Agressive rate hikes needed to restore ‘price stability’ to Canadian economy: Bank of Canada

Agressive rate hikes needed to restore 'price stability' to Canadian economy: Bank of Canada 1


  1. Finally ! Thank goodness for Macklem’s ‘common sense’ guidance at the helm of the BoC…. long overdue !

    1. I don’t support the Liberals but inflation is growing rapidly all over the world. How are the liberals to blame?

  2. The problem is overpaid government executives and executives in corporations. 50 % cut or disaster.

  3. “We cannot let that happen”….but you did. You did let that happen. Interest rates should have been raised a long time ago

    1. Got silver guys? It’s the best thing to protect you from inflation, and it’s on a fire sale. Buy it while there is silver to buy.

    2. Yes, but unfortunately the government still is spending excessively which will only keep up the inflation pressure.

    3. @Derek Senior What worries me though is why hasn’t it been going up with inflation already though, no?

  4. It doesn’t matter if the government keeps spending money and not creating jobs and creating more debt

  5. Keep raising those rates!! I just got a GIC for 4.7 percent. Love it. You whiners out there should have listened when they warned you for yeats that rates would have to go up eventually.

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