After Trump, Preventing Future Danger To The Republic | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

After Trump, Preventing Future Danger To The Republic | Morning Joe | MSNBC


On President Trump's final full day in office, the Morning Joe panel discusses the role social media played in Trump's presidency and what type of politician could come in the future if social media sites remain unchecked. Aired on 01/19/2021.
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After Trump, Preventing Future Danger To The Republic | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Republicans Trump supporters are domestic terrorist and treasonous traitors for taking money from Russia for this attack , life in prison or lethal injection for those involved on the cop killing capital attack over 400,000 dead Americans from covid19 trump virus , Trump is responsible for 400,000 dead Americans from the Trump virus

    1. @bLoWc16 You write like you are a Republican. You do not even know the real history of socialism. Socialism has been in civilization since 500 BC. Every major civilization throughout history has had socialism for its citizens. That includes the United States of America. For you to call socialism evil. Is a Republican ignorant trait.

    2. @bLoWc16 Do you know how embarrassing it is to have someone like you on the Democratic party side? A person without a clue of world history or American history. How can you complain about socialism without knowing the real history of socialism throughout the history of the world? I get that a majority of Americans are not properly educated about real history. But as a human being, you never looked for the truth yourself? Kind of shows the kind of person you are.

    3. @Gilbert Gaines write like a Republican? I’m way more progressive than you will ever be before even Bernie gained his cult… and Bernie’s policies is outdated and isn’t even progressive at all. They are Industrial Age ideologies but in a form of wannabe socialism.


    4. @Gilbert Gaines see like I said you can’t even name one civilization YOU ONLY HAVE TALKING POINTS

      FYI our nation was funded in basic form of capitalism and FDRs policies to improve people’s lives ARE A FORM OF CAPITALISM… just because social is in the name of social security, does not make it a form of socialism…

      Who pays for social security? how is social security given? If you actually understand what socialism is, you wouldn’t call it socialism dimwit.

      FYI, your views was never a democratic ideology Bernie is a snake who slithered into the party in 2015. He was an independent before that but he wants more power because he is very corrupt and therefore he pretended to be a democrat.

      You’re the one who doesn’t even know anything, all you have is talking points you repeat over and over and over… UNLIKE YOU I CAN REASON WITHIN THE CONVERSATION’s TOPIC, while you are left dumbfounded when you run out of talking points.

    5. @bLoWc16 You are a Republican pretending to be progressive. All you have written so far are Republican talking points. Then think you can fool people by claiming that you are progressive. You are the first progressive that I have met. That does not have a clue about world history nor the basic functions of economics. How are you not Republican or Conservative? You parrot their talking points perfectly. Wanting every business to run union jobs, wanting universal healthcare. How are those bad for working Americans? You are correct that we are moving into a technological form of civilization. But if we keep the lies of human being past atrocities. The human species will never survive the next evolution of a growing civilization. Because our ignorance of a hurtful past will finally destroy us.

    1. @FREEMAN PEAVY Social Justice is nonsense? Really? You sound like a racist Republican! So to you BLM is a terrorist group and the people that stormed the Capital on January 6 2021 are patriots. Yeah I see where you are coming from.

    2. @FREEMAN PEAVY quit being racist, they can report you for it , trump virus 4 time impeached failure trump says Twitter

    3. @Bidenforthenext8years Pleasewearamask Easy to paint people racists you don’t know. I am a RINO moderate that looks at both side’s arguments. I support policies that give minorities a better education such as school choice, charter schools to bridge the less fortunate to a higher education and a better future…

    4. @Gilbert Gaines I do not support hate groups of any kind, whether from the left or right-wing. Nor should you desire burning buildings, stores looted, defunding the police, black children killed, gang warfare, small businesses destroyed, vehicles firebombed, autonomous zones, white extremists…Thanks

    5. @FREEMAN PEAVY What is a left hate group? Seriously what is it? Kind of hard equating an imaginary group with real right wing terrorist groups. So name these so call left hate groups? I see this is the last time I will hear from you.

