After Defeating Trump, Dems Go Big Because They Can | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

After winning a battle for a massive coronavirus relief bill, President Biden and Democrats in Congress are eyeing more spending by taxing the ultra-wealthy and possibly ending Sen. Mitch McConnell's key tool for obstruction. Famed Democratic strategist James Carville explains why this is the moment for such big thinking — and he rebuts critics and pundits who "rewrite" the history of the Clinton era when he argues a different strategy was needed, in this interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 03/17/2021.
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After Defeating Trump, Dems Go Big Because They Can | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. All the years I worked and raised my kids how come I couldn’t get out of paying taxes? I never got close to $40,000 let alone =$400000. It’s not like the super do h will miss it.

    1. @New Bil it is important to review without bias, New Bil. I think intellectual honesty is missing in many scenarios. In Ohio, maybe we have too many lawyers tellling us we are victims and not enough engineers to show us the benefits and beauty of design. But that is my bias, we need to have a more rigorous math curriculum.

    2. @Rodney Short I’m fair open minded peaceful outgoing friendly .I was raised with a..whoopings for not being polite and respectful. i had best friend racist as heck but not
      towards me and not violent towards others .I guess they thought that’s what they were supposed to be like. Where I lived it was hella gob but I never really had a problem cause
      they respected me and I did the same .some were just

      following the leader .they were crank meth heads but I & never judged always did people right .always

    1. I mean, not really. He is doing such a weird take on it. He completely ignores that his policies helped create the situation. It was a different time, not a separate time, but part of the beginning of the era we are in.

    2. I’m not sure that I agree. Both the actions conducted by Clinton and Obama might have been the biggest of their time in the US but if they were as significant as needed, we wouldn’t see the severe economic inequalities that we see today. They also look very small in comparison to the policies in Europe/Canada.

    3. @Cody Kelderman The Koch Bro’s libertarian think tanks informed the Reagan era (i.e. small gov, tickle-down economics, low taxes for the rich), not to mention the Republicans who espoused anti-New Deal, pro-war, and anti-social justice views all contributed to where we are now economically and socially. That was the beginning, before Clinton and Obama.

    1. I was watching at work and laughed out loud for real when Jim said that. The visual of Mitch McConnell exploding himself in front of us was also quite hilarious.

    2. 💀Putins mafia💀 give Trump 400 000 000$ crose Deutshe Bank!!!
      Russia general come one day in Mayanmar country to make deal about help military goverment…
      Stop Russia world terror: Help military goverments (Sirya, Libia) and terrarist group (Taliban), blow up ✈plaens✈ (Polish president), poison people (England) and wars Libia, Sirya, Ukraine, Gergia…

    1. @Robert Nolan
      That was noted on January 6.

      Watch more Hannity.
      He graduated high school.
      Nothing else, though.

  2. James Carville is always interesting and on point. “Go ahead and blow yourselves up!” I agree with you. McConnell wants to not work while threatening to not work. Go ahead. Mitch knows he will not run again in 6 years at 85 years old. Okay, “when Republicans are back in the saddle” pass unpopular career ending policy and lose at the voting booth.

    1. Thankfully, Elaine Chow has that covered, (until she gets whisked off to prison)! There’s no accounting for taste!

    2. @Jayanna Kelley State and Federal taxes are two different things. States are not handing out their tax revenue to other states.

      Tax bracket percentages are the same for all Americans, try not confusing state with federal taxes.

    1. Just create your own history and make it better for your fellow man. Why are people against that .just unbelievable

    2. Why does that have any relevance to you being able to learn from it? You’re starting to realise it’s mostly made up to profit from you, for one. Next up you’ll be questioning you pay tips and buy bottled water. Americans are my favourites to milk.

  3. Biden has out-smarted McConnell before…Maybe he will plan a sneak attack and put a match in the lizard’s shoe, so when he scorched the earth…

    1. All he has do is write the bills so he can’t screw over the Democrats without screwing over his campaign donors

    1. @Mott Hoople My fathers father passed 70 years ago. With age comes wisdom, and it would appear that your replies suggest that your 15 years old and I am being generous, or your Dorian Gray. Go back to your Forte Night Game.

    2. @Jerald Clements. . .I’m in my early 60’s and educated, you’re a smart-mouthed punk. I never cared for books about aristocracy and I have never heard of a game called Forte Night, I’m more of a Monopoly guy.

    1. @g0679 I like that quote! I think evil people, AKA Republicans in this case, have gotten by with abusing people because they are kind or try to do the right thing. Let’s all stand up and follow your quote! Root out these evil people!

  4. I never tire listening to that guy. He says exactly what he is thinking. So Mucky Mitch, as Carvill says “go ahead and blow yourself up.”

    1. Only the tyrannical Democrats see the time-honored Senate filibuster as an obstruction. It forces the majority party to negotiate with the minority party to obtain 60 votes rather than passing legislation with a simple majority or, I don’t know, PACKING THE SUPREME COURT and ruining the judicial branch and the checks and balances of our federal government along with it.

      On top of that, the DEMOCRATS engaged in historical levels of obstruction during the Trump administration. 112 cloture votes. Federal judges issuing restraining orders. Sanctuary cities. Warning people when ICE was coming. Bogus Mueller investigation based on a total lie. Made a mockery of impeachment while using it to obstruct Trump with not one but two b.s. attempts.

    2. Yup, the Republicans have already screwed up the last four years buy allowing the obstructionist snapping turtle Mitch free reign. Continuing down the dead end path of blocking ANYTHING that starts on the Democrat side is just stupid. Stupid doesn’t win seats in congress.

    3. @Steven Mccullough but that what the gop runs on “you have the right to be a moron” lol auto suggest on the phone you know were i was going gj. So with that said unfortunately it does win seats

  5. What a mean-spirited individual!! McConnell needs to go home to Kentucky and get out of Washington – DESPICABLE

  6. Mitch will come around…. he hated Rock n Roll and talking pictures and the printing press when they were first new… even the wheel was a bit avant-garde for his tastes back then.

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