1. Congrats to Social Media. We shouldn’t make it easy for Terrorist to spread their garbage and hate all over the world.

    1. @Mark Greiser,
      “…literally told people to riot and burn…civil wars happen.”
      If you want to start your civil war over a ridiculous lie go right ahead.
      Spoiler Alert: Some people already tried that on Jan. 6, and it isn’t ending well for them.

    2. I know some of the high ups at YT. Next they are gonna dox all of these YT accounts made in the last few months and go after the jobs of the ppl that are posting the hateful garbage.

    3. If Justice doesn’t work, may be Media will help? It’s already big relief to not see his face or hear his voice! It’s like recovery from Trump’s virus of hate and bigotry! Silence will be almost prison for his dirty mouth!

    4. @andrew zgoda thanks for the response. It’s an interesting point of view. i’m a bit confused about where you’re coming from tbh. I kinda feel like we are more or less in agreement overall so I think something might be getting lost in the short format of informal internet messages. All I was really getting at, was that facebook waited a very long time before taking action. It was clear to most people that his account was being abused waaaay before the riot at the capitol. The big lie that lead to it was in full operation many many months in advance of that date. Surely you must concede that significant concessions were made because of his office, to apply much less stringent sanctions in respect of inappropriate posts that would have got anyone else banned from the platform. Yes his tweets were eventually flagged, (in instances where I believe that anyone else’s would simply have been deleted). I don’t believe that anyone at all has an inherent right to use the resources of any private company so I simply don’t agree that what Facebook does or does not allow is a free speech issue. All that said, Facebook is a business and you best believe, the decisions that the company makes are informed by what is best for the business first; not what is moral or ethical. So I stand by my support of the OP’s point that had it been popular or savvy from a business point of view the decision could certainly have been different. I don’t necessarily think that the OP is even commenting on Facebook alone, in the point being made. Rather perhaps simply on the business of ‘media’ and what drives content (which sadly, I would say is clicks and traffic/consumption, much more often than integrity these days). I have never been banned from any social media in general or facebook in particular, because I tend to follow the rules (through common courtesy rather than rigid dogma to the terms of service, which I rarely read carefully). I did however, delete my facebook account (which I only ever used to share photos with friends, and I can do that easily enough without facebook now.) so no I’m not salty about the company per se. I don’t have any personal interaction with Facebook by my own choice.

  2. I actually thought they would give in to pressure. This is actually something of a relief. He did himself no favours by making a speech about the Big Lie, the day before they made their decision. We can do without the insanity. 🙄

    1. So can we go on trumps new network and start riots? Or is it private? Does Zuckerberg have an account on his network?

    2. @Daves Ontherocks “network” is overrating whatever simple “blog” that you can squarespace in 10 minutes that dotard asked some intern to make.

    3. @A Haunter are you slow? Nevermind I can tell by your comment that you are no need to answer 🤤

  3. Now take down all the other terrorist encouraging websites. This is a security issue not a free speech issue.

    1. @RobDog if you are using Parler then you have a venue for free speech. Just bc no one wants to listen to you doesnt mean your rights are being infringed upon, snowflake. If ppl wanted to use Parler they would but they obviously dont. Whomp whomp.

    2. @Ludo Ludowski oh I’m sorry but I thought Social media was so powerful it had the ability to influence elections…wasn’t that what the whole Russian collusion hoax was about?? So if that’s the case I guess it’s not a private platform and needs to be regulated differently so you can’t just kick people off because they hurt your little feelings snowflake.

    3. @RobDog Why does it get ratioed? because there are a bunch of Russian troll bots that have nothing better to do

    4. @Joe Biden 46 hahhahahah you can’t be serious…..?? 😂😂😂😂 Honestly I shouldn’t even be surprised you’re that gullible

  4. Behold how Trump has changed and become a responsible American patriot.
    Oh yeah, that never happened.

    1. But Susan Collins said he learned his lesson
      She needs to be asked that question everytime she does a interview

    2. @Billy Pardew If he knows that perhaps that’s the only thing he does know Knowledge and vocabulary very limited.Some of the American people in their wisdom put him in th Whitehouse and called him President.He abused the office in post and he is so deluded that he still believes that he is the President. Alarm bells should ring.

    3. @Gloria Lashley because that’s because he is the president and he did win the election Donald Trump getting changed the election rules and laws two weeks before the election Democrats did you didn’t change the rules for Bush you didn’t change the rules for Clinton you didn’t change the rules for Obama but for Donald Trump you changed the rules quit saying it’s a big lie and that it was the greatest run election of all time if it was the greatest run election of all time you wouldn’t have had to change the rules

  5. They need to lock him up “Trump” for all of the criminal activity he’s involved in. It’s all on record anyway!

    1. 🎼 I’m dreaming of a tRump PERP-WALK…
      It doesn’t matter who goes first.
      Micro, Minnie, Junior,
      Or fat Don Senior,
      Just can’t decide which one’s the worst!
      I’m dreaming of a tRump PERP-WALK…
      Each new headline makes my heart jump!
      May the SDNY not slump;
      And make every perp-walk a tRump.
      (Hopefully before “White Christmas” comes back!) 😏😉

  6. Is this seriously not a wakeup call to at least some of Trump’s remaining loyalists?? He’s clearly not well.

    1. they do not need a wake up call because they are not asleep. they just want politicians that fight for what is important to them. integrity means nothing to them and if spreading lies gets them what they want, they are all for it.