    1. @Richard Barry Cool – So we’re all in agreement; round all the seditionists up and prosecute them to the maximum extent of the law! Charge anyone who entered the Capitol as accessories to murder! Glad we’re on the same page…

    2. @Patton Moore It’s true though. That dude is ignorant, he fans flames every single day. He needs to be fired,

  1. if the GOP doesn’t vote to convict trump of his crimes, then it is our job to make sure none of them are reelected ever again.

    1. fools. good thing the constitutional amendments are already written and the executive orders ready to go. Trump supporters will soon become second class citizens, and we will finally be safe from their violence

    2. @icy purple Fools for what? I think we’re all against Trump here. Some of us are just against authoritarianism and can foresee the repercussions of attempting it. That’s all.

    3. @Rach H weird that you voted for Biden and don’t support his agenda towards curbing domestic terrorism. you think no-fly lists and social media bans and financial seizures were it? nooo. much more government action coming to the Trumpers! only then can we have unity

    4. @icy purple Because 75 million Americans aren’t terrorists. Lock the terrorists up, for sure. I’m glad the FBI is making arrests. But not all conservatives are terrorists.

    5. Now we have China Joe and spread eagle. The virus that China and the dems turned loose on us .Trump gains nothing from covid, China and the dems had everything to gain, nothing to loose.
      China Joe been given $1.5 billion earnest money from China, soon Biden needs to start paying. China being very aggressive in that part of the world. $80,000 per month from Ukraine, had to do a quid pro quo to Ukraine. $3.5 million from Russia.
      A direct attack on the 1st and 2nd amendments as well as twist the Constitution during their fake Russia investigation.
      Going to give citizenship to 11 million illegals that sneaked across the border. Now have over 10, 000 on a march from the south to the USA. Come, all are welcome, we will take care of you.

    1. Republicans Trump supporters are domestic terrorist and treasonous traitors for taking money from Russia for this attack , life in prison or lethal injection for those involved on the cop killing capital attack over 400,000 dead Americans from covid19 trump virus , Trump is responsible for 400,000 dead Americans from the Trump virus

    2. someone needs to buy www. lindsaygraham. com or something like that, and all it is, is a single non navigateable page displaying all his warnings about trump from 2016. this needs to be done for ALL the complicit republicans.

    3. @CherBear O.F.F.S.!!! give Joe a break will you! Anything will be better than Trump. Let the man start his presidency before you lay into him. He has inherited the Worst presidency ever.

    1. I’ve seen all your posts said by other people at one point or another. Did you copy them down so you could recycle them?

    2. @Cortez The Killer ; to whom did you reply? Post those said posts here to substantiate your claims, for everybody to know. There is no problem with “recycle”, in Twitter; even multiple times, it is called retweet.

    3. @Patton Moore 46 lives. So your saying that little old lady outside her jewelry store beaten with a 2×4 was a white supremacist?

    1. When the Scandinavian leaders wanted to create a better future for their cityzens, their first step was to educate the people in critical thinking.

    2. @Ellen Gran But we don’t live in Scandinavia. We live in the United States of America. All what the Scandinavians buy with their pocket books is the Nordic model of socialism.

    3. @Marcos Juarez In Scandinavia we vote for more taxes, more regulations. Thats the way we like it. US vote for less taxes, less regulations. However they dont seem to like what they get.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera be careful what you wish for… you are going to just to love it when you go to fill your tank up and it went from A $180 to $6 a gallon thanks to Joe Biden and the ” green New Deal” grocery prices through the roof due to Transportation costs just wonderful for the middle class and poor people of America

    2. I agree. Getting arrested for actually committing a crime is so old hat. You don’t have to commit a crime in China or Russia to get arrested so why should you in the good ol’ U.S of A? Terms like “due process” and “justice” are for the weaker nations.

