After SCOTUS Bid, One Last Act For Anti-Democracy GOP To Try To Install Trump | Rachel Maddow

After SCOTUS Bid, One Last Act For Anti-Democracy GOP To Try To Install Trump | Rachel Maddow 1


  1. Being traitors to the union and the majority isnt a good look. Keep flying those loser flags like swastika, the confederate flag, and now the trump flag.

    1. @Trump! The Socialist destroyer fact Of course you do.

      That’s why every case has been laughed out of court. You would think after Trump was caught lying the last time he screamed about “voter fraud” he’d learn his leason.

    2. @Drake Fire every case? Lol. We want this kicked up to the SCOTUS. Remember when Ruth bader Ginsburg died????????. 😆😅😂😂🤣😅😅

    3. @Drake Fire it’s hysterical how you drooling inbreeders cried about the GOP not passing 300 million in cyber security for the elections after Russia supposedly collusinsez conspiracy and stole the election somehow…… But now the inbreeding cultists are screaming that it was the most honest election ever!!!

      Something doesn’t add up

    4. @Trump! The Socialist destroyer fact Not even the Conserative Supreme court is going to want to touch this.

      Not only is the case stupid. Seriously, this is like your neighbor suing you because he wants to see daisys in your garden instead of roses. It would also invalidate Texas’s OWN ELECTION!

    5. @Trump! The Socialist destroyer fact Mostly your pile of straw you are trying to make look like a human being.

      By the way, most incest jokes are targeted towards the Southern Republican states.

      For good reason, it seems.

    1. Speaking of the treasonous POS, here’s the recipe for a Trump-sandwich:
      Two thick slices of lumpy white bread.
      One truckload of stale baloney.
      One bucketful of Russian dressing.
      One tiny little spongy toadstool.

      Ingesting a Trump-sandwich will cause excruciating butt-hurt, ridiculously foul language, abysmal ignorance, insane delusions and debilitating epsitemophobia.

    3. @JWalkers Conner – It can’t be all that bad right? Such an event may provide the motivation to “upgrade” US to become a better nation/system yes? After US isn’t a true democratic republic but a constitution republic right?

    1. @SolSere Jeremy I will address your response in sections. 1. Voting by mail is not wrong or unlawful in defined circumstances. The bases for the Texas case is that the 4 states in questions changed the election rules without the consent of the Legislature. The Constitution is very clear, only the State Legislature can change election rules. As this did not happen, Mail in voting became unlawful in those states. No Orange – Hitler told me that. I chose to listen to a wide variety of sources to make an informed evaluation of what I believe to be the facts. 2. I believe I have a fair idea of how the voting system works, but a key point you assume is that I am American. I am Australian, and I most certainly am not Racist. I fail to understand how an unlawful act by State Bureaucrats to change election laws which may make those votes invalid demonstrates that anyone wanting the Constitution followed is a Racist?? You listen to Joy Reid too much. 3. It’s not about winning, it’s about following the law. Without that, there will be chaos.

    2. @Brad Kernot Act 77 was enacted and passed by the Republican party in Pa on Oct 31, 2019 ( That was over a yr ago) . Anyone objecting the Act had 180 days after Oct 31,2019 to submit their objections. Nobody did. Now that Trump has lost they want to revisit it. This is why that argument is getting thrown out of the courts. It’s moot. Along with trying to change the slate of electors from each state after they have been chosen. Faithless electors are also illegal in many states but that doesn’t seem to bother Trump from getting them in there.

  2. This is a huge mess. I don’t want to ever hear constitution waving commentary again.
    Y’all have shown what really matters to you.

    1. It’s typical of MSM to push an anti-Constitution narrative. I wouldn’t expect anything less at this point. They’re all picking on one guy from Texas. Meanwhile, 16 other states have joined in. I’m just dying to see how they spin that. 😂

    1. @BubblewrapHighway I have already stopped believing lies, right about the same time I stopped believing legacy main stream media.

    2. @Fezz Parka There is ALLOT of time between now and January 20th (and in the US Constitutional process). Let’s see what happens next…

    3. @Dulce R-L By “my kind” I guess you mean independent minded Americans? There is ALLOT of time between now and January 20th (and in the US Constitutional process). Let’s see what happens next…

    1. @Redharvest10 ​ – Biden is BACK. Supreme Court just threw out the moronic Texas law suit. Did you really think that the Supreme Court would even consider it? Honestly. You wanted them to throw out the will of the people in 5 states because some guy charged with a felony who is just seeking a pardon just made up some BS law suit to gain said pardon? Wow. You really think the Supreme Court can be bought? Bye.