    2. @Spencer PhilippineDream yikes, they might not know what they want. What 300-400 images of toddlers did George nader get caught with? Toddlers? Was it toddlers and men or toddlers and goats? I think those should be emailed to every american with the subject line “yeah bruh, this is who Trump met with…..” With a zip file. Disgusting.

    3. Its better this way….so when the election comes around again we know who to purge cuz in a democracy the problem is not the stupid politician but the people who voted for him 🙁😐😞

    4. @Elru Seraph exactly right. I always say I don’t hate Trump as much as I hate the people that voted for him. He didn’t elect himself.

    1. @evan doe ouch you’re pathetic. You’re not even good at trolling and thats super easy

    1. @Byron Hayes

      You people ruin these comments with your worthless soliciting spam.
      Congrats for being nothing more than horrendous nuisances.
      Take your “business” off of YT, you are reported.

    2. Nothing is more fun that watching Rachel Maddow squirm over an audit of “the most secure election in history.” Why you so worried, sis?

  7. But why still is a temporary ban and not permanent?
    Facebook ppl don’t have the balls to toss him out for good?

    1. @Blue Eyes In reality you are probably right. I live in hope however that every individual is capable of redemption.

    2. @Ygritte Snow ……Hes in his late 70s and comes from a bloodline of racists. Woody Guthrie wrote a folk song in the 50s about what a racist his dad was. That wasnt a glitch with him. It was a feature. The best change that could come for him at this stage of his life is the dirt nap.

    3. @Ludo Ludowski Facts!! 💯%
      Sleep with the fishes…
      Now _that_ would be his first real act of public service

  8. Notice the letterhead on trumps statement. It says Save America. That is the name of his insurrection rally on Jan 6.

    1. @Ebaneezer Scourge ok first of all hes not a billionaire, she’s definitely not a super model. And as for being president , twice impeached and handed the office with Russian help. Never won the popular vote twice. 🎤

    2. Donald Trump – Willfully ignored a pandemic – making it infinitely worse
      Fanned the flames of hate & racism – bringing them to a boiling point Betrayed the U.S.A. by inciting a violent insurrection of the Govt. Is a massive embodiment of evil F@%* Mr. Trump.

    3. @Ebaneezer Scourge she was not a catwalk supermodel. She was looking for a visa and got it by sleeping with a saggy baggy fake. Living on borrowed money, multiple bankruptcies, fake charities, Universities, fake tax returns. Multiple infidelities, multiple lies and paying a child’s share on his taxes. Taking all those suckers money, to this day.

    1. Congratulations Facebook. He can still use social media. Just none of the sites that anyone cares about. He should be using Parler anyways.

  9. The problem is he isn’t delusional he is in fact a facist who understands that playing into his bases fantasies can only benefit him. It’s incredibly dangerous.

    1. @evan doe Racism is a problem and he contributed to it more so we made too much progress in this country to go back to way it was man him for life l i f e.

    2. @evan doe I’ll live through racism and the racism that still exist I’ve seen the color and white signs whites only I’ve had friends that lost jobs because they were black racist comments made to them they got upset and they were fired the truth is the truth facts are facts racism still exist civil Rights act of 1964 and 1965 has helped that was only 60 and 65 years ago considered what black people have gone through for over 300 400 years when Martin Luther King was killed the open housing law was passed or we could stay in a white neighborhood go to White placesof business didn’t have to use the back door to go to restaurants and could go on but it’s clear you refuse to open your eyes and your mind because you are what you are

  10. He’s as bad as a guy who sugar coats his words so his abused woman will take him back. And when she rejects him, he lashes out viciously, and threateningly, only solidifying her decision to stay away from him.

  11. He’s like an inmate up for parole. The day before the hearing, he stabs his cell mate.

  12. Voltaire wrote:
    Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

    1. @Andrew Evangelicals are using Trump to further their own cause… same as Trump is trying to use the evangelicals.
      The enemy of my enemy.. is my friend.
      The blatant dishonesty displayed by both sides should lead you to believe neither.

    2. @Lionel Spencer-Ward They may be using each other, but they’re effectively on the same side.

    3. @Andrew I wouldn’t say they are on the same side… they are simply using the same methods.
      Telling lies to further their own cause….

    4. @Andrew Yes Andrew, retaining, extending, and consolidating…
      All based on lies!
      Keeping the population poorly educated pays dividends!!

  13. Something tells me Twitler won’t ever let us forget why he was banned, too. Kind of like a public service, in a way.

  14. Congresswoman Collins of Maine: “oh I think he’s learned his lesson”. Yeah right. He is unhinged. Ban him from FB forever

    1. I take anything from Mrs. “Dark Shadows” of Maine has to say– with a grain of salt. Actually, none.

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