After Afghanistan, Biden Faces Slew Of New Problems 1

After Afghanistan, Biden Faces Slew Of New Problems


Trying to move on from the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Biden administration faces a slew of issues including the push for voting rights, climate change, continued concerns for national security following the Capitol insurrection, and more. We discuss with Yamiche Alcindor and Frank Figliuzzi.
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    1. Notice, they didn’t mention the leaked calls between Biden and Afghanistan leaders where Biden was told the country is falling. Notice they failed to mention the things the Ukrainian leader said about Biden.. no mention of the “demilitarized” equipment that is part of the Taliban army now? and how about that cut up job from the FOX news report? 🤣😂
      It’s unreal what network news has become💩

    1. @Desmond Jefferson so you agree that biden is in bed with China and Mexico, but your head is still up Trumps rear end and you still can’t see clearly? Cool.

  1. The classic way of fixing the debt problem is by inflation, which seems to have been adopted by the Biden administration under the name of “inclusive development”. In reality, the poor are suffering badly right now while the rich, who have stocks and real estate, are impacted far less. The real winners are the corporations that borrowed money to buy back stocks, now that their debts are diluted.

    Bravo! What a scam.

  2. I just found out about the Heartland theory, so in that perspective, the US withdrawel from Afghanistan is a positive move. Perhaps the extremities of the Rimland will recive more focus? On top of that, the US civil society needs an upgrade in quality of life. Civil Rights Movements, please go on the attack.

  3. If you noticed, that fence company hired didn’t seem to plan on keeping them out now did they ? .
    Who are you trying to fool.

  4. The majority of Americans (52%) want Biden to immediately resign. Source: Rasmussen Poll.Sept 1, 2021
    No matter though, the msm will find a way to “spin” it.

  5. After many diasporas since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan 1979 up to 2019, there were 2,727,556 Afghanis Refugees under UNHCR’s mandate and 255,244 Asylum-seekers. None of them went back to their Heritage Lands. The last stronghold of resistance to Taliban – Panjshir Valley. Why are all Afghanis living at west only protesting? None of them are going to join the resistance. Perhaps outside Afghanistan there are no more lions like at Panjshir and the other groups of resistance.

  6. Biden is embarrassing at best. Now they have a phone call between Biden and Guana with Biden asking him to lie. Nixon and McNamara tried the same thing. Sleepy Joe’s days are numbered.

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