AG Ellison: ‘It Is Essential This Prosecution Is Viewed As Just And Fair’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC

AG Ellison: ‘It Is Essential This Prosecution Is Viewed As Just And Fair’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1


  1. If it’s special circumstances to murder a cop, it must be special circumstances to be murdered by a cop. They killed this man under color of authority, actually using the authority we gave them as part of the murder weapon itself. Why was this compliant, walking, handcuffed man, on the ground at all? What possible reason was there for this compliant man to be at one moment walking and ready to be put in a police vehicle, to being used like a locker room bench? A thing to kneel on. We are not furniture, who do these cops think they are? They dehumanized him then set upon to harm him, for sport, they did harm and that harm caused his death, under color of authority, special circs! It feels like special circumstances because it is. First degree Special Circumstances Murder, if it’s good enough for them, its good enough for us, in the land of equality, it ought to be equal! #SpecialCircs4

    1. @Baby C I can feel your racial hatred, and it only makes me disappointed, and sad for the future.

  2. From whose point of view? “Just and fair”? Conviction for first degree murder is just and fair. For all 4, in my book. The videos are there for all to see.

    1. @Mcbeezee Why do you think it does not fit murder 1? from the moment George said “you;re killing me” it becomes murder 1

    2. It’s all on video that the guy KNEW he was killing George, and kept right on. He had nearly ten long minutes to think about what he was doing. That makes it PREMEDITATED, and should be the easiest conviction ever. It’s all there plain as day.

      *Justice* is appropriate punishment for knowingly and callously causing a helpless man’s death. “Revenge”?? Oh, please…..

  3. Premeditation doesn’t require time. I want to same standard of justice to apply to cops as black man.


    1. I want to see a autopsy report first and a toxicology report he could of died of other causes. You liberals would feel stupid destroying your cities if the autopsy report says differently

    2. So when he is convicted and gets house arrest or probation under the supervision of his drinking buddies you’ll feel that justice has been served?

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr didnt the autopsy guy already say that he didnt die from the neck incident?

  5. “The poleece and the justice, are laughing while they bust us they gotta get down, down, down.”

    1. Why don’t you wait for the autopsy report and the toxicology report..he could of died by other causes. You dumb liberals would feel stupid destroying your cities if the autopsy report says something different. This is America your innocent until proven guilty

  6. 3rd degree is the best move for the state in terms of getting a conviction. The hardest thing to prove in court is intent. Best call might’ve been to start with 2nd degree charges and then offer 3rd degree for a bargain plea

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr : The autopsy report is out NOW, and no he didn’t. It shows death was caused directly by asphyxiation from having his neck compressed for ten minutes while he couldn’t breathe. It doesn’t mention any “drugs” in his system.

      You conservatards should be ashamed of yourselves, trying to minimize this atrocity with lies that you think might explain or somehow justify it.

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Independent courners report: Dr Michel Bowden…Homicide due to asphyxiation

  7. Chalmers Johnson: Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire
    In Blowback, I set out to explain why we are hated around the world.

  8. He is right on about the Minneapolis police chief and how his authority is usurped from him by the police union and/ the federation authority. Why do you think this 20 year veteran imposed/inflicted inhuman pain on a black man and take his life while he knew it was being recorded and citizens were shouting at him? His friends at the police union protected him before and he probably assumed he’d be protected from being fired now.

    1. @SuperScurly Head for that district for the Federation of Police. He alledgedly disregarded the prohibition to instruct this neck “chokehold” because it was too dangerous, and offered training to any officers in his precinct interested in learning it anyway. He’s white. Chief of Police is black. Since the officer used this prohibited chokehold for almost nine minutes on Mr. Floyd one can assume he attended the prohibited training session.

    2. @SuperScurly His name is Bob Kroll. He has a history of racial discrimination in the department, and he was recently recognized by trump at his Minneapolis rally in October:

      Many initially said online after this incident that it was Chauvin who was recognized on stage, but that is incorrect. It was Kroll. Kroll is currently advocating for the four fired officers in the Floyd case to be reinstated.

  9. Everybody knows that if you’re party to someone committing a felony, you’re guilty of the same crime. Some dumb kid goes cruising with the homies and someone in the car decides to shoot at someone, that poor kid is going down too. They did not give aid to a dying man. What if it was a woman and that cop was raping her? Would they have stood by like that too?

  10. They overcharge everything all the time except when its a cop or a rich person. We the People get overcharged, i guess cops and rich people aren’t “We The People” too?

    1. Sal’tripin Guitar & Pedal Co. they would have to have multiple charges. If they only charge 1st degree and can’t prove the jury has to come back with an acquittal.

    2. “Overcharging” is exactly how Zimmerman got away with killing Trayvon. If the evidence cannot rise up to the charge beyond a shadow of a doubt, it’s an acquittal. This is quite a tightrope Ellison will have to walk.

  11. Shame on YOU America’s justice system, SHAME ON YOU! Its on the news ALL over the World! SHAME ON YOU!!!

    1. It’d probably be a lot easier if trump’s buddy Bob Kroll wasn’t advocating for the re-hiring of the Floyd Four as we type.

  12. when I looked at the vid, the hand in the pocket could be a way of putting additional pressure and I notice chauvin shifted his weight to his left leg several times. that my indicate intent of which I have no doubt

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr HHHHMMMMMM, 9 mins of that treatment seems to be a pretty obvious outcome but yes, wait for the report.

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr No drugs in his system…independent courner,Dr Michael Bowden, asphyxiation…compression of carotid arteries & trachea…

  13. I have never voted. I always had excuses. When other people had those “I voted” stickers, i felt bad of myself that i wasn’t doing what i should do, then after vote day I’d forget about it. This year have already registered and I WILL VOTE, I HAVE TO. There are no more excuses of why i shouldn’t.
    Be a beacon of light in these dark times.
    (I’m 35, had a stroke from covid, so my comment might be kinda weird)

    1. I voted republican
      The African Americans are protesting in democrat cities
      Baltimore rat infested slums
      Chicagago murder capital of USA
      Los Angeles homeless living in tents
      San franscico human caca S@&t on streets
      NYC high taxes every one and buisness moving out thanks to AOC with amazon..
      But if you like living this way keep voting democrat…the democrats are taking the black votes for granted..they haven’t done nothing for over 50 years so keep voting democrat if you like this lifestyle

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