After calling for strict travel restrictions, Tories now want quarantine hotels suspended


    1. This is all about SCAPGOATING travellers ,for governement failure .Those confinement “hotels” will become soon clusters ofCovid-19″ outbrakes . That was allready happened in Australia before causing more death and Public Hearing…..

    2. No a hotel you overpaid for is not meant to be unpleasant, it’s the government who’s incompetent.

  1. Don’t use my safety as an excuse for violating rights of others. I’m an adult I can take care of my own health thanks.

  2. The RCMP are investigating the sexual assault allegations huh ? This is the very same RCMP organization where misogyny and sexual assaults are rampant and not taken seriously so how can they possibly be competent in investigating the alleged sexual assaults of these poor women ?!!

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