Aftermath shows devastation after missile strikes train station

Dozens have been killed and injured in a Russian missile strike on a train station used as an evacuation hub in the eastern Ukraine city of Kramatorsk, according to Ukrainian officials. #CNN #News


  1. Just remember these people do not just mean adults they mean CHILDREN as well.
    This so horrific! Unbelievable it’s still going on.

    1. @Евгений Бондаренко when the ruble is worth less than toilet paper, will you continue to keep working for putin? Or do you want to make some real money?

  2. Thank you for telling us this is so hard hard to watch and listen to but my heart is activated by this information and we have to know it! Thank you. It is this that makes me pray without ceasing.

    1. Bad actors I know right? Hollywood is all locked up so these are the best actors they could find

    2. the scene looks similar to the when 2000 bloody make-up crisis actors participated at waterloo tube station crisis response drill back in 2016.

    3. @Comandante Che Tochka is also in service on the Russian side in Donbass, maybe ask your propaganda officer about this

    4. @Remember Rhodesia I guess you only get laughs when you do that. They probably don’t even realize you came and are finished. And when they do, you get a big laugh.

    1. As an Israely I really wish our government will give it to Ukraine! But it is true that Israel is much smaller. Also I think the missiles that Russia shoots are bigger than the ones Hammas shoots at us.

  3. The bloodthirsty actions of a few in power against the lives of innocents… and for what? Not one of these civilians pose any kind of threat to a nation. International conflicts should be addressed between leaders and politicians at the international level, not at the local level of innocent people.

  4. “The needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many“ and that’s the sad reality that nothing will ever happen because if it becomes a global escalation the potential for catastrophic losses all around is what keeps any real action from happening.

    1. @dung nguyen They actually did report it. But point here is the Azov battalion is nothing to report about. It is about 1000 nazis in a force of 210.000 ukraininan soldiers. And there are ultra rigth wing extremists in every country. And so far I have seen no proof on any media about this azov battalion killing children on purpose. Which basicly proofs that the average russian artillery soldier is more of a criminal murderer than the worst of the urkaininan extremists. Which is not only my view. By now muslims and even jews have joined the Azov battalion. Jews decide to figth side by side with neo nazi to kill russian soldiers – this is how evil Putins minions are.

      By they way: Something important for you to hear as a chinese with your onesided media is: There where no discrimination or violence against russian speaking people in ukraine. How do I know you ask? Well I have ben helping ukrainian refugees in poland, hungary and germany for over a month now. I spoke to hundreds of russian speaking ukrainians. All of them told me they were never dicriminated at all – they use the word bullshit a lot. Which is funny because I never knew that this is thing in russian or ukrainian language. All of them just hate Putin – not russians – Putin for making them figth each other.

      You are caugth up in propaganda. You see something like a ethnic russian speaking ukrainian do not excist. Ethnic is about ancestry. The line between use of russian or ukrainain language runs through the middle of families. Between brother ans sister, between husband and wife, between partents and children, between niece an uncle.

      Lets just assume Putins bullshit about violence against russian speakers in ukrain is true why can his military not advance? They are still in the russian speaking parts of the country without a single exception. 100% of russian troops there are in the russian speaking parts! And they face absolut resistance from armed forces and civilians! How can that be possible if all the russian speaking ukrainians want to be liberated? Why do these people not take up the figth against that nazis violating them?

      Face facts Nguyen: Your goverment and the russian goverment is lying. The facist in this conflict are sitting in Kremlin.

    2. @dung nguyen What, the battalion of troops from the AZOV REGION (there’s a literal Sea of Azov where they are)? Yes, I’ll talk about it since you brought it up, trollski. The Azov political group, a small fascist political party (with no power in Ukraine), is NOT the same thing as the battalion from the Azov REGION you’re referring to.

  5. That’s awful, being helpless and getting attacked by terrorists for something that you had no part in

  6. 1:40 so sad looks like an elderly lady someone’s mom or grandmother.. I cant imagine the pain these brave people are dealing with.

  7. “a provocation and absolutely do not correspond to reality”

    bro they literally found pieces of the missile…

  8. They bastards grandfather forced to play the emotions that were absent from a nervous shock (if he was somehow connected with the dead or injured) there is such an episode on the presented frames, but you did not demonstrate it.
    And they didn’t bother to mention that this type of missiles of the Tochka-U complex is cassett ammunition of mass destruction? Russia does not have it in service because they are prohibited by the Geneva Convention, Which means that it is not applicable to anyone. Even Ukraine, all the more so against its population. But is it their own population after what they have done in order to accuse Russia of that?
    To the category of “cassett munitions” of mass destruction during the Russian operation in Syria, they tried to classify the cluster shells used there using anti-tank defensive parachute cells, which, not finding a heavily armored target in the radius of action, are deactivated, turning completely into a neutral state that is not dangerous for the civilian population, that is, they are not a weapon of mass destruction

  9. It’s a good thing that Zelensky locked down the civilians at the beginning of the conflict or the Ukrainian resistance wouldn’t have anything to hide behind while they take pot shots at the Russians.

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