After Chauvin Verdict, VP Harris Calls On Congress To Pass The George Floyd Justice In Policing Act 1

After Chauvin Verdict, VP Harris Calls On Congress To Pass The George Floyd Justice In Policing Act


On the Chauvin guilty verdict, Vice President Kamala Harris says “A measure of justice isn’t the same as equal justice … we still must reform the system.” Harris calls on Congress to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. Aired on 04/20/2021.
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After Chauvin Verdict, VP Harris Calls On Congress To Pass The George Floyd Justice In Policing Act


  1. Smart phones have also shown the rest of the world that “The Greatest Nation in the World” isn’t. This verdict and this bill could be the path to real greatness.

    1. @Hugh Manetty I agree that derik should get unintentional manslaughter and excessive force charges since he couldve handled the situation better to prevent floyds panic attack and drug induced organ failure

    2. @Jesus the Hero of Mankind I spoke with Jesus shortly after the verdict, and Jesus agrees with the verdict and disagrees with you who takes his name in vain.

    3. @Hugh Manetty Jesus believes in justice NOT revenge that is backed by corporations and virtue signaling politicians. Derik is no murderer and floyd isnt someone you should martyr, wouldnt your dad prefer you to martyr a good man like david dorne instead? He was murdered by an animal who belonged in a cage

    1. @Jesus the Hero of Mankind shut the f*** up! You stupid, racist right-wingers are so ridiculous and then you hide behind Jesus to try to make yourself look righteous! People like you make Him sick!

    2. @Jane Doe can you explain how my comment was racist? If not then shut your mouth woman because admitting the truth of the trials corruption isnt racist! Come back to earth and stop letting corporate media and politicians emotionally manupulate you

    1. @The Epstein Diaries

      Tell that to the many psychopaths, serial murderers, serial rapists, & child offenders out there & then tell their victims you know best.

      You sound more Trumpian than the loony resident of Florida !

    2. @Daniel Pickrell

      Daniel I really think it’s time for you to crawl back under which ever rock from whence you emerged or whatever cesspit that overflowed!

    3. @The Epstein Diaries That may be, but it is the best way we have to measure a person in relation to society values and expectations.

  2. Yes please!
    This can only benefit…. every American!
    Positivity, equality, justice, and peace for all!

    1. @Jose Pena thanks for being honest and I agree with you 110%. I just thought I would ask and see what answers I got. And I got a lot of good responses. Other posts I haven’t gotten what you would call a polite response. So thanks

    2. @Kimberly Hooks I would agree to a point. Not all people shot by officers are non Caucasian, but you never see on the news when a non Caucasian officer shoots another non Caucasian. Why is that? Although I do agree there have been some/along of encounters where the police were way wrong and didn’t get any punishment. But people also need to stop acting like they do (all people) that sometimes gets them in trouble.

    3. @Oakley Moodie it’s not a strange question at all. I wanted there opinion and they responded very civil. Unlike you.

  3. Our Work has just begun. Indeed. I voted for Howie Hawkins and I’ve reluctantly started to believe in The Biden administration.

  4. I hope that policing reform continues, relationships between law enforcement and communities are mended, and America continues to grow into the country we all believe it to be.

  5. Follow his Legacy in DEED, not only in word. “For you have not withheld until blood yet striving against Sin”.

  6. I was expecting the dislikes to be much higher as they are on many of the other clips I’ve seen regarding this man’s death since last year. Let’s see all of you now try to tell us it didn’t happen the way the whole world saw it happen!

    1. @Christopher Blondell wait I get it now… I wake up every morning and yell ,” yah….. I’m white!!!!!!!” “

    2. @NORTHBROOK1978 This isn’t about “torches outside”. This is about what happened on that day, and what was shown in court. This is the point of my original comment, which you have clearly demonstrated in this comment thread.

  7. If we are going to be this lighthouse on the hill. Liberty and justice for all must become a reality..

    1. The issue is not everybody in this country perceives reality the same. Proof, when white people are crying chauvin isnt guilty.

    1. @rapunzel eh? you can put the crotch grabber and creepy joe in the same cell for all I care. How did Trump have the foresight to sign an executive order, modernizing the development of vaccines and national security measures in the event of a pandemic, September 2019, 3 months before the pandemic? Was he in on the plandemic, or should we give him credit for his preemptive action?

  8. I truly appreciate to see empathy compassion and Inspirations and goals and plans supplied by the leadership of this new government. My hope is being restored…

  9. Lord, thank you! For the Spiritual Fence, you put around all your believers. Thx, for the Green Pastures around us; for these difficult time’s. We can wait on you with peace in our heart’s. Lord, thx for never forsaking your children’s. Thx, for the Holy Spirit you stamped on our heart’s.

    1. You do realize the trial had witness intimidation right? Stop using religion to justify your corporate backed misguided agenda

  10. I’m a biracial Paramedic and RN from the Mnneapolis, MN area….I was working when the verdict was announced. I WILL actually get better sleep tonight. I have cried harder in the last 2 hours than I ever have in my entire life….some of those happy tears. Please be well all… smart, ask questions, stand up….WE are ALL in this TOGETHER! 🙂


  11. I hope this speech which has a force of words ,goes with a force of action in the system. The time is always right , to do what’s right

  12. That statement was very moving to me. It’s like there IS a long road ahead, but we finally just got boots on the ground.

  13. A Historical day for America Justice and equity for all. Bravo. A long way to go. But a big step for Black Lives. Peace and Unity.

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