AG Garland Announces Civil Rights Probe Into Phoenix Police Department 1

AG Garland Announces Civil Rights Probe Into Phoenix Police Department

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that the Department of Justice would be launching a pattern and practice investigation into the Phoenix Police Department to examine the possible use of excessive force, discriminatory policing practices, and response to those with disabilities.
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    1. @White Boy That’s what I’m saying. Police departments and law enforcements, they’re everywhere in America. It’s not only local. You dummy!!!

  1. Ok…….good. And…… what about the slow moving coup that is ongoing as you speak? Please, an update would be nice.

    1. @Cynthia Gonzalez Cynthia. Give us the true information. Disinformation is not good for our country. Just saying something and repeating it doesn’t maker it true. ( now .. is what I just said “disinformation “? ) let’s chat. I think we will hear disinformation from you’re side .. but who knows .. you might have info.

  2. Watch enough of their body cam footage and you’ll know that they are not going to fair too well….

    1. @Jesse Watters why are you sowing division? What part of your American Dream aren’t you winning?

    1. He can’t do it while congress is investigating him. Also, it would probably be better if NY prosecuted him first because it would make the federal investigation less targeted.

    2. This is not the Trump administration; the DoJ are quietly going about their business conducting their investigations and collating evidence, and when every i is dotted and every t crossed so they can withstand any legal challenge and the inevitable hysterics of Trump’s enablers and collaborators, they will bring the charges.

    3. @NoneOfYour Beeswax i hope you are right, i really do, but watching from overseas it doesn’t look good

    1. Phx PD is going to arrest the AG for trespassing and Obstructing Justice(their ability to violate other people’s rights which they have qualified immunity for.)

  3. While this was in Switzerland: when an acquaintance of mine was evicted from their appartment, the police destroyed decades worth of personal correspondence, all his personal photos and job references, including one that testified to him implementing one of the first intercontinental VPNs in the private sector. You can (and should) replace a television, but what about a personal letter from a world-famous scientist and author? It is a sad state of affairs when the police can’t be expected to show any more thoughtfulness than your average pawnbroker.

  4. After Pheonix, just head on down the road to Mesa and you can investigate their PD too. It’s not too difficult to understand why you would need to.

    1. @Hopsta ahem.. *America is a hellhole because of the cops and their actions. I refuse to travel there from Canada. I think we should build a wall, and make America pay for it. USA guns flooding our streets!

    1. @maria schultz Find a new talking point. She was involved in the commission of a crime. She was threatening the life of another (and actually several). The only option left under the circumstances was to shoot. It was a clean shoot.
      If a robber is (caught on tape) waving a gun at bank tellers and is shot down, it is also a clean shoot.

    2. @maria schultz 167 IQ, 99.94 ASVAB, number seven in the state of California when I took the S.A.T.
      Naturally, you may choose any opinion you want. You may not, however, choose the facts.

    3. @maria schultz Ohhh you mean the Trump domestic terrorist? You identify with her? What she did was very criminal.

    1. @Hal T Trump is a con man and you people are is biggest con and you know it, but you are too deep down the rabbit hole to admit it you rather look ignorant to the whole world.

    2. @Cynthia Gonzalez – I _know_ Trump is a dimwit. But I’m also suspicious of your intellectual prowess.

    1. Democrats back the blue on only 1 day for the past two years. Jan 6th. They assaulted & killed cops all the other days.

    2. I haven’t seen any GOP outraged because this is one of our democrat controlled cities. This is another one of her out of control democrat controlled progressive cities. We have to understand with the police department is the armed agents of government for these cities. I haven’t heard any GOP howling.

  5. Why is the media not calling for Jeri to get fired with every one of these stories or HER corrupt department?

  6. When the GOP is in power:
    Republicans: Trust the government!
    Democrats: Do not trust the government!

    When the Dems are in power:
    Republicans: Do not trust the government!
    Dems: Trust the government!


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