Africa 'must stop believing' world will help: Kenya's health minister 1

Africa ‘must stop believing’ world will help: Kenya’s health minister


CNN's Larry Madowo speaks with Kenyan health minister Mutahi Kagwe as the East African nation is now just days away from running out of Covid-19 vaccines, with only about 100,000 AstraZeneca doses left. Less than 2% of Kenya's population of more than 52 million have had their first shot, according to Our World in Data.

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  1. I agree with the Kenyan health minister. Despite the increasing connectedness of the world, most still operate as if they’re on an island of their own. Philanthropy, charity, or the kindness of those in power should be viewed as lottery, sometimes you get lucky, but oftentimes you don’t. Not something you can count on.
    Ultimately it’s up to each country to manage on their own. A sad reality, but better to face it than be constantly disappointed.

    1. I’m Kenyan and I agree 100%with him. Most 3rd world countries and people always wait for a saviour to come and rescue them. I’m based in the UK fully Vaccinated but i feel for my people.

    2. @1NewMe I was brought here when i was 3 months old… I’m 40 now. I do my part for my people. Not easy though, whichever way you look at it.

    3. @scovya porsha Fair enough. At three not your doing, and frankly don’t blame your parents either.

  2. If Africa wanted to, as a continent with all of those natural resources, they could become a major player but it’s too much corruption, debt, infighting and foreign influence

    1. Africa’s been suffering from the first Europeans discovered the continent, and still is taking the raw materials that they(The Africans) need to survive. Wars are created and instigated by the European countries that still to this day oppress them.

    2. First it was the Europeans, then the Americans and now the Chinese. All come and go, take what they please and leave Africa in its ruinous state. If there is political will, and not so much corruption, maybe things can be better for the citizens of Africa.

    3. @The Patriot except Africa was doing all that to itself as humans spread around the rest of the world. Quit blaming others

  3. I ageee with the Kenyan minister. World has been helping the African nation as long as I’ve been on this earth. So many brilliant people from Aftica study abroad and should help erect its country’s infrastructures. To raise its nation like other 3rd world that has risen up. It is time for African people to help itself…

    1. Stealing from AFRICA or Helping AFRICA??
      I wish Africa could cut the western world off. Then, let’s see how they survive without Africa. The so called ” help” is giving back crumbs from all the natural resources exploited!!!

    2. @Gina N TRUE. The same Color Revolutions run in Africa to steal resources are now being run on America. And Gates is doing his part.

  4. i believe that Africa we can do alot on ourselves since we have all the knowledge and resources but the problem is we don’t believe in ourselves

  5. Big facts because countries only want to come there to use whatever resource they can get and give a little money and support as they can give

  6. Maybe if the African governments weren’t so corrupt, they would be able to help their citizens.

  7. We don’t need their help, we just need them to leave us alone and to stop stealing our resources.

    1. @ENDAL FIL See. If I truly was, then you would tell the truth, and prove it. As it stands now, you’re an infant, and I couldn’t care less what you have. Your words are empty, and mean nothing to decent people. The British, French, Belgians, Portuguese, Spanish, and Americans all built housing, roads, and modern infrastructure in Africa, too. Ever hear of railroads?

    2. @ENDAL FIL The Addis Ababa-Djibouti Railway ended up costing Ethiopia nearly a quarter of it’s total 2016 budget, Nigeria had to renegotiate a deal with their Chinese contractor due to their failure to pay, and Kenya’s 80% Chinese-financed railway from Mombasa to Nairobi has already gone four times over budget, costing the country upwards of 6% of it’s GDP.
      Mostly they just want oil, and rare metals for electronics manufacturing.

  8. The money they tax on tobacco can certain ministry of health and Corona virus budget without handouts

  9. Om सच्चिदानंद परब्रह्म पुरुषोत्तम परमात्मा
    Raise a Voice against Unjustice why indian Flag have 24 Sticks inside in Flag.?!

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