After Rough Exchange, Bloomberg, Warren Had Cordial Conversation During Commercial Break | MSNBC

After Rough Exchange, Bloomberg, Warren Had Cordial Conversation During Commercial Break | MSNBC 1


MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell points out a moment the audience might not have seen, during a commercial break, when Michael Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren had a cordial, engaged conversation, despite Warren attacking Bloomberg moments before. Aired on 02/19/20.
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After Rough Exchange, Bloomberg, Warren Had Cordial Conversation During Commercial Break | MSNBC

59 Comments on "After Rough Exchange, Bloomberg, Warren Had Cordial Conversation During Commercial Break | MSNBC"

  1. Huh? You didn’t even show the conversation

  2. “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up” – Life Alert

  3. We need audio, actually, WE DEMAND AUDIO!!!

  4. They fell in love during the commercial break

  5. Bloomberg was simply asking Warren for his balls back.

    • @Beverly Inkster Which is exactly what’s wrong with these expositions; no one mentioned that, even though most would understand what a lame “demand” it was. And shame on Ol’ Uncle Joe for jumping on it as well.
      And further, shame on Mayor Pete for shots about Sanders’ ‘lack of medical transparency’. The American people are entitled to knowing their President’s in sound health. They are not entitled to every friggin’ detail about hemorrhoids, or skin tags, or any other personal issues. HIPAA exists for a reason.

    • @Peter Wuwei Come back when you’ve awakened from your little dream.

    • @Emily Moss I envision your eyeballs circling around in their sockets like googly eyes.
      Making “demands” like that, in that forum, is nothing more than a publicity stunt. He should do what he can to get the truth out and this was likely a wake-up call for him. But it was not a serious “demand” and cheapened her, in my eyes.

    • @Beverly Inkster WRONG. He wasn’t asked to release all NDAs, he was asked to ALLOW the women to release them IF THEY SO CHOOSE. Stop Bloomer propaganda.

  6. Nicole Wallace half in the bag on national television.

  7. Of course, MSNBC cleans up the stage for Bberg.
    Gotta give Warren her due. She was on him like a hobo on a hotdog.

  8. Bloomberg got clobbered hahahahahaha

    • 😂 yeah i thought if he decided to go on a debate i was like ‘he probably has some tricks or something’ but nah he had nothing special to say tbh

    • Grymmjow Jaegerjaquez | February 20, 2020 at 12:46 AM | Reply

      @AwakeProgram He had a lot more to say then the people throwing around promises that they know they can’t keep.

    • It was beautiful to watch — especially, with MSDNC propping Bloomberg up like the second coming of Christ.

  9. How much did Bloomberg pay for this propaganda piece?

  10. Hahaha, you just admitted that this whole thing was nothing more than a Dog and Pony show. LMAO

    • Liz, and Mini Mike were gossiping that Bernie always smells like cabbage, and Pete has very soft hands.

    • Or, you know, Warren is just a mature adult and thus can debate someone during a debate while being respectful and cordial during a break.

    • Valencia Mcneill | February 20, 2020 at 10:29 AM | Reply

      @Sagar Shah EXACTLY. It’s also called good sportsmanship. I could see his voters uniting with hers in November, and vice versa, to get Trump out of the White House. A nominee *_SHOULD_* be able to demonstrate this maturity.

  11. Wait, this is news? “They spent the entire commercial break exchanging ideas, but we have no idea what they said” Just excellent reporting here by this network. Amazing!

  12. She was asking him for money

  13. Jason Johnson is an absolute clown!

  14. Did the MSNBC hosts give Bloombutt a complimentary BJ during the break as well?

    How much did he pay for it?

  15. Question: Does Medicare For All cover what just happened to Bloomberg tonight?

  16. Joe Biden: “please please don’t mention my dog faced comment!”

  17. No audio, no footage, for all we know they just made this up.

  18. @disccombobulated | February 20, 2020 at 12:47 AM | Reply

    That was the most incomplete clip I think I’ve ever seen

  19. “Exchanging ideas”, how do you know that?!! So phony

  20. Liz turned real “red” this time no doubt about it.

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