After weeks of public pressure, the Ford government announces paid sick leave program 1

After weeks of public pressure, the Ford government announces paid sick leave program


After weeks of growing criticism, Ontario's government announced a paid sick leave program as COVID-19 cases surge in the province.


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    1. Plus the CSRB top up. So it’s 3 days of Ontario provincial support followed by a much longer fed+provincial combined CSRB support period.

  1. Depending on one stream of income had never made any millionaire and earning check don’t put you on forbes

    1. @Luis Enrique
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  2. Why does the Ford govenment insist on compairing itself to other provinces when each province has a very different situation. I dont care that you are doing more than PEI. Look at what your province needs and do it.

    1. The Doug Ford administration failing to realize that Ontario’s population is 88x times greater than PEI’s population speaks volumes about their ineptitude in handling the pandemic:

      Ontario population = 14 000 000
      PEI population = 159 819

  3. Great, just keep picking ppl you give help to, and screw those that fall through the cracks, at this rate I’ll be be on the street by next month, plz print more money because picking btween food and rent is not enough.

  4. so we get one more day than the two days you took away before the pandemic but we had to go through THREE lockdowns to get it, too little too late Dougie, hope your buck a beer is going down smooth

  5. Ford had to do something. It only took him over a year to implement and that is only because his popularity has plummeted. He and Trudeau still need to go.

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