t you tell the truth about how the majority of the reason why indigenous women go missing is because of indigenous men!

    Or what about the corruption within a lot of the reserves. Funds for all the things you are calling for, have been stolen by the corruption of higher ups.

    You make the rest of the indigenous look bad, when you Demagogue for issues that are caused to begin with in these areas to begin with.

    1. @Donnie Thomas Stats Canada Bud.

      And as for the rest you can go live on a reserve if you want
      Not all of them are corrupt, but the chances of you finding one that is, isn’t that hard either.

      Look it up yourself, I’m not your momma. I’m not here to do your own research for you, or what to tell you how to think.

    2. Random guy
      How do you know Aboriginal women go missing because of Aboriginal men? You have NO proof, but you’ll spew your disinformation. Grow up!

    3. Dow E-mini statistically speaking most murder victims know their attackers. Typically abductions are the done by relatives. It’s not as though these mmiwag are all committed by Marauding psychopaths. Grow up

  2. All Canadians do have access to health care and everything, it’s not our fault you choose to live in the remote north.

  3. Take take take, want want want, maybe some taxes should be paid for some of these services, you use the roads the health care system, the education system, everything that the rest of Canada pays for. Murdered indigenous women, really its already a known thing that the majority are killed by indigenous men but when RCMP investigate they are powerless, retrain RCMP to be more sensitive, how about QUIT BREACKING THE LAW.

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