    3. @Richard Barry I have a Tesla electric car and I recharge it from my whole-house solar power system. Doesn’t cost me a penny. Got anything else..?

    4. Wise words indeed Grasshopper! However Cancel Culture society is the real Cancer ready to eat your Socialist agenda. Sorry to disappoint you! Forgot you are in your Safe Zone…

    1. @Jean-Luc Harrison I do not deny that. But I honestly think it was an act. I don’t think he likes what Trump was doing himself, hence why he refused to bring to the floor anything that Trump would not sign to protect his senators from having to take a stand against the president’s wishes in a non-vetoproof situation.

    2. @Cyclone Yeah, I see what you’re saying. But don’t forget that McConnell stalled one of Obama’s Supreme Court nominees for at least 7 months just… because. And that was before The Donald announced he’d be waddling on to the political stage.

      I truly admire and applaud your willingness to give McConnell the benefit of the doubt. I just don’t think I can–he’s shown himself repeatedly and consistently to be a horrible human being.

      Hopefully he’ll prove me wrong in the coming months and years.

    3. @Jean-Luc Harrison Oh, I don’t forgive McConnell and Graham and others for that. That was a power grab of the Supreme Court that will not be overlooked. Trust me, I have not forgotten, but I am powerless to do anything anyway.

    4. @Cyclone Not to sound cheesy but please don’t think that. One good thing to have come from all this is that it may have compelled a lot of Americans to pay attention to politics and elections, and to vote in every one for the rest of their lives.

      So use your voice when you can. Call the offices of people in Congress, even if they’re not in your district or state. And tell your friends and family to do the same.

      January 6 was a closer call than it seems people would like to acknowledge. We cannot let something like that happen ever again.

      If we convince ourselves that we “can’t do anything,” we risk letting it occur again at some point.

      So use your voice, your technology, your wallet–you have more power than you think.

      (And I hope I didn’t sound patronising in bringing up the Merrick Garland nomination; I have no idea how old you are or if you maybe just got into politics in the last year or something. Just wanted to make sure you know that, despite current appearances, McConnell is a disgusting human being.)

      Sorry for the long comment. Enjoy the Inauguration tomorrow.

    5. @Jean-Luc Harrison I’m Canadian and work elections in my province, so you’re preaching to the choir here. =) I agree with what you said. You have to pay attention because what your government oes is going to affect you, and you have to vote or you may find a government you do not approve of changing your life in ways that hurt you. If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain.

    1. @D. Unknown it’s the trump virus 100% , he cought it and spread it at his covid19 super spreading events rallies , like he had aids of the mouth , and he was forcing himself on everyone, also Trump us 100% in control of government before and after virus hit usa , trump did nothing , “called it a hoax “ dot

    2. @Bidenforthenext8years Pleasewearamask Like i said you’ve a President who reacted poorly, and yes that is his to Blame. But Covid-19 is not alone in America it”s a cross the world. That has nothing to do with Trump. If you don’t respect your President fine. But respect the Virus it killed allot of people around the World. Many lost their loved onces. This has nothing to do with Trump.

    3. @D. Unknown USA didn’t act when other countries acted to prevent the spread of COVID-19. There’s a rumor (that was reported in media) that Trump wanted the COVID-19 to spread. The reasons aren’t known but I can assume its for money gained from vaccines.

    4. @Kevin Wu At one part i agree, he didn’t act when other countries did. The rest is like you said just rumors, and mostly opinion based from the opposite site.

      It’s not because of money, it’s because America citizens choose to let un-educated people controle the country.

    1. Compared to the extremes of Trump’s GOP, those nearer the center are “the left.” Trump’s GOP has been moving farther and farther to the right as they embraced the racist bigots, the so-called militias, and the QAnon idiots.

    1. I hate seeing those ads. Epoch Times is part of the problem with politics in this country since they peddle right wing conspiracy theories.

  2. The danger is any “ism” that can do this. Look at Cruz or Pence or that new guy Hawley that is the danger. Especially Pence!

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