AG Garland Announces 'Comprehensive Review' Of Minneapolis Policing Practices | MSNBC 1

AG Garland Announces ‘Comprehensive Review’ Of Minneapolis Policing Practices | MSNBC


Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the Department of Justice will be launching a civil investigation into policing practices in Minneapolis. This investigation will assess whether the Minneapolis Police Department "engages in a pattern or practice of using excessive force." Aired on 04/21/2021.
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AG Garland Announces 'Comprehensive Review' Of Minneapolis Policing Practices | MSNBC


  1. So grateful for a rational, fair and intelligent Attorney General , willing to take on what needs to be done !!!

    1. @Ray Quinonez parents? Oh you mean Patents. Hmmm ones she had prior to? Wonder how that had anything to do with The Donald? Being he slapped tariffs on China from early on. Also, the “20” was as usual made up by fake stream. never happened.

    2. @Wisconsin Man who are YOU PEOPLE ? Don jr lied from day 1!! Remember the lie about speaking to the putin camp he said they talked about adoption. Really, uh huh, what about ivanka and the goodies she was conviently graced with white US was supposedly not dealing with china ? she got quite a few business connections,and how about daddy, don jr and their plenty of money furnished by the russians; and good ole jared and company with their back channel to russia. Your amnesia works only concerning the failed tRump administration. But We The People aren’t ever going to forget, January 6th,and while American democracy was being threatened,trump and company sat back and watched with glee, what they thought would surely bring down America,We The People were happy we voted the way we did. So there’s that,no more time to pull from the arsenal of failure,we’ve come to know as that failed psudo 45th administration. Thank you. God bless America.

    1. @T. R. Campbell What on earth are you babbling about? Are you saying that there are no cries of systemic racism in Republican run cities or states?
      Only a poorly-educated American could think that being progressive makes you an enemy, or that racism is confined to specific areas of the country. Breathtaking stupidity.

    2. @Danny Oakenfold I might be stupid. There are a lot of people that are a lot smarter than me out there but clearly you are not one of them. I have heard cry’s of systemic racism coming from many of our progressive cities that have been involved in police killings of Black people. I will mention these cities again. Perhaps you felt you were too smart to listen to a stupid person like me.
      We have New York City, Ferguson, Baltimore, Atlanta, Minneapolis & Brooklyn Minnesota, Louisville, Kenosha. Then we have the disaster that is Chicago, Illinois were black lives don’t matter on the southside. We have the lightly riots in Portland. These are our most valued progressive cities. We see the armed agents of government killing unarmed Black people and we hear cries of systemic racism coming from these cities. Perhaps you were too smart to hear these cries. You can attempt to deflect or turn away from reality if that makes you feel better. It might make you feel better to call people stupid. You might feel much better trying to demean a person but that is not addressing the issue.

    3. @T. R. Campbell You’re talking utter nonsense, a steaming pile of laughable false logic, which leads me to believe that you are both stupid and poorly-educated. Not complicated, even for you.

    4. @Danny Oakenfold Once again I might be stupid and my masters degree in political science with a minor in psychology probably means a skated through. There are a lot of people smarter than me but once again you are not one of them because you just resort to name calling and you attempt to belittle people. I am smart enough to recognize the fact that our attorney general Merrill Garland identified our progressive city of Minneapolis as his focus on an investigation into systemic racism. He mentioned Minneapolis, he did not mention any other city. I would imagine that the surrounding suburbs to include Brooklyn are going to be subjects of this federal investigation also.
      Perhaps you were just so smart you didn’t listen to him when he identified Minneapolis as the city under investigation. Yeah, that’s it you were just too intelligent to listen to it. Perhaps your brain is just too full to be burdened with details. So you go ahead and call people third grade playground names and attempt to be a little people that don’t agree with you, but do rely on fact. Thanks for the post you have been most amusing.

    5. @Danny Oakenfold I guess so because you are so much smarter. Your brain is probably really full of imbecilities. Thanks for the post you have been most amusing. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna take my airplane around the patch because it just got through with a 100 hour inspection.

    1. @Terace Jones

      Maybe he could have asked for a list the Senate would consider and choose from that.

      But Obama wasn’t one to compromise… not even with Democrats.

    2. @Andrea MENDENHALL haha – as if you know anything about the constitution except some small notion about the 2nd amendment. Please don’t talk if you have nothing to contribute to the conversation.

    3. He’s needed by the country and people where he is right now. It’s a blessing in disguise that I’m guessing the GQP has been regretting since President Biden announced his pick. We won this one.

    4. GOP are going to regret every scam they pulled to pack the court, AG Garland will destroy their white supremacy delusions. Happening already. Legendary federal prosecutor and AG will be in his bio in a few years. GOP is burnt toast.

  2. Having lived in Minneapolis my entire adult life, this review is extremely welcome.

    Garland is shaping up to be a great AG. Supremely fair man.

    1. @Edison Moore Giving additional thought to your post, I think one of the errors that the appeals court is going to agree with is that the judge should have sequestered the jury during the entire trial. In light of the circumstances I believe that the appeals court is going to find error in not agreeing to a change of venue for the trial. Even though city elected officials attempted to refrain from comments regarding the trial that might impact the jury they were still influenced by media coverage. Media coverage would include social media coverage.
      Maxine Waters however, made her outrageous statements the night before the jury was sequestered and I believe her comments are going to have a huge impact on the Appeals Court. You might not be aware but the appeals court does not concern themselves with guilt or innocence of the defendant. The appeals court looks at any errors that the trial court judge might have committed to determine if these errors might be reversible.

