AG Garland Put Together A 'Powerful Complaint’ Against Texas Abortion Law 1

AG Garland Put Together A ‘Powerful Complaint’ Against Texas Abortion Law


Forming Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal reacts to Attorney General Merrick Garland announcing a lawsuit against Texas over their abortion law and says Garland put together a powerful complaint but that all bets are off when it gets to the Supreme Court.

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  1. Why did republican congressman Scott DeJarlais of Tennessee force his mistress to have an abortion? Listen to audio of mistress who taped phone conversation

    1. You could ask the same question about Elliott Broidy, who chivalrously volunteered responsibility for Playboy playmate Shera Bechard’s unfortunate condition, following her affair with Donald Trump.
      Broidy, who has an interesting legal history, was a deputy finance chairman of the RNC, (along with Michael Cohen and Louis DeJoy). He was also the vice-chairman of Trump’s Presidential Inaugural Committee, which managed to mislay nearly $50 million.

  2. With this move by Garland and Biden announcing vaccine mandates, it is nice to see Democrats back on offense fighting for 2 things the vast majority of the country supports.

    1. @charles This person was probably still in grade school when C-Span 2014 happened that they don’t realize that they done championed a pedo and probably don’t remember when Kamala used the FBI to seize incrementing information about her involvement with Planned Parenthood selling off baby fetuses and body parts making positives out of everyone’s little negatives.

    2. No more Rope a Dope they’re off the ropes and doing a little dance. In the next round we can expect to see the white man’s hope disappear as the world champion Capital Police perform their solemn duty to the country and to free citizens in general. It promises to be a very one sided match and a lot of people stand to lose a lot of money. Check the Vegas odds makers.


    2. So much for criticizing countries that apply Sharia law. What is the difference with the direction you are taking? A bit hypocritical is not it? Just an observation from Europe where we are following US politics in horror.

  3. Texas Taliban: “Your body, my choice. It says so right there in the Bible, in the book of hypocriticus, if you’re holding it upside down.”

    1. @Roger Walters is that what global warming and climate change is about? “Burning the chaff?” Then, mankind is responsible, not God.

  4. Very good sign to see the Justice Department standing up for the Constitution and basic rights and freedoms.

    This would not have happened under tfg corrupt, pro-fascism, anti-Constitution JD. Elections matter!

    1. Yes. “Justice” Amy Coney Barrett is a militent anti-abortion advocate and she made it clear when she was nominated by DUMPH that her goal would be to overturn Roe v Wade. Dems tried to stop her, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch but the republicans had a majority. We can never give them a majority again.

    2. I think a man should be able to make a woman get an abortion , if the woman doesn’t want to get an abortion, the man gets out of child support, your body you choice, my wallet my choice

  5. When was it a good idea for a state to empower a bunch of clowns with white robes and detachable hoods as bounty hunters? Or whatever they’re wearing these days.

    1. They are wearing blue suits with blue ties and pretend to be democrats, when in fact they are German Socialist Nazis.

    2. @Potter Charles If you’re referring to the Nazis, at least learn how to say Nationalsozialastiche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei in English, or go back to school.

    3. @F-uckYouTube Commies joined Sep 8, 2021. Not sure who you were in the past but apparently YT has the ability to reverse their abortions, welcome. /s

    1. better still secede from Texas, cut off all federal cash, throw out their elected shysters and let them stew in their dying unwanted oil and gas fields. Make the external Texas border with the US secure with a wall so they can’t sneak in. Then they can do what they like with their Mexican border and the flood of migrants

    2. This is awful but WAIT I live in Texas cause my husband was transferred here! Don’t boycott Texas, save Texas!

    3. @Paul K – Well, a lot of very good people live in Texas, so don’t blame all of them. It’s a big state! However, I’ve said many times that to solve the immigration problem, we should just give Texas back to Mexico.

    4. @Natasha Olsen Organize the people to vote out ‘Abbott & Costello’ jokers Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

  6. Attorney General Merrick Garland has done a great job here, following the letter, spirit and mandate of our Constitution.

  7. Politicians’ mistresses will *always* have access to abortion. But the young woman who just got a beating for telling her boyfriend she’s pregnant? Never.

    1. @fpskiller 123 also less than 40% of child support ever makes it into the hands of the person getting the child support and you can… sign over your parental rights

    2. Racial minorities are more genuinely religious than Protestant White… Republican Christians still have abortions. And still will. It is more about the death sentence.. ie, no pap smears, mammograms, no cancer screenings, less access to health care and birth control for women. A forced pregnancy increases an impoverished workforce. Republicans are only rich by not paying taxes and making people work very hard for absolutely no money at all.

  8. It’s a great day, when Neal Kaytal, has a smile and can explain, that AG Garland has done his job, and as he said, we’ve been waiting a long time to hear from AG Garland, about anything.

    1. I think a man should be able to make a woman get an abortion , if the woman doesn’t want to get an abortion, the man gets out of child support, your body you choice, my wallet my choice

    2. @fpskiller 123 The problem with your statement is MANY men don’t pay child support, it’s one of things that crippling states and putting women and children on welfare. Here’s some facts about states. States with the highest uneducated? 1. West Virginia is the least educated U.S. state, with an overall score of 23.65. 2. Mississippi has a score of 25.18. As the second-least educated state, it ranks 49th for Educational Attainment and 44th for Quality of Education. 3. Louisiana holds the third-place spot for the least educated states. Louisiana has a score of 25.72 and ranks 48th for Educational Attainment and 44th for Quality of Education. 4. Arkansas score is 30.06 out of 100. Arkansas is in 47th for Educational Attainment, and its Quality of Education rank is a slight improvement at 31. 5. Alabama is the country’s fifth-least educated state. Alabama’s Education Attainment rank is 45, and its Quality of Education rank is 41, with a total score of 32.29.
      States with the most welfare recipients: New Mexico (21,368 per 100k), West Virginia ( 17,388 per 100k), Louisiana ( 17,388 per 100k), Mississippi ( 14,849 per 100k), Alabama ( 14,568 per 100k), Oklahoma ( 14,525 per 100k), Illinois (14,153 per 100k), Rhode Island ( 13,904 per 100k).
      Top 5 states With The Most People On Food Stamp: New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Alabama. Do you recognize the pattern with the states that have the highest uneducated, on welfare and food assistance? Hint, they are all RED states. Google it for yourself, it’s all true facts.