    2. The fat orange monster will not go away until he is physically removed from the White House.
      True to form as taught by his corrupt dead lawyer Cohn, he will never admit defeat.
      Dems you need to keep hitting him head on and then take the attack to him.
      Success will be when you divide or shut up his base.
      His last act will be a call to revolution. Then it’s all on.

    3. @Harold H – As much as I would love to see the orange turd carried out of the W.H., that won’t happen. A couple of days ago, a news report stated that W.H. staff said that the turd is going to hold a rally in Florida at the exact same time as the Inauguration. Not even Fox News would air that in place of the swearing in of the 46th President. Not a single news network will air that rally. And I will immediately turn off any news later in the day that shows anything from that rally. Those people are now irrelevant.

  3. Never forget that Hitler gained office by popular vote then retained office by subverting the election process.

    1. @Trump! The Socialist destroyer fact – How you feeling now? The Supreme Court threw the Texas Law Suit out before it even got to be argued. DUH. However, this is how you fascists are. The electors of the 5 states in question now have to be guarded by armed officers because there were armed white supremacist’s threatening their lives. Reminds me of the Brown Shirts during the early years of Hitler’s rise. You little Nazi. You lose!!!!!!!!!!

    2. @Lawrence Oliver testimony from the man that programed the machines for Chavez. Sydney Powell has him as a witness. When he saw the states stop counting he knew they were recalibrating. How did Wisconsin vote totals end in decimals? How does .52 of a person vote?

    3. @Jung skeptiker2017 I agree! I’m for freedom of speech and everyone can voice their opinion but it’s gotten to the point where in order to actually find the truth you have to sift through a ton of propaganda, lies and conspiracy theories. There should be something in place to maybe bottleneck some of those pages and sites that spread lies so they don’t show up before anything resembling the truth.

    1. Hope soo I believe in Karma soon just get ready one by one , they feel ot sometimes member of there family sufferred, sin is not a joke believe in god 🙏🙏🙏

    1. @THE TRUTH IS OUT NOW 777 Overturning a legitimate election and destroying democracy does not equate with “saving the United states” but it does equate with being an autocratic, despotic, fascist pig.

    2. @THE TRUTH IS OUT NOW 777 You need to GFYS you’re no longer welcome here. But hey this is America so you have the right to continue to squeal like the fascist pig that you are.

    3. Technically if they succeed, they’ll be the new dictators of america. Its only if they fail, that they’ll be under the bus. Given the consequences of being labelled a traitor, I suspect they really will try to make sure trump succeeds in order to protect themselves from litigation or charges.


  4. When there is power up for grab, being democratic or even lawful is the last thing in mind. This week the bulk of republicans are showing their true colors.

    1. They show how much they don’t care about everyone else. Republicans are in it for themselves or only the people they’re close to. They don’t care about the % of people living in poverty.

  5. I don’t understand this at all, In my opinion I think the republican enablers should all be charged with treason. This is a travesty of the American electoral system.

    1. Stop playing dumb,everything has been investigated and proven to be untrue in a court of law by trumps appointed judges,he lost,fair and square…

    2. @Mogamad Greysonthese judges are cowards. There was fraud everywhere. How about just the intimidation of poll watchers, cookie cutter ballots, 80yo active duty soldiers…1/1/2020 birthdays…candians…trumps up stop the count…look trumps behind

    3. @Magnum Winchester What normally happens is that evidence emerges which deserves investigation. If, on investigation, the evidence becomes more, and more solid, a case is made for adjudication. The people saying ‘fraud’ in public media have started with an allegation, found no evidence, asked for a judgement before any investigation and then – when asked if the case is about voter fraud said, ‘No, it’s not about fraud’ when they come before the court. The courts have then looked at any documents, found them to be utter rubbish and not evidence of any fraudulent voting .. and chucked them out. All fifty plus cases. It’s a scam to soak Trump’s most devoted fans of their money. When (if) they wake up to the fact, Trump’s going to have even more problems than at present.

  6. This lawsuit can basically be summed up like this: “Waaaah, waaaah, waaaah! We don’t like the way other states voted!”

  7. What a joke, people are starving, homeless and dying and these rich elected officials are playing games!🇨🇦

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