    2. @Wisconsin Man your right wing political party (Republicans) is focused on hate and division. This Republican party caterers especially to the top 0.01%. These greedy narcissist have accumulated $13 trillion while we bottom 90% have grown poorer. No one needs or deserves $billions. Their Supreme ability is hoarding money. They don’t work harder or smarter. They have wealth to perpetuate massive wealth by the age old divide and concur a gullible population. This is because of a message of fear and hate broadcasted be right wing media for a morbid financial gain. The message is about “them” the socialist, communist, atheists or other “dog-whistle” key word. There is a fairer system than a bifurcation of the brainwashed choice of the extreme left and right. We lose our ability to think logically when we embrace political systems that are anthenthetical to our well-being.

    3. @gene dietz Someone who wants what others have gotten. Typical Dems. And clown, IF republicans worry about the .01% then why do none of them support Republicans. Well I’ll give you 2 of the top.01% The rest, ALL DEM SUPPORTERS. Doesn’t make sense does it. If Republican are out to help those at the very top and Dems want to “tax them” like they say, then why wouldn’t all those super wealthy ensure no Dems win. As usual people like you throw out special needs comments that are absolutely ignorant.

    4. @James Joseph Name 1 what? 1 story that CNN or MSNBC made up and or edited to fil a narrative they chose? Covington Kids. Thats 1 of many. Now your turn

    1. @Lynne Collins evidently more than it took to impress you, since you had no problems with the useless AG Barr

    2. @Lynne Collins aww karen is upset and Karen has to say something snarky because she is just an awful person who no one wants to be near in real life

  3. It’s so refreshing to have an AG with the integrity of Merrick Garland..He’s doing a phenomenal job .

    1. @Mauser
      No…he’s just a prisoner. A convicted murderer and a racist who choke a man to death in broad daylight.

    2. @Judy Chandler No we didn’t. Only thing he is guilty of, barely, is not checking on him when he stopped moving. His knee did nothing to contribute to his death.

    3. @Heather Melissa Let me guess. I bet you think blacks are killed way more than any other race, right?

  4. Thank you for holding our minneapolis police accountable. I hope that this will encourage much needed changes we need in our community.

    1. All democrat-run cities are like 3rd world countries and they blame everybody else for the destruction they cause. It. Never. Fails.

  5. The “good officers” need to start speaking up to the bad ones. Hold them accountable when they know it’s a bad seed in their department

    1. @John Mags because “good officers” get punished for speaking out. The bad ones are in positions of power enabling the lower level bad officers and if the “good officers” try to speak up they get fired, no pension or severance pay and the bad officer who incited some incident to have the “good officer” call them out gets no punishment. This is a moment these officers who have been silent can finally do something to help and truly become “good officers.”

    2. And when they don’t they need to be prosecuted for aiding and abetting, accomplice after the fact, and not reporting a felony

    3. @Draco Magnius All empowered by the so-called “police unions”. They need to be replaced with true collective bargaining bodies, not crowd-funded defense of officers no matter what

    4. Teachers can be prosecuted if they don’t report abuse–why aren’t police??! If even 1 bad apple is in the barrel, they ALL rot!! Police unions are part of the problem.

  6. The whole of America’s police force needs to be under investigation because this is not just happening in Minnesota!!!

    1. @John Dyson That’s the I PROVED YOU WRONG comeback? Prove the lie. You can’t. FEELINGS isn’t proof. Eat Seal, Eat.

    2. @Emery Kennedy Oh Dear God. KKK? WOW. They are less than 5k KKK members nationwide. Guess where the largest KKK chapter is? California. Guess who the Grand Wizard endorsed in 2016? Clinton. At any rate. As usual, not 1 single shred of evidence of KKK in anything.

    3. Start with Chief Arradono of the 3rd precinct, he was in command and had been aware of what was going on in his district. When we speak of accountability let’s go all in at 100%. No half measures.

  7. If this was Bill Barr he’d be saying: “At the instruction of President Trump, the Justice Department is looking into unfair treatment of police officers.”

    1. Let him prove it to the other side!! Investigate Hunter!!!! Oh wait, the Capitol police officer that shot and killed an UNARMED white woman, who by the way was a veteran!!! Can u imagine if she would’ve been black and a DEM?Let’s cut the crap!!! It’s all political!!! No one will ever be happy!! Why because we’re in the best country in the world!!!!!!!!!!! And humans are never satisfied!!!

    2. @Silvia S That white woman was not unarmed! she was carrying a flag post do you know how long and heavy those things are she was threatening the Capitol Police she refused to stop,

    3. @Silvia S And why should they investigate Hunter Biden he’s already been investigated President Biden and Hunter and the rest of the family did nothing wrong it was just all made up by Trump and Rudy the investigation is over with it’s time for you to move on

  8. Finally some intelligence and integrity! Mehhnnn we suffered under that amoral fool. What a breath of fresh air.

    1. Unfortunately, the damage will remain for a long time and ripple down through the years. I hope that the young people of the nation can fight the corruption and help the US become a safe, decent place to live for everyone.

  9. Go Garland. There’s a lot of heart ache coming out of that state. Especially the 2 killed during the trial

  10. Wow! Now this is our Constitution and Legal justice system at work! Thank you Attorney General Merrick Garland

  11. I am in shock we have a government working FOR the people! Thank you Merrick Garland and this administration!

    1. @Carol Miller wait so the scotus can’t ban or unban things? I did not know that secretly all the scotus rulings are faked and really do nothing. Or that really the attorney general is the one who can re-write or right the law.

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