    3. Walk softly and carry a big stick.
      Merrick Garland will not sit up all night blowing smoke on Twitter – he will sneak up on you like an Apache – and your scalp will be off before you know what’s happening…

    1. @Wall Stretcher Official Force her to have baby democratic socialist Marxist styles wanted of children; trans at 6? Why does she use 12 year old? Possible connection?

    2. @bob amazed BTW, you proved in your comment you know nothing about socialism. Kind of the slandered republican intelligence level, don’t you think?

  9. I’m hearing there are several women afraid to come forward that they had Trump abortions. Just saying……………

    1. @john L What would have happened if Don Jr had taken Air Force 2 to China to negotiate a multi-million dollar personal business deal for himself? Oh that’s right. That was Hunter Biden.

    2. Can you state the verified source for that comment? No because it isn’t true he flew on AF2. And besides that Don Jr isn’t smart enough to be negotiating multi-million dollar deals. He like his father are smart enough to act like Clowns on 9.11 yapping about a boxing match instead of honoring those who died that day. Pathetic.

    3. @Sheila Boston Snopes?? Wow. Are you paying attention to the current administration?? You people have an obvious TDS affliction. Why aren’t you asking why Joe can’t complete a full sentence? Or a thought? Or can’t call on reporters that aren’t from MSNBC or CNN?

    4. @Gary Grud EVERYTHING is about hating the Bad Orange Man. Get rid of him. A ham sandwich will do. Oh that’s right.. he’s gone and they cannot bring themselves to STOP OBSE$$ING

  10. The Larkin v. Grendel’s Den, Inc., 459 U.S. 116 (1982) case could show that the Texas Abortion ban is unconstitutional… The SC ruled 8 to 1 that the State cannot delegate private enterprise to enforce parts of the law…

    1. @shirley thornton Oh he knows about alright…Listen to him again, but go find out what that case was all about first.

  11. I think Atty General Merrick Garland was a judge and republicans had said that he would be a great candidate for SCOTUS. When Obama appointed him the republicans refused to even hold a hearing saying that a president couldn’t appoint a justice in an election year. That was NOT a rule or law just an excuse. I am very glad the DOJ is filing this suit.

    1. @Paul K There is NO rule or procedure that prevents a President from nominating a SCOTUS judge in any time frame, when an opening occurs. The blatant obstruction of the Constitution by McConnel was unprecedented and without solid legal standing.

    2. @Paul K How can you say lorane kenyon got it wrong? You’re practically saying the same thing using different words. Most Republicans thought Garland would make a very good Supreme Court justice, even before Scalia died. McConnell then said in February, several months before the election, that the people should decide. In fact, Lindsey Graham gave his word that if Trump won and there was a seat available on the Supreme Court in 2020, it would stay vacant until after the people voted. They lied to us. McConnell is a hypocrite, but I think Graham is worse because he gave his word and said to use it against him. I live in SC and wish Jaime Harrison won the election last year. Graham is a despicable human being.

    3. @Lotta Sunshine Maybe Jaime Harrison did really win, and Lindsey Graham called and intimidated some of the county election boards, to find him more votes or throw out some of the votes. Graham made atleast one phone call in Georgia trying to get the election overturned in favor of Trump. Why wouldn’t he do the same thing in his home state? He needs to be thoroughly investigated. I hope the Georgia attorney general brings charges against him.

    4. I’ve wondered about that too. Why didn’t democratic candidates ask for recounts? The republicans are clearly capable of cheating.

  12. I don’t know why Republicans still want to pretend that they want small government, they’re shoving their theocracy down everyone’s throat, including other Christians of other religious opinions. You want this? Really?!

  13. No, the Texas bill didn’t outsmart the Supreme Court. The Grendel Den’s liquor license case established by the Supreme Court in 1989 that states cannot abdicate government responsibility to outsiders like a church. Texas is essentially doing the same thing here abdicating government responsibilities to vigilantes. The conservative justices just didn’t want to be put under such a harsh light!!!

    1. Right. I heard about that case too and it is definitely a precident. 3 justices that were apointed by DUMPH were never properly investigated. It should be possible to replace them.

    2. Lawrence Tribe, argued that case & won! That was in the 80’s it’s a set law! What’s so cute about Professor Tribe, you say Barack Obama, oh he was my student! Merica Garland oh he also was my student!

    3. This SC ignores precedents, when those precedents conflict with their religious beliefs. So much for Phoney Barrett saying at her confirmation that she wouldn’t let her religion affect her rulings.

  14. It is good to know Texas Republicans cannot pull a “fast one” on the American public without consequences from our new US Attorney General. By the way we don’t need the proud boys and the oath keepers deputized to be vigilantes to enforce a corrupt law put forth by Texas Republicans against innocent citizens.

    1. —- > Republicans aren’t going to vote for that and if Garland doesn’t deliver justice on Trump, the outcome of 2022 sounds uncertain.

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