AG Barr Defends Federal Use Of Force In Cities During House Testimony | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. Hired goons? You mean clearly marked law enforcement officers to protect federal property. Quit the propaganda.

    2. @Jenna Abrams because they were securing an area as a federal building was being attacked with bombs.

    3. @Barbara Bergstrom it’s funny cuz the people on the news seems to be Democrats and all Republicans trying to protect themselves are being arrested. How about the “unarmed man” that shown king was taking about. He had an ak-47 pointed that the vehicle that shot him. Please do your own research and you’ll see the media is lying to you. Vote red them Democrats are the real Nazis. Literally saying the same thing as the Nazis. Bashing trump for everything they are literally doing at the same time. Wake up sheeple

    4. @George Schnakenberg
      They were going into crowds far from federal buildings. The mayor of Portland was gassed a 1/4 mile from the fed building. And what’s up with the morons running people over like terrorists? Jihadists are conservative too.

  1. Fascism took over the United States on January 20, 2017 at 12:01 PM in the afternoon. Read that as many times as it takes to sink in. Then, VOTE BLUE on November 3, like your life depends on it – because, it does!

    1. @Pat Jenkins Well, you have now. We’ll see how long that’s allowed to last. If Trump is re-elected, it won’t last very long. He has already threatened to pull FCC licenses for networks he doesn’t like.

    2. @Steve Hanson You have no comprehension of what fascism is. Unfortunately, you’re likely to not figure it out until they break in your front door looking for guns.

    3. @Pat Jenkins No, I don’t think you care, one way, or another. But, feel free to Google, “Did Trump threaten to pull FCC licenses?” and read for yourself.

    4. @Richard Owens Yes because the way you remove a criminal fascist regime who are acting like they are above the law is to simply vote them out. Are you in denial of how serious this situation is?

    1. How about the fact that mobs are trying to destroy a federal building and Trump sent the feds to defend it? Do you people even think?

  2. interesting that these fascists feel they are doing the right thing. so far right thing. i hope this is a lesson we all learn from rather than the prelude to the real deal.

    1. yea i don’t see how anyone could support fascist mobs of violent thugs in Portland who are being enabled by the Democrat Mayor attacking and destroying downtown everything for 2 months straight

  3. Bill Barr’s very afraid of Trump…he’ll be thrown under the bus like the others if he speaks otherwise.

  4. Watch the video of the elder Veteran in Portland doing nothing wrong & the feds tried to chop him down like a tree with batons!

    1. Well don’t be a duma$$ towards law enforcement and then maybe that won’t happen to you people.

    2. oh like all those other videos where they are cut to remove all context.. lol keep being lead like the sheep you are

    3. Americans were being assaulted during the peaceful Occupy movement too, where was your concern then?

  5. Barr went there to give the House the finger. Did anybody ask him what he thought of the SCOTUS ruling that Trump was not above the law … not totally immune? Barr is the one slowly designing the fall of American democracy.

    1. Thia wolf dang you just lost it , using an “i”instead of “I” and here I thought you where brilliant 😞

    2. @Saynoto Socialists then perhaps a fox news format would better suit you..seem a little out of your league here…run along now ,go diddle your wares elswhare.

    3. Thia wolf , that’s ok I don’t mind lowering myself to your league if it helps educate the ignorant ones like yourself

  6. It’s more than that! He’s laughing at the Democrats because the left has not done anything about what’s going on but TALK! He’s laughing while he testifies!

    1. @riffle queen How about you do your own research. pull
      I also suggest you go to and watch your fellow leftists livestream their attacks on the Federal courthouse in Portland. Hard to keep a narrative when the useful idiots on the street are posting their videos of their attacks on the government.

    2. It’s clear that the left doesn’t understand “optics”. They’re obsessed with them, but they really don’t get them at all.

    3. @riffle queen I also liked his comment, and O did so for two reasons: First off, he was right. Today made the Dems look really bad. Secondly, I knew that it would hurt your butt, and that’s about as close to your butt as any self-respecting guy or gal would ever want to get.

  7. So much overt criminality. How will this be addressed after Trump?

    *We just can’t pretend gangsters didn’t take over the Executive Branch – with Republicans cheering them on!*

    1. Actually it is the Republicans that are pushing the investigation into the illegal use of the DOJ and intelligence services to attempt a coup. I do agree there is a great deal of overt criminality, namely insurrection, treason, and once again starting a civil war. What is with democrats and starting civil wars?

    1. You have no idea what’s really going on do you. Stop watching this “news” organization and look into what’s really going on. And leave your bias at the door, please and thank you. You’ll be much better off, trust me. Stop parroting what mainstream media tells you and open your eyes.

    2. @Thyalwaysseek Independent sources that try to keep their bias out of reporting. I used to hate Trump, and I still really don’t like him, but the amount of morons out there being spoon-fed all this nonsense and then calling you a racist bigot when you try to explain what’s really happening is sickening.

  8. So the democrats never had anyone on their side? Pushing their agenda? Democrats: do what we say not what we do. Leave the corruption to them! Lol

  9. *More editing fodder for Lincoln Project to repackage. Let’s end this nightmare on November 3rd. VOTE THEM OUT*

  10. Only thing WORTHWHILE that came out is that there is a supplemental investigation into the unmasking. ’bout time.

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