After Flynn Called For Martial Law, Trump Wanted To Put Him In Charge: NYTimes | Rachel Maddow

After Flynn Called For Martial Law, Trump Wanted To Put Him In Charge: NYTimes | Rachel Maddow 1


    1. Why did the DEMONCRATs support the destruction of our major cities by BLMRs and ANTIFAs?? Why are DEMONCRATS allowing 10,000’s COVID INFECTED ILLEGALS into our country?? Why are the DEMONCTAS trying to eradicate 30% of the American population ??

    2. Just make sure as you are robbing the bank that you declare you are a patriot, trying to stop the steal, and pretty soon, this will all be in the past. Mate that to the old history – let’s just move on defense and you are golden.

    1. @sonia jules troll or uneducated Trump cult follower. Learn how to read, watch something beside fox. Let’s communicate in Russian German Korean or Chinese to prove that you’re a real person!

    2. @Faustino Rodriguez True. We have been astounded at the Covid incompetence under Donny… and also astounded of the gullibility and stupidity of a large section of the American public. Those that believe a narcissistic psychopath over medical experts, that masks are a Dem hoax, that hospitals aren’t full, that Covid is no worse than the flu, that they’re immune…
      I guess the next spike will arrive in ~2 weeks, now that the Super Bowl is over.
      Donny’s legacy… unfortunately for decent Americans, we will never look on America in the same light again.

    3. @sonia jules Another you tube new election day account trump Troll Karen . Always nov 2020 🙄 Sad very Sad 🤪

  1. “Put it all behind us! It’s soooo long ago!” But that same mindset was not apparent when they echoed Trumpty-Dumpty’s harping against Hilary Clinton for four years!

    1. There are people in Germany trying to resurrect the goals of Adolf Hitler and Eichmann. Some of their disciples have opened shop in the US. As luck would have it they publicise who they are regularly in You Tube comments.

    2. @Yvonne Plant exactly she outlined how everyone stood their grounds against Trump, all were either rigged or fake. That’s how he tried to play his card in 2020 but failed BIG times HAHA HAHA

    1. @hunkgod What are you on? North Korea has launched 32 (mostly nuclear capable) missile tests, and 2 nuclear tests during Trump’s Presidency. North Korea also showed off the biggest Nuclear ICBM they’ve ever made during their 2020 Military parade. Putin continues to send Russian troops into Ukraine’s front lines, and is annexing parts of Georgia to this day. Iran has also continued to make components for nuclear weapons, shot down a $176 million US drone, and injured over 100 US Troops from a missile strike during Trump’s Presidency.

    2. There is a lingering Confederate and orange stench in our military, law enforcement, and government (deep state) that needs to be cleaned up.

      ANYBODY with a hint of ANY connection or support of the orange traitor or the Confederate Evangelicals must be removed. PERMANENTLY.

    3. @Rory The North Koreans don’t have the ability to construct a nuclear capable vehicle that could survive reentry. Them launching glorified scud and medium range missiles is proof of what exactly? Them parading a propaganda prop, probably made of wood, through town is not proof of progress. Trump did what Obama would never do and provided Ukraine with requested lethal aid so they can better defend themselves. Iran is only able to make those components because of the massive amount of cash Obama and Biden flew over there on pallets. Iran hasn’t attempted to disrupt commercial shipping on a mass scale, since Trump ordered the strike on Soleimani until now, suddenly an uptick, on Jan 4th they started boarding ships again. So what policies are you actually advocating for? A massive military retaliation for losing a drone and some concussions? It was a measured response from the president and he kept his promise not to get us in any new foreign wars..

  2. And let’s not forget this is AFTER Flynn had pleaded guilty to lying about Russia, then was pardoned by Trump.

    1. Doesn’t make him a bad person. Apparently not. Such justice in America, you have money,,GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING. SAD DAYS.

    2. And while Flynn was an unregistered agent for Russia, he was doing the same for Turkey. He plotted to have an exiled Turkish cleric kidnapped & sent back to be executed. Apparently there wasn’t enough evidence to try him, or 45’s administration blocked it. They also blocked an investigation into a relative of Turkey’s president. Oh, yeah & 45 betrayed our Kurdish allies in Syria as a favor to him, too. Supposedly, he was trying to get tax breaks on his property in Turkey. We’ll probably find out 45 had shady deals with all his dictator pals.

  3. What needs to be understood is that the events of Jan. 6 must be dealt with to insure that no one regardless of political party ever tries such insanity ever again.

    1. @Debbie Rushing Your trolling brings nothing new and original to the table, Bucko. All you are is another peabrained Trump cultist who can’t think for themselves.

    2. Agreed. We should hold the person who called for violence accountable. Now if only we could find someone guilty of the crime we made up.

