After Crushing Trump, Biden Channels His ‘Inner-Bernie’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Biden has begun his presidency on a more liberal footing than the last two Democratic presidents, which makes this the most progressive start to any presidency in the past 40 years. MSNBC’s Ari Melber discusses Biden’s evolution as a politician and is joined by Chai Komanduri to debate if Biden is revealing his own values now that he has power, or if he’s just channeling Sanders. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 04/06/2021.
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After Crushing Trump, Biden Channels His 'Inner-Bernie' | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. It’s a beautiful thing when people grow more liberal as they age…it comes from life experience and wisdom.

    1. @bLoWc16 So you’re disgruntled, from the Left? You fault Sandy Frank for not getting Liberal right & Squidward Rick for his dissent. What is it you’re saying?

    2. @JP51ism huh? You’re not making sense, how you conclude that from Bernie is fake? 😂 if you actually read, you can see how fake Bernie is.

    3. @bLoWc16 “Huh?” yourself. You are throwing ‘it’ back ~ not having said anything TO make sense of. So far I’ve read nothing re: YOUR stance. You’re just being defiant with cheap shots , but not putting anything on the table of your own, really being intellectually immature, dishonest even. “Stand & deliver” or sit down.

  2. Keep on going, Joe. Remember how you felt the day before the SC primary and use it to guide your sense of direction.

    1. Yup, Bernie – the best president, america never had.
      Aoc – will be the best american president of the future..

    2. One of the very few politicians I like.
      He’s very smart, honest and he works for the people.
      Most politicans, sadly, are just in it for themselves. Even most of those who don’t appear to be on the face of it.

    1. The Big picture is huge Inflation followed by a Greater than the Great Depression of 1929-1939 and great is a very misleading misnomer b/c it was Horrible. It is already happening and the picture is gloom & doom unless the ignorant get educated on real news and soon!

    2. @P C
      It was the crashing of the stock market followed by investors pulling back and not investing that caused the Great Depression, and back then government didn’t bail them out like we did in 2007.
      That’s not to say there won’t be some inflation. That always happens no matter which party is in office.
      If you are worried, and if you want, you can always keep your money out of banks and buy some crypto currency.

    3. gas prices have increased a whole dollar in the last 60 days, that means groceries, shipping, utilities go up, what is good about that? we have 175,000 illegal immigrant kids laying on concreyte floors because Biden said come on in, although he denies, what is good about that? He hasn’t done one thing that helps Americans, just illegals and China, wake up …please!!

    4. @odell daniel
      Gas prices always go up in the Spring. Hopefully the border will get under better control.
      The USA is being invested in, that’s a good thing, and will create jobs (more than before and including those jobs lost). The Great Depression happened because of no investing in the USA so no work was available.
      Have a little faith.

    1. I think Biden has been waiting for the country to catch up and Bernie was instrumental in bringing the country up to speed.

  3. He changed his position as he has matured and as the situation has changed. This is a positive not a negative. : )

    1. @Mickey Wood It is very obvious that in your Country an education level is determined by whether you have the money or influence, or whether you play Baseball/Football/ Basketball. It helps if your Father is a Politician ( Hunter Biden attended Yale) as a Crack Addict, or a Parent from Hollywood just look at the recent Scandals there. You have kids graduating from High School, that can’t properly speak your language or count to ten but make more money in Sports than Educators or hard working Citizens. So don’t tell us about your education level, for within another 20 years there will no longer be a United States….it will be a Nation without Borders, Values and Morals!

    2. @Heinz Ruedi In your country, WHATEVER country that might be? Will never know the pressures of being a WORLD LEADER when it comes to the Democratic Process in the 20 Century. Americans, were, at one time the World Leaders third world nations pinned their hopes and dreams on. This is because that’s what the Democratic Process promotes.

    3. @Mickey Wood Your Democratic Process promotes Homelessness of unheard dimensions, of Drug Abuse and Crime like nowhere else…and citizens relying on Food vouchers to survive! Mostly in Democratic Party controlled Enclaves. China will eat your Lunch…..

  4. Biden’s evolution shows that intelligent people are open to new information and change their goals based n those facts.

    1. @Nancy Ross 360,000 Union soldiers (white guys)died fighting to free the slaves, the democrat party is the KKK, fought to keep their slaves, look up your history.

    2. Oh gee – the troll farms are really panicking. Biden’s soaring approval ratings are bothering somebody orange. 😄😄😄

  5. Biden 2.1… is just an example of how everyone who has self awareness continues to learn, evolve, do better. When you know better, you do better. I for one am grateful that if our country is being run by a elderly white man, at least he’s intelligent enough to remain a student.

    1. @Gleebee Bee biden had been a politician for 47 years leeching off taxpayer’s money and doing nothing productive.
      His fraudulent presidency is less than 3 months old and he has already destroyed the future of this country.

    2. @AngeResists how is that an excellent point?
      I’m convinced that you tube pays people to post positive,pro biden comnents

    1. I think we’ll see some real, positive change by the end of this decade. It’s all about baby steps with this stuff. But it’s happening.

    2. @Tessmage Tessera people are finally becoming aware we’ve been giving massive welfare to the corporations and mega wealthy

    3. @Ron Cantrell I think so, too. But you know how people are… it takes them a long time to shift their philosophy from one side to another. America’s future is certainly going to be a progressive future, but it won’t happen overnight.

    1. @Green-eyed Girl your comment is just a mish mash of jumbled thoughts and left-wing talking points. Somebody with a compelling level of knowledge wouldn’t find the need to fit in so many digressive subjects into a response

    2. @carlitoisloco Look crazy, little Carl, I am very well educated about the subject we are discussing. From your reply, you can’t understand my comment. Every Republican since Nixon have been terrible Presidents. Our Country does much better under Democrats. The last three Democratic Presidents have had to clean up republican messes. Just think where our Country would be if we didn’t have reinvent the wheel after every republican president!

    3. @carlitoisloco Her subjects are valid and by no means digressive. You didn’t even bring a valid argument to combat. Instead you did what most illiterates do and try to make a compelling argument with left wing extremists suggestions and bs.. When did your ego become so inflated? Why do you feel the need to even comment when you’re making no difference? Be a sensible man. 😒 If you’re educated, act as if you are educated.

    4. Even Trump told Wolf Blitzer in 2004: “I’ve been around for a long time and it just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans.” Since 1980: metrics like GDP, job creation, business investment and avoiding recessions, the economy does a lot better with Democrats in the White House than with Republicans. Nine of the last 10 recessions have been under Republicans.

  6. it’s unbelievable that two persons together adding up to be almost 200 years of aage= the right speed of moving. Who’s cares who’s channeling who…whats matters most are outcomes and achievable goals.

  7. In politics some people have power, some people have influence. Bernie has influenced public policy for the better.

  8. He sounds like he might embrace actual enforcement of the minimum wage act and social security act.

    1. Hope so for America’s every where it’s about time wage hike yes for sure eh🇨🇦😷💰👍🏻

  9. Man I’m glad I voted for him. He actually gets things done… without the Don Diaperleone type stoogerism.

    1. He is going to ruin The United States of America. All he is doing is reversing everything Trump did.

  10. It was a very different world in the early 1990’s. We can all see how badly those GOP policies have harmed our nation and its people since that time.

  11. Biden is sending a message to the Republicans: If you don’t want to contribute to a bi-partisan effort then we will work it out ourselves. The result is a more progressive program. With the latest Senate parliamentarian decision he has got the upper hand.

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