After Trump’s Strike on Iran, Bracing for Retaliation - Day That Was | MSNBC 1

After Trump’s Strike on Iran, Bracing for Retaliation – Day That Was | MSNBC


Iran vowed to seek revenge on the United States on Friday after an American airstrike killed one of the country's most powerful military and political figures, Qassem Soleimani. What’s next and will the escalation in conflict lead to a war?

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After Trump’s Strike on Iran, Bracing for Retaliation – Day That Was | MSNBC


    1. mymovetube lol Sports are more of a distraction. The impeachment is more of a distraction.

    1. Mandy Workman

      What did he say?! He’s going to vote for #3 because Democrats support LGBTQ? At least I can rest assured that there’s no reason under that….

  1. So we just pretend that everything did not escalated when we pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal WICH THEY WERE COMPLIANT TO !!!!
    So let’s just sacrifice soldiers’s lives and mental health

    1. Come on. No definite removal of nuclear arms and aggressive military expansion. You call that deal? I call that appeasement.

    2. There was really no such thing as a Iran nuclear deal. The fake news sold it to their gullible lib turds.
      The Iranian parliament never fully rectified the deal, meaning it was exactly like trumps impeachment by the Congress, totally useless.

      In Iran, the sole authority lies in the ayatollah, who never gave his approval! The deal was a dud from the get go.

      If that’s not worse, Iran took advantage of Obama fear of the deal falling through and increased attacks through its proxies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Palestine.
      The icing on the cake was Obama gifting billions to Iran in the hope of appeasement.
      Money that was used to further fund terrorist groups and helped an almost bankrupt nation to re start it’s nuclear program.
      Trump did right. It’s just shocking, how stupid lib turds are to actually believe in fake news.

    1. @MrDiscostu4u He did become president while the US had a booming economy and historic low minority unemployment. You aren’t wrong there. Too bad he’s slowed the economic growth, decreased manufacturing jobs, increased job outsourcing to other countries, given a massive tax break to the rich, etc. And too bad he’s an unabated racist. But that all comes from unbiased organizations and/or our own government institutions’ data/research so you won’t pay attention to any of it.

    1. @Water Maker – That’s a laugh…I’ve come across some of the most inane statements I’ve ever seen in my life in the last 30 minutes or so just reading this page. It’s amazing to me that some of these people are even willing to publicly expose their idiocy like this.

    2. Debra A. You don’t publicize intelligence. You don’t give the terrorists a heads up. The U.S. government knows what they’re doing, for now. It would change if we get any of the current democratic nominees in office. Pray that doesn’t happen.

  2. Way to go stupid. Send Eric, Jr., Kushner, Ivanka over there first. You the ultimate draft dodger would never go.

    1. During an interview he stated that he would disown and disinherit Tiffany if she joined the military! So he won’t send his kids but he will send ours!

  3. You are going to pay big time, no military training and you done this. Lots of young people are going to hurt. Thanks Trump!

    1. So not the guy who wanted to detonate nuclear bombs in the USA? On populated areas like California Newyork city, Chicago.. nah it’s Trumps fault someone is protecting your country from these terrorists.. You’re clueless.

  4. In 2011 Trump tweeted that Obama would start a war with Iran to get re-elected because his numbers were tanking. Go figure.

  5. Send all those so called tough guy magatards to fight Iran so we can see what they’re made of. After all Trump made them all targets

    1. You have to go to the Fox news YouTube how these MAGA crowd is cheering and celebrating what Trump just did. You can tell the nature and character of these people…. Bloodthirsty. They’re craving for violence, death and destruction. These are people who Idolize the man who lit the fuse.

    1. His body language right at the point when he says they caught him in the act shows deception. Sadly, his devoted followers will accept his word as evidence rather than actual information.

  6. Psycho Trump has the wolves waiting for him when he leaves office. He’ll do anything just to stay there a little longer.

    1. The stink of it is that he’s let the wolves loose on the exposed general public now while he stays guarded with his security. It’s all about him first, and the people later.

    1. @Eric Graham Hey refucklikkkan, you are not immune to the danger, you are just too stupid to recognize the danger your hero has you and the world in.

  7. Trump was like, “I’m sick of whole impeachment thing! I’ll give congress and the media something more important to focus on!!” Lol.

  8. This is a blatantly transparent attempt to shore up his popularity. He even said Obama would do this to win in 2012.

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