1. What does it matter who comes into the courtroom. Al Sharpton ain’t nobody with real power. The black masses don’t listen to him or Jesse Jackson.

  2. Why doesn’t Sharpton focus on paying his back taxes and let this courthouse focus on jailing the three bastards for killing a man who was just looking around a job site and jogging!

  3. Yeah, because when I think of “intimidating” men, REVEREND Al Sharpton is the first person to come to mind. 😂😅🤣

    1. Apperantly if you’re a republican it is… they’re in the comments like ‚PREACH!!!!‘, or ‚SO TRUE‘ lmao 🤣

  4. We don’t want any more Black Pastors!! No Black clergy in the courtroom. Notice how angry he got? That’s a whole lot of rage for a lawyer. This case is all about racial hatred.

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