After Trump Loss, BLM Evolves with Lessons from Obama-endorsed Rapper Lil Baby

After making Barack Obama's new playlist and meeting with Kamala Harris at the White House, Atlanta artist Lil Baby has swiftly become one of the most prominent rappers alive. Rolling Stone dubbed him the “most popular rapper in the world right now," a measurable distinction as the 26-year-old has gone platinum many times over and topped 10 billion global streams. In his most extensive news interview to date, Lil Baby invites MSNBC's Ari Melber to his Atlanta studio to discuss music, work, family, success and the BLM and police reform movement. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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After Trump Loss, BLM Evolves with Lessons from Obama-endorsed Rapper Lil Baby


  1. I love it. At 62, I don’t care if you rap it, sing it or write it on a wall. The truth of America need to be told in any way to make a change for all, all Americans. If you hate equality you are the thorn in America’s side. Thank you Ari for this great story ❤

  2. Love this young man we and the whole world needs MORE LIL BABY
    Keep up the GREAT WORK LIL BABY you’ve nabbed a old woman heart

  3. Wow!! What a Precious Lil 👼 this beautiful young gentleman is!! Lil Baby you make God and all America proud!! What an honor to hear a young, new, humble Artist with a Spiritual mind that sees the truth and speaks it!! God has surely Created You for the purpose of opening the eyes and hearts of the young and saving lives through your art. God bless you and your family always! 🙏

  4. Lil Baby, 100%. All young people need to Step up to it Like he has and find that thing they do and do it and if you find out didn’t want to do it. Learn to do something else. Ya’ll need to start lookin around and start gettin hold of this place. Running for office if you can , ANY office, Local State City County. If you think all these old windbags running your country and you town /state care if you have clean water or any water, or if you have Food? You think they Gonna give you health care? Maybe the next old guy or old lady will. They won’t.
    Young Folks better start takin hold of the reigns on this buggy before these people who have been in office for 30,40 ,50 years drive it off a cliff. Like Lil Baby said “Not all” but a lot of them.
    If you guys want to have any chance at all of having a world that is not a burnt up, waterless rock you better Step Up and start learnin to run it or these people that been doin it the last 50 years gonna take everything but the cable and electric bills (BTW.. they’re overdue) and they are gonna bounce with all your s#!t.
    find your voices and make them heard young people

  5. I live in the UK but I sure made an effort to understand what he was saying because I love any preaching of Unity, Equality and Justice. Thanks to Ari for also helping none Americans enjoy the interview.

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