    3. @J GetsCensored You are so lame. There is no sense in trying to talk to someone who will not listen. You are a lemming and I am afraid you will just have to run off that cliff like the trump supporters who will be going to prison because they did what their so called commander in chief told them to do.

    4. @J GetsCensored Made up? No, the crimes Trump and his cult of worshippers committed last month are very much real.

    1. @sonia jules “Democrats eradicating 30% of America’s population” ???
      Trump single handedly did that already! Remember, he “played”and continued to “play down” the killer virus in the name of acquiring ” herd immunity” that led to the murder of almost four hundred thousand people. Incited the riot that destroyed the Capitol and might have killed hundreds if not by GOD’s grace? That is the equivalent of eradicating or decimating America’s population!
      Trump pulled a lot of crap against America and people are trying to sweep it under the rug and they say “let’s move on, Trump is gone” .
      And now about to blame Biden who just started his presidency, and hasn’t gone half an inch down the dark hole Trump pulled the country into.
      Biden will do better. He might make some mistakes here and there as any human being would, but he won’t be as careless, egotistic, disrespectful, nepotistic, etc as Trump. Let him be. To over eighty million Americans, anybody other than Trump, will do for now.

    2. @sonia jules you are so delusional it’s not even funny….why are you so ANTI-AMERICAN….you call yourselfs patriots….but you have no IDEA what that word means…you are living in fear of thing’s that aren’t even real….WAKE THE F##K UP

  4. Wow! Plans to put a convicted Fascist criminal in charge! There really is NO bottom for this trash is there?

    1. @Toni Butts Yep and may the rest of his days be miserable with lawsuit after lawsuit till he gets behind bars!

    2. REVELATION 9:11 “And they had as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon.” A bad DON. Of course this is after the Fifth Trumpet or something is sounded was this supposed to be Trumps 5th year? I’m not religious just thought it was ironic.

  5. Anybody with a quart of a brain knows what Trump was up to.. the ones that wanted this they are dam lucky he didn’t succeed.

    1. Why was not Trump detained,arrested,charged,booked,jailed,and bailed out, like all common criminals? While you are answering that, please
      look up legal definition for complicity and accessory to a crime.

    2. My cousin is a Q nut and his response to the capital insurrection was

      “How could antifa do this, we must do martial law”

      ….January 6th was attempted martial law. It was attempted insurrection. I’m sorry to my cousin but what morons. What stupid, stupid thinking.

    1. And if they don’t convict be prepared for a lot more and possibly worse I they aren’t voted out and Trump is allowed to continue his propaganda .

    2. Yep…I guess that’s what they call a”loophole”. However, the world is watching and those who vote against conviction will be on historical record as doing so.

  6. I do not understand why the military doesn’t recall Flynn (which they have a right to do) and then court marshall him for advocating martial law.

    1. @sonia jules not sure where you get your information but you need to be doing some fact checking of your own. The only ones I’ve seen calling for murder are Trump supporters. Democrats just want Republicans held accountable for their lies and actions.

    2. Think you need to read up on what the military can and can’t do there bud (which is actually very easy to search)

    3. @Nicki nurse You will have to explaine why you think the majority of the military are uneducated and republicans. Also if you are a nurse you would know test kits wouldn’t work to slow the spread of covid. We would need a true leader like Angela Merkel instead of the clown trump is to slow the spread.

    4. @sonia jules Where did you get your ridiculous misinformations? From Qtips people? Are you Marjorie Taylor Greene’s clone? Or are you the female version of Hannity?

    1. @Richard Cranium I think he’s going to get convicted and barred from running for president in 2024.

    2. @Arionna Michelle 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻. I hope you’re right. The first impeachment they knew he was guilty and let him off the hook. They know he is now and there are videos of several of them claiming so but then they flip flop days later. The GOP have no morals and seem not to care about their future and definitely not ours.

    3. @Jolene Plourde well, just watched first day of trial on wether it’s constitutional – Trump defense is that it’s not. He just LOST THAT ARGUMENT! YAAAAY!

  7. I’m sure that in Trump’s delusional little mind, Trump is still President, and Flynn is in charge of the FBI.

    1. @Sweger Shanna Any elected official who aided and abetted the insurrection must be held absolutely and completely accountable. We can accept nothing less.

  8. Was Flynn going to “rerun” elections over and over until he achieved the results that he wanted?
    I suppose that posting Trump loyal armed guards at each polling station could accelerate that.
    Do Americans really grasp how close to the precipice they came?
    The whole system is predicated on men and women of good will being in power.

  9. The military should put Flynn back into active service so he can be court-martialed. That traitor does not deserve to be called a general.

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