After Trump Loss, See Obama’s Eerily Prescient Warning About 'Carnival' Lies And Race-Baiting 1

After Trump Loss, See Obama’s Eerily Prescient Warning About ‘Carnival’ Lies And Race-Baiting


As former President Barack Obama turns 60, HBO is out with a new documentary series charting his journey to the White House. Jelani Cobb, the executive producer of the new documentary, joins MSNBC’s Ari Melber to discuss the project. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. He was a real president I am satisfied with the work he done, now we Have president Joe Biden and Kamala Harris V.P they also will do a great job, who agree with me on this

    1. @Brent The other side are insurectionists and covid-19 serial killers (including harming children), due to their intentional pandemic negligence.

    2. @Brian Jones I love them that way, because at least I could trust them, Trump doctrine of lies that cause his followers and supporters attack the Capitol many injured and killed because of lies, so yes I will take my chances with President Joe Biden and Kamala V.P, Trump is a crazy man that needs professional help

    3. People around the world are also relieved that Biden is now president of the U.S. Unfortunately your own countrymen do not share the same sentiment, ignore them they are just a toxic cancer of racism and blind political loyalty. Just saying…

  2. Best President to ever run the Country!!!!!( THAT’S WHAT HE DO)!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT… BARACK OBAMA 8 yrs. IN OFFICE…

    1. “Barack Obama is the first mainstream African American who is bright, articulate, and clean” – Joe Biden

  3. Happy Birthday to President Obama. He meant so much to so many who have never had a voice in our country. He is our first Black president and I hope not our last.

    1. @No Show Joe trump had worse job and economic growth than Obama pre pandemic
      Worse stock market gains and records than Obama
      Had farm bankruptcies up by 24percent in 2019 with associated suicides
      Highest income disparity in fifty years
      First president since WW2 to lose net jobs
      Lied to American soldiers faces about pay raises
      Lied about covid
      Sent tons of PPE to china and refused to replace for American medical staff who had to wear garbage bags
      Praised China’s response to corona and its transparency 30x plus
      Got millions from china for empty office space

  4. Obama is a real man and leader.. for all people. Intelligent and heartfelt. And honorable without regard to his race! And he appreciates good music

    1. “Barack Obama is the first mainstream African American who is bright, articulate, and clean” – Joe Biden

    1. @Daniel F The Financial Crisis/ Great Recession which he inherited was pretty much corrected by the time he left office though.

    2. @Yvonne Plant If I spent $10 TRILLION I could correct it too. Enjoy your inflation tax.

      How much of that $10 TRILLION did you get? How much did banks and corporations get while the people lost their homes???

      Why not give the people money to pay the banks and keep their homes? The banks got bailouts and the houses.

      But hey he spoke good so who cares right?

    3. @Daniel F you mean trump that jumped debt and deficit
      How about trump killed more civilians in 8 months than Obama did in 8 years, wait, I though trump deported more than obama, so…are you a complete loss or just trying too hard

  5. Happy Birthday to President Obama! O, how i pine for the days of his administration. What an inspiration he is.

  6. happy birthday Mr. President Obama we always love you we never forget you good man thank you for everything

    1. @Bud Fudlacker are you saying those arrested are liars, when they said trump told them what to do, bet you are too COWARDLY to say that to the rioters faces

    2. @Bud Fudlacker funny how Democrats have to clean Republican’s messes, the. Get blamed for it

  7. One of the greatest, most accomplished, most intelligent, good-natured, self-effacing, and honest presidents in the history of our great country!

    1. According to Joe Biden, Obama is also “the first mainstream African American who is bright, articulate, and clean”

  8. For me, he’s the best Pres since I was aware (H.W. Bush onward), certainly the most consequential in modern history. *And by most accounts, a genuinely decent human being.*

    1. Most Americans are tired after such a disastrous year it’s been under this admin. Latest Rasmussen poll shows only 29% of voters strongly approve of Biden’s performance.

  9. Happy Birthday !!!! Too bad you had to scale down the party. FedEx the cake to everybody. Be well !!!!!!!

  10. Happy 60th birthday President Obama you’re the best more healthy years to come miss you so much

  11. what’s ever happened be worth one on my value, and talked about normal life . I am only civilians and mother.

  12. It was so nice to have a real President like him. After Four years of living in a never ending clown car $hitshow, we once again have a real leader!

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