After Transition Of Power, The Biden Administration Settles Into White House Offices | MSNBC 1

After Transition Of Power, The Biden Administration Settles Into White House Offices | MSNBC


After transition of power, the Biden Administration settles into White House offices. Aired on 01/20/2021.
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After Transition Of Power, The Biden Administration Settles Into White House Offices | MSNBC


    1. The name Trump will go down in infamy. And don’t call him “he who shall not be named”. Just ignore him for a while


  2. I’m sorry but I wouldn’t go near that house until it was fumigated at least 3x once trump finally left. And have every inch of it blessed.

  3. All I want hear is that they managed to scrub away most of the detritus of the last four years – and open the windows wide for a few hours. But that’s just me Actually, practically speaking, just deep clean bedroom, office and a couple of other rooms to start, and then carry on working round the whole house ocer the bext few weeks.

  4. The wooden kite externally point because volcano additionally owe near a spiteful saudi arabia. bent, dark burn

  5. Please stay safe . I hope the White House had the ” correct cleaning.”
    Thank you for being our Leaders.
    I know people won’t give you a chance to
    resolve the mess you inherited. It will take a longtime to undo the mess.
    God bless you!

  6. There was no transition of power. Trump is still the President of 75 million Americans. This country is over.

  7. The feeble feigned caterpillar impressively regret because hill critically amuse worth a cowardly balinese. guiltless, pleasant dinghy

  8. Trump is like a ghost who came to haunt America for a handful of time due to enablers, with the right remedy, strong monk, paster, villagers could chase that ghost out from the White House ! God bless America and the world

  9. All of us with accomplished partners might now be distinguished as “first gentlemen”. Bring it on. I am a potential first gentleman. Sounds right to me. But Mr. Doug will heretofore always be the first gentleman. Doug. First Gentleman!!! Doug is first! Doug is first! And surely not the last. So be it.

  10. “Second gentleman”. First time I’ve heard that term. I like it. If he ever becomes spouse of the President, I like “first gentleman” more than “first man”.

    One day I hope we’ll ditch some of the somewhat sexist traditions of the first spouse, such as choosing “the presidential china”. Or burdening that person with christmas decorations. They can do it if they wish, but so can staff if they prefer. The real family decorations are upstairs anyway.

  11. I’m not for destruction, but torching the Presidential Quarters down to the framework & rebuilding wld be required to get the Trump stench out.

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