Ahead Of 2020, Why Are So Many Capitol Hill Republicans Calling It Quits? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Ahead Of 2020, Why Are So Many Capitol Hill Republicans Calling It Quits? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Another wave of Congressional Republicans are retiring which could mean they don't like Trump's 2020 chances. Jonathan Allen joins to discuss.
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Ahead Of 2020, Why Are So Many Capitol Hill Republicans Calling It Quits? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. You know you’re on a losing platform when you have to silence the opposition and dehumanize them. I bet it would just be the end of you if you had to treat Trump supporters with any degree of humanity, and you think you hold the moral high ground? What a joke!

      I wouldn’t trust you all to vote for MY DINNER, let alone pick someone who is both fair and equitable.

      You all are CrAzY.

    2. @family lowe enough said. Putin must have laid off most of his trolls from the farm. Count your lucky stars that you still have a job. Your days are numbered, however.

    3. @JoAnne Middaugh How do you all function like this in real life? I used to feel sorry for you, but I don’t… not anymore. You’re all pathetic and deserve to lose again in 2020, just like you did in 2016. You can try online bullying all you like, but you will NEVER convince me that demonizing is the best way to win.

      If you can’t win on principle, then you have already lost. Silencing and slandering are the only other options short of cheating. And there isn’t anything but my own morality stopping me from slandering you.

    4. @JoAnne Middaugh and my job is secure. I am a mother, so my job isn’t going anywhere my kids aren’t. I’m sorry your mother failed to teach you even the slightest bit about considering other people better than yourself. Humility is a dirty word to the left these days.

  1. The republican party is no longer a real party. It has become a cult where you either support a con man 100% or not.

    1. Anyone who is still supporting Trump this late has already drank the cool aid and has joined the cult. They have become full fascist.

    1. Just the obstruction of justice alone is going to do the whole clan in. Most Trumpists apparently don’t realize that it’s not WHAT you are trying to obstruct but THAT you are obstructing that is a crime in itself.

  2. It’s called fight or flight. It’s the instinctive physiological response to a threatening situation, which readies one to either resist forcibly, or to run away.
    Republicans are inherently cowardice, however, the resistance is alive and well amongst progressives.

    1. family lowe : Thanks for making all my points. You can’t resist the passive aggression, despite being treated with curtesy and directness, whilst being offered the floor. It’s all negative emotions with Trump Trolls, and, btw . . . Last week you were, “claiming,” to be a, “man,” so, why don’t you decide what gender you are, before you lie yourself any further into a hole? SMH

    2. Maharajji NKB : If you have, “no arguments,” why are you here? Grow up, and maybe you’ll be treated like an adult? Until then, you’ll be treated the way you behave . . . son

  3. SS Trumptanic going down.. “Abandon ship.Every man for himself”.[Captain Trump last seen attempting to swim to a nearby Russian whaler]

    1. Marc Milton-Talbot : My comment was so similar to yours. Guess it’s just an open goal? Who wants to be in those Documentaries about the end of Trump and, “their role,” in the American Meltdown? Can you blame them?

    1. @Guy: I’m not a psychiatrist, but Trump seems to be a solipsist and the fact that people are adjusting to his warped sense of reality, ought to strenghten his solipsism.

  4. I think it’s because that trump cut out the middle man. The lobbyists don’t have to bribe these guys anymore , since trump put the lobbyists straight into cabinet positions .. .now thry only have to bribe trump . He did cut out the corrupt politicians. You got to give trump that one. By stealing their own heist and pushing these sell outs out of the game . So of course they resign .there is someone even more evil and corrupt than thry are .

  5. Instead of trying to save face for their party and impeaching Trump, they would rather cut and run. Says a lot about Republicans really, nothing but virtue signaling cowards.

    1. in the republican party if you think independently, you get your arms cut off, so it is better to cut and run, rather than stand on principle and dignity

  6. They have killed the party. What good have they accomplished in the last decade? They have been so busy fighting the democrates, they forgot to do there jobs. Things are so screwed up and they have no idea how to fix anything. Look how long they had to work on healthcare. Instead of coming up with ideas to help americans with plans all they could do was attempt to destroy what president Obama got started. President Obama asked for their help and they made no effort. And what have they done the last 3 years that benefits americans? So sad, they collected there money but didn’t earn it.

  7. Like we need to guess? No one wants to be on the TrumpTanic as it goes down. They don’t want to be in those documentaries about the end of the GOP

  8. Cowards!… instead of standup to the clown president and defend their country against fascism they rather quit… History will remember so will we.

  9. Republicans being the slow learner’s that they are were washed up in the Gee Dubya Bush years and seem to be just now catching on to that fact.

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